Forum & Glog Changes

According to YoYoJim (an administator on the GMC forums), a forum upgrade was put in place this morning upgrading it to version 2.3.5 from 2.3.4. This upgrade caused a short down time for the forums earlier today, but everything appears to be in working order now.

On a separate note, Mark Overmars has announced that his personal ‘glog’ at will now be merged with the more official Yoyo Games glog used to provide important announcements to users. This does not seem necessary, although maintaining two seldom used blogs could also be seen as unecessary. At the moment the YYG team is working on merging both the posts and user database.

That’s all for now, remember to keep posting. Winner of the contribution prize will be announced on the 30th of June GMT-

Overmars Retiring?

Since there has been a recent shortage of news for this site, we have decided to publish this for your amusement.

On November 1st a fake Mark Overmars made a topic on the GMC claiming that he was no longer developing Game Maker, and that YoyoGames was taking over and paying him a pension. He said that Game Maker was going to be replaced with a flash development kit.

For your enjoyment: Game Maker Is Over
(Much thanks to GearGOD for providing us with a save of the topic before it was deleted.)

Side note: an update concerning GM on Linux has been posted to the previous article.