Dan Eggers, producer of GMTV, has just released episode 4 of the series.

The episode can be downloaded here, and a small review on the show can be found below:

This episode includes significant improvements in the graphics and animation department as well as just over 20 minutes worth of great content including: news, reviews, coding tips and more. In comparison to previous episodes, this current show was carried out in much more professional manner and does not include the swearing or unplanned/unrehearsed segments evident in earlier shows.

The only major criticism I can add is the fact that the ‘script’ Dan was referring to in the News section of the show was far off camera so that Dan’s eyes were often looking at the corner of the screen rather than the camera itself. It also sometimes felt as if Dan was reading rather than delivering the news. Other than that, apart from a couple of word fumbles which could have been re-recorded, it was pretty decent quality and is worth a watch.

In addition to the episode, GMTV also revamped their website with a completely new design.