GMPPhysics and GM7

This is a brief update on GMPhysics, a popular DLL for Game Maker. Coderchris said today that he has not completed the GM7 extension due to college work, but that he has not abandoned the project and hopes to continue it in the future.

This is good news for those of us who have hidden aspirations of making those awesome games where the environment is more fun than the objectives. Until then, you can still use the GM6 version, but it will require plenty of diligence since there are some bugs and documentation is incomplete.

2 Responses

  1. […] months after their last post GMNews have inexplicably returned with a post about the GMPhysics DLL which, like the site, has not been maintained for a long time. Leave a […]

  2. Wow.. long time no see, ah? 😛 I’m glad this place has a new post, and I’m glad I randomly decited to check here. Yeah, the gm7/gm8 version will be awesome. 🙂

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