Tutorial Contest

Game Maker tutorials host site GMTutorials.com is announcing a contest to create the best tutorials. The first place prize is $75 or a free year of webhosting, and the second prize is $25. The site staff will choose the winner, although public opinion will be taken into account.

The submissions deadline is February 1st. To enter, just publish a tutorial on the site as usual. The work must be your own, can be edited after submission, and must not contain offensive material. The contest deadline may be extended one month if more than 15 submissions are not received.

In other news, the GMC has an updated rule. The legal bumping time is now 2 days instead of three, but not much else has changed.

Also, 64Digits has re-opened the IRC channel on a third-party server. Details can be found in the official news post.

Yoyo Games Winter Competition

Hot on the heels of the GM Race, YoYoGames has announced a winter competition with a $1000 first prize, $500 second prize and $250 third prize.

Games must be submitted by 12:00 AM GMT on Dec 23rd, 2007. The judging will be done by YYG and Prof. Overmars, but they will rely on public opinion. Games must use a winter theme.

Games must be made with Game Maker 6 or later, Pro or Lite. Teams are not allowed. Games can be made in the past, but only if it has not already been published on Yoyogames. Fullscreen or resolution-changing games are not allowed. Two entries are allowed per person.

Official Rules (PDF)
Competition Page
YYG GLOG Announcement
Overmars GLOG Announcement
GMC Announcement

This looks to be the biggest Game Maker competition to date, and you definitely won’t want to miss out.