GMAC Beta – Signup now

Announced today on the YoYo Games glog was the upcoming private beta program for the highly anticipated Mac version of Game Maker.

The testing will start out as a closed private beta that users can signup for by e-mailing with their contact details, GMC and YYG usernames. The beta program is due to begin by the end of next month and it may be some time before a public beta or final version will be out.
The YoYo Games team is currently looking for those who have a Mac running OS X Leopard, Windows only users need not apply. As for hackintoshes and emulators, it couldn’t hurt to try but I doubt there will be any promising results.

Sandy Duncan also commented to say that although the Mac port should run well on UNIX based systems such as those running BSD, there are no current plans to provide support for UNIX or Linux at this time.

Glog News? & Survey

The official YoYo Games Glog has changed quite a bit in the past month or so. What used to be an empty void of space has now become the latest hip area for everything Game Maker. Whether it’s official announcements, tips, suggestions, or just regular Game Maker news, YYG is starting to have it all. With updates almost every day it’s clear there is a lot of time and effort being spent into keeping users up to date with what’s happening.

Is this good or bad? It’s great to see that YoYo Games is keeping the public up to date with almost daily announcements and news-bits and it means the company is listening to its users. It does however create competition, and with their latest news post on the release of GM Tech’s Magazine, they’re starting to become a bit GMNews-y. Since they are the ‘official’ source of news, it makes it a little more difficult for independent sites like GMNews and Game Maker Blog to stay afloat as Phil Gamble points out with his latest post entitled “Bye-Bye Game Maker Blog?

At this point we’ll just have to wait it out and see where the Glog is heading, but there may also be some concern that YoYo Games has such a strong influence, that by recommending one magazine over another or community site A instead of community site B, the company could potentially ‘damage the ecosystem’ of the Game Maker community we have today.

Survey – Fill out this survey and win this month’s prize!

This is a bit outside the scope of ‘Game Maker’, but it is related to Scorptek. We are currently conducting a small bit of market research and we would greatly appreciate the GMNews community’s support. This will help us in improving our products and services in the future including GMNews.

Click Here to fill out the survey. Users who fill out the survey with their GMNews username or email address will receive an extra 10 POINTS for this month’s contribution prize! And may also receive discounts from paid Scorptek products or services in the future.

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Elmernite’s Prize & YYG Glog

Elmernite, last month’s GMNews contribution prize winner, has been kind enough to send as a video of the prize he won. The USB PC Controller has two analogue tumbsticks, a 4 way directional pad, 10 numbered buttons and force feedback/rumble support.

Also in the news, YoYo Games has announced the upcoming competition 04 theme on their Glog. The chosen theme, ‘Save The Planet’ has attacted quite a bit of interest and users are already coming up with ideas and plans for their game submissions.

The Glog has had no shortage of updates lately, yet another post revealed that the YoYo Games website receives over a quarter million posts a day. Despite this milestone, the YYG staff are encouraging people to market the site and recommend it to friends.

Glog – Competition 03, Softwrap?

The previously inactive and almost dead official Glog has suddenly become the cool place to hang-out with updates and new posts nearly every week. Just three days ago Mark Overmars posted an article explaining methods of using Cyrillic characters and Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese fonts and symbols.

Today however, the Glog post announces the completion of the third YoYo Games competition. The competition, with a theme of ‘co-operation’ had more submissions than any of the previous two competitions held by the company. It’s now up to the site’s users to play and evaluate the 285 participating games to help determine the winner.

The announcement for Competition 04 is expected shortly although it is ot clear when, nor is it clear when the judging for the current competition will be finished.

As something completely separate to the Glog, we are conducting a small survey to evaluate the Softwrap registration system used in Game Maker and to gauge whether users are satisfied or dissatisfied with the system. Please discuss and indicate if your experience was positive or negative and if negative were you able to receive technical support or did you have to resort to other methods for registering your software.

ANYone who links to ANY site containing information about obtaining Game Maker ‘Pro’ without using the official Softwrap registration system will be banned from making future comments on GMNews.

Glog again? – GMSchool Downhill

For a third time in three days, the YoYo Games glog has been updated with yet another post.

It reads,

The deadline for the third YoYo Games competition is quickly approaching. You have only four more days to submit your entries. We hope that we will see a number of interesting additional submissions. Checkout the Competition page for details. Please realize that the deadline is strict. Last time we extended the deadline because of the problems caused by the server move, but that is not the plan this time.

So there you have it, your last chance to submit a game so don’t miss out. For everyone else, click here for a list of participating games for you to check out and rate.

In other news, GMSchool, a community forum to help Game Maker users is starting to take a turn for the worse. The previously popular message board, is becoming increasingly bare with some forums having no posts in months. Due to the lack of recent support, the owner of the forum is unable to continue funding the community and therefore will not be able to make the required annual payments for forum licensing and hosting costs to maintain the site.

As a result, the community is going to be moved back to Invision Free (a free forum hosting service) where ShadePlay23, the owner of the board, hopes the forum will gain some attention and pick-up it’s popularity once again.