Discussion: Game Genres

In this day and age you could say first person shooters and online role playing games have pretty much dominated the market for a good few years now. On the other hand, there are many games of different genres that have also become very successful.

  1. Do you think there is any particular genre that has an obvious advantage over others (i.e. can become popular very quickly not because of the game play or the quality, but rather the type of game it is)?
  2. In contrast, do you think any game despite it’s genre has a good chance of becoming popular and widespread so long as it is entertaining and has a good solid game play / decent quality?
  3. As a developer, when you decide to make a game, do you try to focus on making it part of a particular genre rather than follow your original idea? Do you ever mix Genres and be creative?

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GMRace Finals

The final voting for the GMRace has begun. The final vote is public and open to all GMC members. The five contestants are:

Freeze, Melt, Vaporize by Jesper
Mount Contradiction by ribruin
Orbiter by Jolly Green Giant
The Meltdown by jelleisgoed
Triton by EDGE

Please go to thegmrace.com and vote! Results will be released on the first of 2008.