GMTech & Chrome

GMTech released the 13th issue of their magazine today.

With 33 pages worth of great content, it is definitely worth the read through.

This month’s issue is great for newbies and long time Game Maker users who are thinking of starting to make a new game. It contains articles to get you started and help make decisions on creating teams, choosing between 2D and 3D, targeting age groups and more.

The magazine also boasts a couple of exclusive interviews and quite a few quality game reviews and extras.

The magazine can be downloaded here.

In other news, Google just released their first ever web browser yesterday. Named “Chrome”, it has most of the features you like from other browsers with some additional functionality that might make it the future browser of choice. And independent benchmark study also rates it very highly in comparison with other browsers and shows that it executes Javascript faster than any other popular web browser.

Sandy Duncan made a post on the YoYo Games Glog yesterday to indicate how exciting the release of Chrome was. He also brought up the question of whether or not instant play would work with the browser. After testing ourselves here at Scorptek, we have confirmed InstantPlay does not work, but the YoYo Games website does allow you to download all the games manually if you should want to.

One feature that really sets back the browser for me is the distinct lack of support for ‘AdBlock’, but with time I am sure the browser will also support third party plugins.

GMTech – Exclusive Interview

Elmernite writes to tell us of an exclusive interview he had with GMTech Magazine’s founder, gamez93.

The interview covers a whole series of questions ranging from the beginnings of the magazine to what should be expected in upcoming issue 13.

Below is a copy of the interview transcript (which can be sourced here):

1) Why did you decide to start GMTech?
I had been part of several other magazines in the past, and saw them all fail. I believe that I had more determination to make it work. So I went for it, this is my second attempt at making a Game Maker magazine and this time it worked out well.

2) You have quite a team, how well do you all work together?
The team is built up of people I have worked with before and people I previously never heard of. ‘gmjab’ and ‘rup13’ are two key team members, I had worked with them before on a magazine and have helped get the magazine to this stage.

There are a lot of newer members who are part of the team. All of whom do a great job in making sure that magazine is at a top quality stage.

3) Do you see GMTech extending into other areas? A news show (Like GMTV) or a news blog. You already have a wiki.
GMTech can be used for pretty much anything we wish to. We have a GMTech Magazine, we could turn around and do GMTech Hosting. For now I will stick to just a magazine, but if a good idea comes around I will think about it.

4) How far ahead do you normally run? When issue 13 comes out are you already working on 14? 15? Perhaps even 16?
We are always a few steps ahead. Things like exclusives have to be sorted out and these can take around two months to sort out. Currently Issue 13 is nearing competition and work has already began on Issue 14. I am already planning for Issue 15.

5) On to issue 13, do you feel that this one is better than the last issue?
Issue 13 is going to be smaller than Issue 12 in terms of content, however just as good in quality. We always try and reach a good balance of quality content and enough content, to appeal to all the readers.

6) Could you give us a rough release date for issue 13? (It can be as vague as you wish)
As I am going on a short holiday, it will be released early next month. While I am away the rest of the team will be working hard on the issue, so it will be as good as the rest.

7) GMTech has come a long way from it’s early magazines. (Of which I have all of them) Do you see this trend continuing farther into the future.
The longer the magazine is around the better, I am hoping that we will continue to achieve new achievements and excel with the magazine. But the only way to do that is if we have content, which is why we are constantly looking for new team members to help and make the magazine even better.

8) Do you ever see the possibility of actually becoming a printed magazine? Would you do it if you had enough pledged subscribers?
If enough people really want it, we can look further into doing it. It would take a lot more work to get right, so don’t expect anything so soon.

9) Anything else you wish to say about GMTech, issue 13, etc..?
Issue 14 – We are proud to be the first GM publication to present a feature length exclusive with YYG. If you can think of some questions you’d like asked, simply make a topic in the special “YoYo Special” sub-forum on the main GMTech forums.

GMTech Update

GMTech sent out an e-mail update to its subscribers today to give updates on Issue 13 of the popular Game Maker magazine. The next issue is due to be released shortly and will include articles on a variety of topics such as casual game development, website design, comics and interviews.

The team has also announced that they will be doing a special on YoYo Games in issue 14 which will include an exclusive interview with a YYG spokesperson. GMTech is encouraging users to submit questions that they would like answered on their forum.

Lastly, the GMTech website has had some recent updates and now features a blue design.

GMTech Job Openings

GMTech is looking for new writers for their popular Game Maker based magazine. Although they are not paid jobs (as the magazine is distributed freely), the teams hopes that some compensation may be available in the future through full-page advertising in each magazine issue.

The current positions up for grabs are:

Contrary to what the job title suggests, you’ll probably end up doing more researching than writing. This job expects that you will take charge by researching various different games and delegating writing tasks to other team members. It’s not all research though, you’ll also be expected to contribute some writing pieces yourself.
gamez93 points out that writers won’t actually be expected to delegate tasks but according to the original post may be expected to provide research to other team members to help them with their writing tasks.

The job is almost self-explanatory, you’ll be expected to write game reviews from a large selection of games as well as exclusive previews.

Issue Checker
Essentially quality control, this job requires you to proof-read and make edits to the magazine’s content as needed to keep spelling and grammatical errors to an absolute zero.

Check the blog post out here

GMTech Issue 10

Game Maker Technology Magazine Issue 10 has been released and has been very well received in the GMC Topic, being called the best issue to date. You can download issues here.

GMNews apologizes for the lateness of this notification.