Hat-tips – Enigma & GMToolbox

We would like to give a welcome hat-tip to Caniac and Elmernite who have both contributed many news tips in the past weeks. For the rest of you, be warned there is some serious competition for this month’s GMNews prize, but there is still time to catch up.

Here are a couple of the interesting news tips we received:

Elmernite wrote to tell us about an exclusive interview he organized with Enigma’s project leader, Josh Ventura. The interview, found here, hints toward the near release of Enigma R3, a more stable and useable version of the compiler. Enigma could potentially be used to convert GM Games to native compiled executables (non-interpreted), significantly increasing speed, performance and opportunities for multiplatform development.

Caniac also wrote to tell us about a very useful site called GMToolbox. As the name suggests, it is your dream toolbox with resources and tools for just about anything you need to accomplish with Game Maker. As of now, it is more geared toward extending Game Maker’s capabilities through Dlls and Extensions, nevertheless it is one of the better and more comprehensive databases around.

A response to GMBlog

After seeing Phil’s post at Game Maker blog about the search terms used to find his site, I thought I would follow-up the post with our own GMNews stats.

Like those found on the GMBlog’s “I know you are guilty” post, our statistics clearly confirm that an enormous sum of users are trying to find decompilers and software cracks for Game Maker. It’s quite saddening to know that the top four search terms used to find this site were from people looking to download the much sought after but legally questionable decompiler.

Here is the list of popular search terms used to find GMNews from most used to least used. The * indicates a non-legitimate search term (e.g. looking for a software crack)

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