iPlay & G-Flash

In the interest of conserving time and title space, iPlay will now refer to the official YoYo Games Instant Play plugin in any future articles.

For anyone who uses Firefox 3, it’s quite obvious that iPlay does not share your enthusiasm for browser upgrades. When you visit the YoYo Games site, you’ll have no choice to download games, and instead will be prompted to “Play Now”, a feature incompatible with the world-record breaking Mozilla software.

Although the YoYo games team is taking their time to fix the problem, there are now several users have discovered work-arounds. One of Scorptek’s very own programmers, ari_aaron, modified the YoYo Games .xpi plug-in installer to make it fully compatible with version 3 of Firefox. Unfortunately, after contacting YoYo Games with ‘high priority’ to demonstrate the easy fix, the YoYo Games staff neglected to respond to our support ticket and seemed to have ignored it altogether.

Also to our dismay, the YoYo Games website ‘Terms of Service’ strictly prohibits us from distributing the modified plug-in to others :(.

So the next best thing we can do is recommend an alternative work-around which keeps your browser safe and secure (un-like the common about:config ‘hack’ which could potentially put your web browser at risk).

1) Download the Nightly Tester Tools add-on for Firefox
2) Upon reboot (of Firefox), install the YoYo Games plug-in and click Force Install

I thought I would also take time to mention Caniac’s continuing efforts to send in news tips (so if you want to win this month’s prize I suggest you get cracking). Caniac wanted to let our readers know there are some new developments to G-Flash, an oldie project long assumed dead until now.

According to Caniac, about 20 new functions have been added to the Game Maker to Flash converter, and the project now has four new members on the team. It is hopeful that with some help, the project can be brought back to life again.

Check out the G-Flash subforum here.

12 Responses

  1. I say we just boycott YYG. They constantly keep stuffing us up, and it’s not fair.

    No other company does this, and I’ve seen companies with fewer people be more productive and helpful then this

  2. I’ve been using Nightly Tester Tools ever since I downloaded one of the release candidates of FF3. Works like a charm.

  3. So you can’t distribute it… Here’s the next best thing


    This will patch the installer package for use with FF3.

  4. @Scorptek:
    you forgot to add that G-Flash games work on the wii…
    the wii has a “internet browser” and it supports G-Flash embeded games.

  5. Poor, poor, poor….
    It’s just pathetic. YoYoGames knew the plugin (iPlay) wouldn’t work with Firefox 3 before it’s release. A good company should have been on top of it and had a fix out the day Firefox 3 was released. (Considering the fact that they had been warned it didn’t work with the beta.)

    I was always for YYG and I still am. I just think that the group of people doing it have done a kinda bad job.

    Nice tidbit about G-flash. I thought that had died a long time ago.


  6. I downloaded the nightly tester tools about a week to two weeks ago, and I think it was for this purpose.

    But yet I only played one game with it and that was an engine test for something or other. But I’ve been busy the past couple weeks so that might have been why.

    Still though, that addon has added like a minute to my firefox’s startup time, and I’m really considering uninstalling it. Its like what is yoyogames trying to get from not updating such an easy thing. Are they attempting to boycott firefox3, or even worse – endorse the use of IE.

    At their current status, when I release a game posting it on their site has very low priority.

  7. @Elmernite

    G-Flash Did die. I just decided to bring it back again.

  8. As they are the new owners & developers of Gamemaker, Maybe they should start acting more like it, and focusing on more Game maker then there site and other un-GM related things.

    I have also been all for Yoyo games, but they should really have a look at them selves, they are who we look to for Game maker now, not someone else.


  9. @Caniac

    Ah! Good, I thought I was just going crazy. 😉

  10. Personally, YoYo Games is pissing me off!! They completely ignore all of the comments on their last glog entry, acting as though they don’t exist. They are not on top of FF3 which, if they were a good company, they would be with a brand new version.

    I have been for YoYo Games in the past, but I am afraid they have lost my support.


  11. yeah, I hate the fact that they never read the comments, or update the blog. well, at least this blog is updated frequently, and the owner reads it.

    and you get rewarded for giving out the most good comments/news tips. thats why I like it here.
    (there are many more reasons not included here)

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