Glog – GMWeekly – ‘Amazing Code’

The YoYo Games Glog received an official update today. Boasting an updated version of WordPress, the blog will open up to a broader range of topics including those previously reserved for Mark Overmars’ (no longer in use) personal blog.

Records of user registrations have been wiped clean, so all users will have to re-register for posting however for the time being users can post after having their comment approved by a moderator of the glog.

Gm Weekly is a new Game Maker magazine start-up which promises hopes to release a new edition every Friday of each week. The magazine is more like a small newsletter, with only 2 1/2 pages of content, it is no wonder DPoole, the author, is able to keep up with the weekly schedule. This first issue contains various recent GM news items as well as a small tutorial on creating a simple ‘pause game’ function. The publication has mixed reviews, but for a first release – who’s complaining?

GmMkr, a user on the YoYo Games forums, has posted a topic called ‘Josh’s Amazing Codes‘ which essentially is a challenge for Game Makers to decipher an encrypted string of characters. The prize is not too note-worthy, but I know a lot of Game Makers who enjoy a good thinking challenge, and I thought I might pass it on.

P.S. Josh has rated his puzzle with a difficulty of ‘EVIL’, so be warned 😉

GM7 *Is The* Decompiler

By now all of you are most certainly aware of the GM decompiler floating around, but what Caniac discovered today may come as a bit of a shock to some readers.

The user discovered that GM7 in fact ‘decompiles’ packaged extensions for Game Maker 7. This allows any user to view the source code to any Game Maker extension and possibly steal and modify said code without permission from the extension’s author.

You may know that the GM7 decompiler can already ‘decompile’ such extension packages, however this is a bit different. This method of extracting the contents of the package does not require any additional decompiling software, tools or hacking methods. In fact all that is needed is notepad to remove a single line from the extension file Game Maker outputs after the package has been installed in the program.

This is just a small warning to those Extension Makers who are perhaps concerned their work could be stolen or modified without permission. One use of Extensions (prior to this discovery) was to release a secure library of functions to perform various programming tasks which could only be called by the programmer, not viewed or modified. Now it is no longer possible to share programming functions with other developers without also exposing the source code behind them.