InstantPlay Now Vulnerable to Decompiling

InstantPlay tab of the decompiler.

InstantPlay tab of the decompiler.

This morning an update to the GM Decompiler was released, this time with the ability to decompile InstantPlay games and extract GM7 extensions from games. The update also defeats some methods devised for protecting games from the old decompiler (typically using a hex editor to tamper with the PE).

InstantPlay decompiling automatically detects games you have used via InstantPlay, which are stored in a folder under My Documents. Users are presented a list of games detected and the rest is automatic.

Version two of the infamous decompiler is by the same author (Clam), and includes the same vengeful message about GMK encryption (which was designed to defeat third-party projects).

GMNews and Scorptek do not endorse copyright infringment. This news posting is for informational purposes, and links to the decompiler will be deleted.

A response to GMBlog

After seeing Phil’s post at Game Maker blog about the search terms used to find his site, I thought I would follow-up the post with our own GMNews stats.

Like those found on the GMBlog’s “I know you are guilty” post, our statistics clearly confirm that an enormous sum of users are trying to find decompilers and software cracks for Game Maker. It’s quite saddening to know that the top four search terms used to find this site were from people looking to download the much sought after but legally questionable decompiler.

Here is the list of popular search terms used to find GMNews from most used to least used. The * indicates a non-legitimate search term (e.g. looking for a software crack)

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GM7 *Is The* Decompiler

By now all of you are most certainly aware of the GM decompiler floating around, but what Caniac discovered today may come as a bit of a shock to some readers.

The user discovered that GM7 in fact ‘decompiles’ packaged extensions for Game Maker 7. This allows any user to view the source code to any Game Maker extension and possibly steal and modify said code without permission from the extension’s author.

You may know that the GM7 decompiler can already ‘decompile’ such extension packages, however this is a bit different. This method of extracting the contents of the package does not require any additional decompiling software, tools or hacking methods. In fact all that is needed is notepad to remove a single line from the extension file Game Maker outputs after the package has been installed in the program.

This is just a small warning to those Extension Makers who are perhaps concerned their work could be stolen or modified without permission. One use of Extensions (prior to this discovery) was to release a secure library of functions to perform various programming tasks which could only be called by the programmer, not viewed or modified. Now it is no longer possible to share programming functions with other developers without also exposing the source code behind them.

YYG: Decompiler & GMac

Sandy Duncan, spokesperson of YoYoGames has released a statement regarding the recently developed GM Decompiler, a program which can ‘convert’ GM 5, 6 and 7 executables back into their original editable GM6/GMK files. The statement reads:

Anyone tempted to take someone else’s hard work using a “decompiler” or any other method may find that they have more than just offended the creator or that game. It’s quite possible that by copying someone else’s game that you will be breaking copyright law…and where you have denied a revenue someone the opportunity to make money…you could end up being sued.

The next major topic brought up in the blog post was the status of the ongoing project of GM for Mac OSX. According to Sandy, there is a version of GM7 for Macs that is ‘up and running,’ although reportedly still has a few bugs to iron out. A BETA release is expected sometime in March although considering what has happened in the past, we don’t suggest getting your hopes up just yet.

3 videos of GM7 on OSX were also released in the blog post:

Video 2:
Video 3:

tidbit: Game Maker was misspelled in YoYo Games’ official blog post.

Full GM Decmpiler in the Wild

Yesterday a complete, cross-platform Game Maker decompiler was released. The tool was authored by several people and published by GearGOD. The Java program takes a Game Maker exe file v5.3A-7.0 and decompiles it to an editable.

There’s never anything you can do to keep any program 100% safe. You can only ever make it harder to break into. In cases like this, it will only ever take one person to break it and then everyone can do it, because it gets distributed like this. -Yourself

I don’t have a problem with something like this being posted on <removed>. I don’t have a problem with it being posted at 64D, myspace, youtube, or some random porn site for that matter.

I don’t think it should be posted at the GMC though. Especially by someone who I’ve never heard of, and has probably never even came close to making a game. Should it be discussed, and remedied? Yes. Will 90% of the GMC add useful input to such a discussion? <expletive> no. -t3mp3st

Note to commentators: any links or other information on locating the decompiler will be removed. True, it’s not hard to find, but we don’t need to make it any worse than it is.