Game Maker News (GMNews) is a news blog maintained by Scorptek with the intention of providing the latest headline news pertaining to indie game developers.

Specifically, GMNews focuses primarily on news related to the development of the Game Maker software (by Mark Overmars), and the online communities of amateur game and program developers who use the said software. In recent months we have also welcomed the addition of YoYo Games to our news coverage, a company which is now overseeing the development of Game Maker and ensuring growth of the indie game development market.

GMNews is not just a news site, it is also a discussion forum. We believe it is important for users to participate in discussions about various issues surrounding the game developer world and we encourage our readers to both comment on articles and submit news pieces that may interest other game developers. To submit a news piece, just send it to postMyGMNews@Scorptek.net and we’ll have a look at it within a 24 hour period. Note that our commenting system is open to all users, and registration is not necessary.

We like to keep a friendly atmosphere here, so please remember to observe the rules when posting comments on an article, and be respectful to other users and their opinions. We would also like to remind our readers that by participating in GMNews discussions and commenting on articles, you agree to the general Scorptek privacy policy.

If you have any further comments, questions, concerns or simply wish to contact the GMNews team, send an e-mail to GMNews@Scorptek.net.

Thanks for your interest,

– Scorptek

GMNews is a free service provided by Scorptek and is not supported by advertisements or any other revenue generating schemes. We do kindly ask those who are capable to make a donation towards GMNews to ensure the continuation of the service in the future. To make a donation through PayPal, click the PayPal Donate button.

One Response

  1. Hello

    I was wondering if you would be interested in merging with Game Maker Journal. It seems you haven’t written an article of news on your site for some time now…


    Please get back to me. You will get admin permissions on GMJ and will be able to post/delete articles.

    Is there some way of moving your old articles to our blog? If so.. contact me. If you’re interested, please PM me a copy of your blog backup and your email address so I can grant you ADMIN permissions.

    Have a great day!

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