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I’m taking a wild guess and going to say everyone must be on a long summer vacation (or Winter for those south of the equator). It seems that very little has been happening over the past week(s) and it’s hard to report any news or developments. Even the news tips are practically non-existent at the moment and just about every other GM related news site has run dry as well.

So it’s time to be a bit creative. Since there is nothing to report about Game Maker specifically, I’m going to make things a bit interesting and split this article up into 3 parts.
1) General game/gaming related news
2) Game Maker related discussion topics
3) Non-game related discussions

Most of you should know by now that the much anticipated iPhone 3G has hit stores across the globe today. This is exciting news for a lot of people and could really change the way we ‘game on the go.’ Bundled with the new iPhone is an Apple service called the App Store. The store allows iPhone users to easily download games and other apps to their phone with the click of a button.

What distinguishes iPhone games from other mobile platforms? The software development kit released for the iPhone lets developers take full advantage of the powerful hardware and software built into the iPhone. This allows complex 3D games to be rendered and played in realtime and gives developers access to motion sensors in the device to create real motion-controlled games similar to those available for the Nintendo Wii console.

This could completely revolutionize portable gaming in the future. The iPhone can now run games comparable or in some cases better than that of specialized portable gaming devices such as the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. For $199 and all the other features the iPhone boasts (such as a full size touch screen, 3G mobile phone, Wifi & 3G Internet browsing, GPS location based services, and more), the product will certainly be appetizing to many.

Discuss: Do you think that the introduction of the iPhone 3G and the App Store will affect portable gaming and such devices, and if so to what extent?

DISCUSS: Do you think having the YoYo Games team focusing its efforts on creating a Mac port of Game Maker is a good idea or lost cause? Would you rather keep Game Maker Windows only and allow YoYo Games to focus its efforts more on the quality of customer service and support they provide and perhaps more frequent updates to the Windows version of Game Maker?

DISCUSS: Is the name “Game Maker” preventing the software from ‘taking-off’ and becoming a major business success? Do you feel that the current name suggests the software is too basic and/or not worthy of ‘elite’ programmers who want to learn languages like C++, C# and similar.

I encourage all GM News readers to read my latest LifeXplored article relating to Echelon, a global communications spying program in operation throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia. It’s quite scary to think that every phone conversation you have and e-mail you write is constantly being monitored and scanned by Echelon just waiting for national security and foreign intelligence agencies to review your communications and flag you as a terrorist, a threat or suspicious suspect.

The article is here:

Please discuss your thoughts on the subject either here, or in the other article.


9 Responses

  1. Your wild guess’s not entirely correct. Being from South Africa, I’ve not only got school now, but exams.

    I think that this Mac port business is a waste of time. I mean, how many potential GMers would have Mac?

  2. I think that the mac port is a wonderful investment. the iMac, even thought I hate it, I think it is a good idea as I can show games to my friends with macs. and the MAC has virtually no good FREE games, adn the mac will get thousands of free, and some decent games (some not-se decent) to play. I originally hated yoyo. but with what they do, you can’t hate them forever. I kinda like them.

    I do wish that they would release the betas. they are months behind. and it woukd be nice if they made a GM-Linux. that would be sweet.

  3. I think the Mac port is not only very cool for the many people who use windows ONLY for game maker, but also imperative for YoYo games if they want to stay in business.

    There are about 3 different Game Making projects coming out fairly soon, and every one of them will be compatible with Windows and Mac. Because the Mac is getting more and more popular every day, a point will soon come when developers want to reach the Mac users. If YoYo Games is scrambling to catch up in 2010, they will die.

    YoYo Games needs to make it easy for people to develop on one platform and convert to the next. That means they need to allow people to download both the Mac and Windows version for the usual $20 AND allow the the GMK files to be fairly compatible. A conversion application would be fine.

  4. Busy with a summer semester of school.

    I might discuss the other parts later, but, for now, I will discuss part 2.

    I think the Mac port is a great idea! Not only because the mac has very little in the way of games, but also because the Mac is home to a lot of creative people. I would like those people to join the game making community.
    Plus, I’ll admit, I love it when software stops being Microsoft exclusive.

    Now for part 2 of part 2.
    I don’t think the name is stopping it at all. Remember the old adage, “A rose under any other name would smell just as sweet.” The name makes no difference in what the software can do. The only people who would be entirely turned off by the name would be the type of people we most likely don’t want anyway.
    I mean, I mentioned Game Maker to the Computer Science club at my college (OK, fine, it’s a small club). I wasn’t embarrassed. It does what it does no matter what it’s called.


  5. I think that the Mac port is a good idea, but the fact that they started up and straight away invested in the Mac port of Gamemaker, just putting all your eggs in one basket really.
    But, if they do want to stay alive, it is a good idea, maybe a Linux port will also help them stay in business.
    Although, some games will only work on certain Operating Systems, for example: You can not get a DLL to work on your Apple Mac Operating System.
    I think the same with a Linux, Not 100% sure though.

    Although, personally, I would much prefer Gamemaker games to run on consoles, giving the developer a larger market to work with.
    As, the Nintendo DS games are quite easy to consturct, it would be a lot easire for them to make games for and a lot quicker, too. as well as easy to put games on to the Handheld console, as there is many memory cards for it (eg. R4)

    The problem with all this cross-platforming with games is that, you would have to make the EXE work with all of the platforms, witch can NOT be done, especially with Gaming consoles and mobile phones (eg. iPhone).
    They would have to make it so when you click compile game, that you would have to make a chose of the platform that you want.

    But some features would not work on different platforms?
    Yes, like the particle feature would not work on the PS2 for example, as it does not have DirectX, and the C++ re-write should fix that up anyway.

    But, I believe with cross-platforming Gamemaker games, what platforms would they chose? The NDS would be one & so would the N Wii, as Mark Overmars seems to like Nintendo very much and DS is easy to make games for as I said above.
    I am not sure whether they would have it on ex-gen consoles, like the PS2 or the Xbox instead of the PS3 or the Xbox 360.
    Most people do have there PS2, (If they have one that is,) chipped to play Burned games.

    I don’t think that they should change the name of Gamemaker, it is very well known through out the world as Gamemaker.
    Although, Gamemaker is not a program that massive gaming company would use as there full game creation tool, because it has a few speed problems and you can currently only develop on the Windows platform, with DirectX.
    I think that if there is a name change then many people would think of it as a different game development program.

    I read your blog post about Echelon, it sounds a bit paranoid at first, but it could be true, like other agency that have been strangely discovered and then gone a day or so later! 😀

    Thanks for reading this really long post 😀 and I hope that you don’t feel like going to sleep to much now 😛

    – Matt

  6. Your welcome. I just got up.
    it’s Game maker community, not game making community,
    it’s Game maker not gamemaker.

    YOU Have to be a licenced nintendo developer to be able to write wii/ DS lite games. so, don’t even ask.


    if yoyo would quit being stubborn, they could have FREE Xbox360 support.

    thru G-C# (and then, you jjust import it into XNA, Google it)

    and if yoyo ever makes GM-Linux, then we could have P$3 support. and thru G-FLash, we can have wii support, but not all the functions. (thru the web browser on the wii)

  7. With having GM on the Linux platform, not EVERYONE has PS2 or PS3 Linux version, In fact, I only have the normal version.
    Although, I very much doubt that Yoyo would go and use 3rd party software, like G-flash, but there is nothing stopping us really.

    Yes…have a license to make DS games….Of course I have one of though =D
    Well…maybe not. 🙂

    Oh, and sorry about the spelling mistakes, it was actually quite late when I wrote it and I was pretty distracted with other things. Sorry.

    I Google’d the Xbox 360 thing, but I could not find anything. Oh well, I might have a look tomorrow maybe.

    I think that Sandy should be able to get someone, if not him, to know how to get GM games to run on an XBOX/XBOX 360, I mean, he did work for them as a VP for a while.

    Although, they would have to get contracts and all, in duplicates, then photocopy them and then make them compatible with the Mac and finally write on there Glog that they are going to make a patch for a ‘possible’ hacking attempt.
    haha 😛 Just kidding, I had to let that all out some way 😀


  8. @ Part-2

    Game Maker being ported on Mac is a ‘good’ thing. Those who create or plan to create commercial games with Game Maker will find GM more attractive and avoid bothering with other tools like MMF.

    YoYo games is doing a good thing avoiding listening to the Window fanboys here. Hell, I am a Windows user and don’t even own a Mac nor plan to ever (well, unless I can own one.. even then just for testing :P) since I am happy with my XP and assembling system on my own.

    Second, the name ‘Game Maker’, everyone knows about it. It’s the first thing new developers search on Google eg., “Game making tool”. Anyways, search or not, like I said, everyone knows about. Changing this name is a commercial suicide.

    Elite programmers not exploring the software because of the name is like saying AAA titles are always (if ever) better than Indie titles just because Indies don’t come with AAA tag (bad example?). Not to mention, you don’t really have to tell the world what you are using to create the game. There are games out there that don’t..

    What I want to know is whether YoYo will update their shitty payment system for GM which doesn’t let you pay for the tool if you don’t have a credit card.

  9. Oh and I don’t think there is any need to waste time porting GM on consoles. Instead they should spend time on making it work on Mac and then on Linux while adding few new features with every new update.

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