GM TV Startup Wars

Recently there has been a trend of users starting up or planning Game Maker based TV/video services.

aracnoX is looking for support for a ‘YYGTV’ network where viewers can play games, and “watch pivot animations or flash animations”. How exactly this is classified under ‘TV’, we’re not too sure.

Another user, Ariodas, wants to use the already popular ‘GMTV’ name for a Game Maker application that will essentially work like a TV set-top box allowing you to view other user’s Game Maker TV channels.

Users are going as far as to claim their own channels on these TV networks, one user reportedly saying, “GM Tutorials? Chanel 23 Please.”

But it’s not just Game Maker tv shows that are starting up, YouTube is also becoming flooded with Game Maker tutorial videos almost every hour of the day (see below).

It is uncertain whether this sudden increase in GM video services is the result of inspiration from the latest GMTV Episode 4 by Dan Eggers.


Dan Eggers, producer of GMTV, has just released episode 4 of the series.

The episode can be downloaded here, and a small review on the show can be found below:

This episode includes significant improvements in the graphics and animation department as well as just over 20 minutes worth of great content including: news, reviews, coding tips and more. In comparison to previous episodes, this current show was carried out in much more professional manner and does not include the swearing or unplanned/unrehearsed segments evident in earlier shows.

The only major criticism I can add is the fact that the ‘script’ Dan was referring to in the News section of the show was far off camera so that Dan’s eyes were often looking at the corner of the screen rather than the camera itself. It also sometimes felt as if Dan was reading rather than delivering the news. Other than that, apart from a couple of word fumbles which could have been re-recorded, it was pretty decent quality and is worth a watch.

In addition to the episode, GMTV also revamped their website with a completely new design.

GMTV Issue 3

In keeping with the current trend of late publications, Game Maker TV Issue 3 has been released, at long last. This comes along with a new site, which is a relief to many Cute-News haters.

The issue centers around reviews of 10 games from the YoyoGames Winter Contest that the GMTV staff rated the best. With almost 30 minutes total running time, Eggers does a thorough job of critiquing each game, and the gameplay footage is actually fun to watch, although the sound levels could be better. The rest of the show features Yours Truly mumbling his way through GMTV’s first interview.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth your while to watch the show. The quality of the issues has been improving drastically with every release, and this one is no exception. The music is far better, the on-screen dialogs are good, and the flow is an improvement, although there is room for a lot more.

(But personally, I enjoyed the credits more than the whole show.)

December ’07

December 2007 was a slow month for the Game Maker Community, but here are some of the more noteworthy events:

YYG and the Open Web Awards

After some initial arguing, YoyoGames was nominated to participate in’s Open Web Awards contest, but lost out to CafeMom in the Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks catergory.


GMTech Magazine Issue 9

Another packed issue

MarkUp Magazine Issue 10

The biggest issue to date, Issue 10 is heavy on development articles, with some especially interesting highlights like

GMTV Episode 2

GMTV seems to be getting better an better, and though there is still much room for improvement, this Episode (consisting mostly of game reviews) is worth watching. GMTV also has a new website.

MarkUP Magazine Issue 11

A so-called mini-issue, centered around the GMRace results. Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t seem to have been proofread. (I counted 10 grammar errors in the description of The Meltdown alone.) This issue also includes some game reviews and an interview about the development of Ark 22.

GMRace Results

The GMRace results are in! The winner is The Meltdown, with 61% of the vote. Second was Triton with 24%, and after that was Mount Contradiction (9%), Orbiter (4%), and Freeze, Melt, Vaporize (2%).

YoyoGames Winter Competition

The Winter Competition is now closed, and it’s up to the community and judges to decide among the entries. Contest information and the top four entries can be found here.

2007 has been a very rocky year for Game Maker, but with YYG stabilizing and contests galore, 2008 is looking good. Look forward to Game Maker on Macs as well as some new competition to Game Maker.

HelpDesk Down

The YoyoGames Mojo Helpdesk account has been suspended; no further information is available at this time. UPDATE: According to some, the helpdesk has been suspended because the YYG staff was on holiday break.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us at Scorptek!

GMTV Episode

The long-awaited release of GMTV Episode 1 has finally arrived, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Despite many technical setbacks and lots of public skepticism, Eggers and Revel finally came through with lots of great content. The show’s production is of semi-professional quality, and the segments fit together fairly well. The main problem so far seems to be a disconnect between the verbal reviews and the numerical scores, which seem wildly different at times.

The community response has been mixed, with compliments such as:

“Very interesting I love the show” -Fox USA

“Wow, that was a lot better than I thought. The reviews were decent, the quality was fine, and your speech was good.” -Mordi

And some healthy criticism such as:

“The worst part about it was the rating you gave. Like someone else mentioned, you verbally tore the game apart in most aspects, yet still gave it a 4/5. Yes, it’s an enjoyable game… But realize that the rating system should cover the worst GM games ever made, and also some of the best. There are some games out there that completely wipe Gravitouch off the map in terms of graphics, fun factor, sound, and much more, yet only have the possibility of getting 1 more point.” -JaketheSnake3636

We at GMNews certainly hope that episodes will only improve with time.