Prize Give-aways

As part of a new effort to involve the community in discussion and collaboration of Game Maker related news, we will be offering a FREE prize give-away every month to users who contribute to the GMNews community.

How it works:

At the end of each month, the user who contributes the best comments and/or news tips (sent to will be awarded a gaming related prize of their choice from the options below. The best comments and/or news tips will be selected by the Scorptek staff based on their content and quality. The more quality and meaningful comments or news tips you submit each month, the more likely you are to win each give-away.

Prizes to be won

(winner picks 1 prize from this selection or the secondary selection):

For PC: USB Gamepad w/Rumble Support & Analog Sticks, Gaming Headset, USB WiFi Dongle for Windows, 1.3 MP Webcam, Studio Style Microphone w/Desktop stand, 4 Port USB Hub w/Multicolour Mood Light & Clock, Flexible Waterproof Keyboard, 2 GB USB Flash Drive
For Wii: Remote Accessories: Steering Wheel w/Table Suction Mount, Pool Cue, Golf Club, Fishing Rod, Light Sabre. Other: Blue LED Cooling Stand, Wii Memory Card
For Xbox 360: Gaming Headset for Xbox Live, Xbox 360 Media Remote Control, Cooling Fan Attachment for 360
For PS3: DVD/Blu-ray Media Remote, Cooling Fan Attachment, USB PS3 Dual Controller Charger
For DS Lite: Headset, Stand/Table Mount, Blue LED Charging Cradle
For PSP: USB Wifi Adaptor, PSP Movie stand w/Speaker, PSP Face plates
For All: Silicone Casing (skin) for Your Choice of Console/Controller, Rechargeable Battery Pack (for Available Console Controllers)
* Prizes are subject to availability, options may change in the future without notice

Secondary Prize Selection

(The first place winner can also choose from these prizes. In the unlikely event of a ‘close call’, the second place winner will have to choose only from these prizes)

Super Strong Earth Magnets, FM Radio Transmitter For MP3 Player (e.g. use in car), USB Bluetooth Dongle, 4 Port USB Hub, 1 GB Flash Drive, Universal TV Remote, Silicone Casing (skin) for any Console/Controller.

What you should know:

– Any user who posts a comment or gives a news-tip is automatically eligible to win the monthly give-away (comments must follow the GMNews Rules and users must meet eligibility requirements)
– Prizes will be drawn at end of each month starting June 2008
– Only users who meet the eligibility requirements (see below) can receive a prize
– There are no geographical restrictions for prize winners, and you will not have to pay shipping fees if you win the give-away. Shipping time will generally be 2-4 weeks
– You must contact us at to claim your prize from the same email address you used to submit comments/tips with.
– We have no obligation to try and contact you in the event you are a winner (you should see our announcement at and then email us at if you are the winner).
– You will have up to 30 days to claim your prize unless otherwise stated
– You may choose one prize from the prize list. Some prize(s) may be out of stock
– Comments & tips must be submitted in the same month as the give-away to win
– In the event of a ‘close call’ (as defined by the top two or more point holders being within 3 points of each other), the ‘close call’ runner-up(s) will receive a choice from the secondary prize selection
– In the event of an exact tie, the user who made the best contributions in the previous month will win the current month’s prize and the tied user(s) will receive a choice from the secondary prize selection
– If the prize winner does not claim his or her prize within the alloted time, the prize expires and will not be awarded to the runner-up or another user
– A prize winner cannot win two monthly prizes in a row. In such a case, the runner-up would be awarded the prize with a special mention to the previous month’s winner
– If you do not wish to participate in the give-away, add [noprize] to the end of your name or email subject when posting a comment or submitting a news tip


What type of comments are eligible for prize winnings?

Comments posted in one of our GMNews articles are eligible for give-away prizes. SPAM or advertising posts will not count toward give-aways and may result in a permanent ban from any future give-aways, and in some cases a ban from posting comments on GMNews.

Tips for making good comments likely to be chosen for give-aways:
– Stay on topic
– Be informative
– Be clear & concise
– Use correct spelling
– Follow the rules (see Rules page)
– Avoid IM Language (e.g. lol, lmao, imo)
– Don’t advertise your website or services

What is a news tip, how do I submit one?

A tip is a small news tidbit (e.g. a link to a forum post, news page, rss feed, etc.) that is Game Maker related that you feel is worth posting an article about. For example, if YoYo Games has a new competition out and we haven’t posted a news article about it yet, you can tip us and you’ll be in the running for a prize give-away.

Send news tips to

– At least one GMNews comment or news tip submission within the last month
– Valid e-mail Address for contact, must be the same address used in submissions
– Prize must be claimed within 30 days of prize announcement
– Proof of Valid Mailing Address is required
(e.g. scan of a bill, License or ID card with address)
– Proof of Age or Parental Consent is required
Prize winners must be 13 years of age or older OR have parental consent
Provide a scan of a Passport, License or other Photo ID as proof of age OR
Provide a scan of a permission letter with a parent/guardian’s signature.
– Winners may be required to answer a short survey
– Winners may be required to answer a skill testing question
– Winners may be asked to film or take a photo of themselves holding their prize
– Winners must reside on Earth. No prizes will be sent to other planets or the International Space Station. This may change in the future, provided that you send proof of your extraterrestrial residence and pay transport costs.

If you are not able to send scanned documents via e-mail, you will have the option to send photocopies directly by post (traditional mail). We are not responsible for lost mail or delays in the postal service.

Users who do not meet the eligibility requirements above should put [noprize] at the end of the name or subject field when posting a comment or submitting a news tip.

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