YYGlog Followup, GMBed, Ultimate 3D Scrapped

First up on today’s news list is a follow-up on the recently posted articles found on the official YoYo Games glog. The follow-up comments from Sandy confirm that the runner for the next release of Game Maker will be modified to improve security and integrity of the games as to make it much more difficult to decompile them.

Sandy also stated that although the company has looked into making a compiler for GM (i.e. one which can compile Game Maker source files directly into machine code), it is highly unlikely this will happen. Lastly, Sandy mentions the fact that things are moving a bit slow lately because it’s summer, but at the same time hints to several ‘minor things’ that will be announced in the next week or two. Speculation anyone?

GMBed was first released a little while back and was an effort to compete with YoYo Games’ iPlay browser plug-in to allow Game Maker made games to run directly from a user’s web browser. The major advantage of using GMBed is the ability for games to be embedded directly into a user’s own webpage without requiring any additional plug-ins to be installed on the end user’s PC for it to work.

Today the team announced a new beta of the Java based software that should improve general performance and stability. It seems however that there are some mixed reports to how well it is working in its beta form.

Christoph Peters, creator of Ultimate 3D for Game Maker has decided to discontinue the project after a long four years. The popular DLL that enables better 3D capabilities and performance than Game Maker’s built-in engine has been used by many to give them the extra 3D rendering power they need to create commercial-quality games.

Ultimate 3D isn’t over just yet though. Christoph announced the project will continue as Ultimate 3D 3.0, however will not be built to work with Game Maker. In his deciding letter, Christoph notes the limited power of Game Maker and says “I have told those of you who want to make complex games to stop using Game Maker several times now. Now I am taking this advice myself.”

Hat tip to Elmernite.

GMac/Linux Nearing Beta

Sandy Duncan has informed us that he saw a demo of the Mac version of Game Maker yesterday. Mark Overmars is currently in the process of deciding whether it is beta-worthy, and if so when the beta release date will be.

One thing Sandy does note is that Leopard (OS X 10.5) may be required to run the software when it is released as a beta. This could pose a problem for a lot of Mac users since it’s similar to saying ‘only works on Vista’ for PCs.

For the first time we know of, Sandy also gave a short statement of the possibility of a native Linux version of Game Maker coming out sometime this year. This is likely dependent on how well the Mac version of Game Maker performs, and is unlikely to have a release ready before the Mac version is public.

YYG Full Update & Earth Hour

Sandy Duncan has made another post on the YoYo Games official Glog detailing some of the recent and upcoming changes to the YoYo Games company, their website and also the GMC. For your convenience, we have summarized the changes here:

– Full upgrade complete and working smoothly
– Increased PM box storage size (2x previous storage space)

YoYo Games’ Website
– Expecting to install 3 new servers to run the website
– Site should be moved over to the new servers within 2 week

– Progressing smoothly
– Expected beta release in April (on schedule)

YoYo Games company
– Competition closes in a couple of weeks, new competition announced soon
– Looking into getting GM games on the iPhone


Reminder: Earth hour for is today between 8:00 and 9:00 PM. During this time you should turn off your lights and electronics (including computers) to help the environment by reducing energy consumption and waste pollution. Google is also participating in Earth Hour and you may notice their home page is now BLACK for the time being.

Game Maker Mac Screenshot

Today Sandy Duncan, back from vacation, posted an update to the YoyoGames GLOG. He said, among other things, that he has been talking to more investors about funding YYG and that there is another staff member, James Peddie, who will be a marketing assistant.

Sandy also posted a screenshot of Game Maker running on a Mac, which appears to have the enviable ability to float Game Maker’s dialogues outside the main window. There is currently no word on WINE compatibility.

He also said that yoyogames.com has over 8,000 games uploaded to it, and that the moderator tools are being revamped to allow more efficient site moderation.

Update: In the blog comments Sandy said that there Linux compatibility should be easy once the C++ runner is complete. He also said that there is a  possibility of Game Maker going open-source, but that it wouldn’t even be considered until the next version of Game Maker is released.