GMTech Job Openings

GMTech is looking for new writers for their popular Game Maker based magazine. Although they are not paid jobs (as the magazine is distributed freely), the teams hopes that some compensation may be available in the future through full-page advertising in each magazine issue.

The current positions up for grabs are:

Contrary to what the job title suggests, you’ll probably end up doing more researching than writing. This job expects that you will take charge by researching various different games and delegating writing tasks to other team members. It’s not all research though, you’ll also be expected to contribute some writing pieces yourself.
gamez93 points out that writers won’t actually be expected to delegate tasks but according to the original post may be expected to provide research to other team members to help them with their writing tasks.

The job is almost self-explanatory, you’ll be expected to write game reviews from a large selection of games as well as exclusive previews.

Issue Checker
Essentially quality control, this job requires you to proof-read and make edits to the magazine’s content as needed to keep spelling and grammatical errors to an absolute zero.

Check the blog post out here


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, I had seen that. I’d like to help them, but I don’t have the time to join full time. I do submit stuff to them freelance though.

    I would be a writer if I could. I hope they get the people they need.

  2. For the ‘Writer’ you have to write articles regarding GM and Game Design. Your expected to research your own details. You don’t actually delegate ‘writing tasks to other team members’

  3. I have a question…

    f I join the scorptek team, can I still win the news tip prizes? or am I not eligibal if I am a member?

  4. @gamerz93 sorry for the misinterpretation, I thought it was implied with “you’ll gather information for the other members to make the appropriate arrangements/write appropriate pieces”

    For obvious reasons we cannot allow Scorptek members to be monthly prize winners. If you would still like to become part of the team, please send an e-mail with your resume to jobs[at]scorptek[dot]net or jobs[at]scorptek[dot]ca if you plan on working from Canada.

    Note we have a strict application process, be prepared for academic, psychological and skill tests. We also recommend that in your resume you have at least one previous job in the computer, technology or telecommunications industry (freelance or through an employer).

    No matter what position you are in the organization, you’ll be expected to know two or more programming languages (including scripting languages such as GML, ActionScript, JavaScript), and have a vast knowledge and background in computer science and other related subjects.

    For applicants 19 and younger, a high school diploma is recommended but not required if you are still studying in school at the time of application.
    For applicants between 20 and 25, we recommend that you study at an accredited University in a program such as Computer Science, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, Communications, Information Technology, or Mathematics.
    For applicants 26 and older, we recommend having a graduate diploma from your accredited university. This is not required if you are still studying at University at the time of application.

  5. ok thats good to know.

    you should put it in the “Rules” and “Prizes” section in boldfaced letters.

    I am just starting highschool 😆 so I don’t have a highschool diploma.

    maybe after I win a few prizes I will join… 🙂

  6. plz i need a job i will work every day 12 pm to 1 am
    and im good and makeing realy hard games

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