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    Exception 1: You may enter a URL in the appropriate field when commenting
    Exception 2: You may link to a website which is relevant to the discussion topic
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  4. No Spam whatsoever! (i.e. off-topic comments or comments with many links)
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    – Illegal material
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  6. Do not attempt to impersonate another user
    (by using their username (or a similar one) and/or imitating their speech patterns)
  7. You must have ownership of the email address you enter when submitting a comment. Temporary/expired email addresses are not permitted.
  8. Do not give away hints, clues or answers to Scorptek Sig Puzzles
  9. General Posting Guidelines
    – Avoid being offensive to or pointing blame to specific users
    – If you’ve been told to keep something secret, you should not post it here without permission
    – Try to post the (public) source to any data or information you post in your comment whenever possible
  10. Have fun & Also be sure to follow the WordPress Terms of Service

There is currently a moderation queue in place which will automatically moderate comments which contain offensive language, many links or Sig Puzzles hints.
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