Belated Arrival + Discussion

Our apologies for the lack of news postings over the past few days. You could say the Scorptek team was on a bit of an early March break. That being said, a lot has happened and a lot needs to be covered in this post.

Most of the news and hype over the past few days has come directly from YoYo Games’ official ‘Glog.’ The blog is the source of official announcements from Sandy Duncan, the spokesperson for the company. The latest posting covered a large playing field so we’ll try and sum it up for you here:

Statistic Lovers: If numbers are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that YoYo Games has now over 100,000 registered users on the site and have an amazing half a million unique visits to the site every month, and they want to boost that number to 5 million soon. This however sounds a bit far fetched as that would require the equivalent of twice the entire population of Canada to visit the site in just one year. Also YoYo Games is celebrating their one year anniversary.

Download Denied: This is the second time, in a row, that YoYo Games has released a statement about decompilers and their wrongful uses. It is apparrent that the recently developed GM 5/6/7 decompiler is becoming an issue among the community and YoYo Games is being pushed into finding ways of stopping this from happening. One of the ways they are attempting to do this is by forcing an “Instant Play” only option for games on their website. It is an attempt to deter users from using the decompiler, however it is a very weak protection, and does not make your game any less vulnerable to those in the know-how. YoYo Games has also expressed that they may take legal action and/or contact local authorities for those who developed or are using the decompiler utility, you have been warned.

Defaulting to Adverts: The latest Glog post makes reference to a new ad based revenue sharing scheme that is planned for the site that will start automatically embedding advertisements in games uploaded to the site (unless you choose to opt out). Profits from the advertisements will be shared between YoYo Games, and you, the game author. Note that it is likely that some (legal) restrictions will apply, and limit those who can participate in the program (most likely based on age and geographic location). Also it is unclear at this point what the expected distribution of profits will be, or if that information will be publicly available.

That’s YoYo Games out of the way, but that’s now for some food for thought.

If you visit YouTube often, you may notice that there is big growth in the number of Game Maker related videos that are being posted, sometimes several a day. Some of the videos are used as guides/tutorials and are great for new users, while other videos are more creative and are being used to help explain problems a user is having with the software so users (on the GMC for example) can better understand, identify and assist in fixing the problem (see This Video) as an example.

Discussion: Do you believe encouraging members of the GMC to post ‘YouTube’ (or similar) videos detailing the problems they are having is a more effective and efficient way of helping to solve problems (on the novice/intermediate forums), or will it result in ‘helper’ users reluctant to click video links to an outside source, leaving questions unanswered? Also in addition to this, do you feel it is wise for the GMC to allow users to post YouTube videos directly in posts (for example to show game trailers, help fix problems, or for helper users to shown how to achieve a particular goal that a user is having trouble accomplishing), or will this result in users simply abusing the feature. Post your thoughts, we would like to hear.

P.S. We are in the process of moving webservers, so please let us know if you encounter any broken links to Scorptek web pages or files. Thanks.


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  1. I think that if the GMC were to allow users to embed YouTube vids, it would be best to make it so that a Moderator had to approve of it beforehand. Also, I think that using YouTube to ask questions is not a good idea, as I (one with slow internet) only wait for a YouTube video to load if it is something I really want to see.


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