GMPPhysics and GM7

This is a brief update on GMPhysics, a popular DLL for Game Maker. Coderchris said today that he has not completed the GM7 extension due to college work, but that he has not abandoned the project and hopes to continue it in the future.

This is good news for those of us who have hidden aspirations of making those awesome games where the environment is more fun than the objectives. Until then, you can still use the GM6 version, but it will require plenty of diligence since there are some bugs and documentation is incomplete.

GM7 plays nice with WINE

An interesting topic is picking up some interest on the GMC, about a new version of WINE (for linux) which claims to be able to run GM7 games without too much trouble. For a while now GM5 games have been working with WINE without much difficulty, but this is one of the first reports of GM6 or GM7 games running successfully.

According to topic poster, the latest version of WINE (0.9.49) allows both the Game Maker software and game executables produced by GM7 to run well with the Linux Operating System. Some of this is attributed to general bug fixes which now provide more support for software wrappers / copy protection systems such as Softwrap. However, it is also worthy to note that there are some reports of graphical issues during game play for some games.

The poster also recommends using the command wine explorer /desktop=foo,800×600 to run GM7 games to ensure best compatibility (replacing 800X600 with the game resolution, if known).

This discovery could bring the unfortunate end to a well respected project called LGM. LGM (Lateral Game Maker) is an effort to bring an IDE/Graphical User Interface for Game Maker to a wide range of Operating Systems (including Linux) that would normally not be able to use Game Maker. If the native GM7 interface now works with Linux, it could make the project obsolete.

GM7 *Is The* Decompiler

By now all of you are most certainly aware of the GM decompiler floating around, but what Caniac discovered today may come as a bit of a shock to some readers.

The user discovered that GM7 in fact ‘decompiles’ packaged extensions for Game Maker 7. This allows any user to view the source code to any Game Maker extension and possibly steal and modify said code without permission from the extension’s author.

You may know that the GM7 decompiler can already ‘decompile’ such extension packages, however this is a bit different. This method of extracting the contents of the package does not require any additional decompiling software, tools or hacking methods. In fact all that is needed is notepad to remove a single line from the extension file Game Maker outputs after the package has been installed in the program.

This is just a small warning to those Extension Makers who are perhaps concerned their work could be stolen or modified without permission. One use of Extensions (prior to this discovery) was to release a secure library of functions to perform various programming tasks which could only be called by the programmer, not viewed or modified. Now it is no longer possible to share programming functions with other developers without also exposing the source code behind them.

GM Competition Update

In the PR flap following the release of Game Maker 7, several independent projects were started as Game Maker replacements. Despite a considerable amount of skepticism, some of them have made noticeable progress. Here’s a report on their status.


The current incarnation of the abandoned G-Java project, G-Creator plans to allow users to make Java games through an easy function set similar to Game Maker’s. Written in Java by TGMG and some others, it plans to support nearly every platform imaginable. Although it is not currently possible to compile a game with it, the IDE is nearly complete. It is currently at “Milestone 1”, which is a buggy demonstration of the new interface.

Screenshot of G-Creator Aurora Release


Much fuss was generated on 64Digits about this project by JoshDreamland, DFortun81 and others. It has the distinction of having actually compiling a game, which, although it was non-interactive, executed at a very respectable clip. It’s development seems rather chaotic, but it currently has objects, variable classes and a GML parser. A release of some sort is expected in late March.

ENIGMA is modeled closely after GM with an almost identical Win32 interface (which will most likely be replaced with a GTK interface) and GML support. Its biggest feature is that it translates GML to C++, so it can produce compiled games and users can edit their games directly in C++. ENIGMA plans to have Linux support.

ENIGMA Game Screenshot (No interface screenshot because the current GUI uses GM’s icons, which are copyrighted.)


Not much is known about this project by GearGod, codenamed Azíel. It will probably be XNA-based, which would make it Windows-only, unlike the other projects discussed here.

Screenshot of Azíel

Lateral Game Maker (LGM)

Although this isn’t exactly a competitor to GM, IsmAvatar and TGMG’s cross-platform IDE supports reading and writing of Game Maker’s editable files. Most of the work on this to date has been focused on the file formats, and other projects have been built largely upon IsmAvatar’s documentation of GM’s file formats. This is not the only attempt at a third-party IDE, but it is the only one with a chance of being released anytime soon.

The GUI is mostly done, the file formats are completely done, and the program is very usable (the sprite editor is the most noticeable exception). The creators “do not believe in a release date.”

Screenshot of LateralGM

Although these projects are infants compared to Game Maker, they will certainly make for an interesting year.

YYG: Decompiler & GMac

Sandy Duncan, spokesperson of YoYoGames has released a statement regarding the recently developed GM Decompiler, a program which can ‘convert’ GM 5, 6 and 7 executables back into their original editable GM6/GMK files. The statement reads:

Anyone tempted to take someone else’s hard work using a “decompiler” or any other method may find that they have more than just offended the creator or that game. It’s quite possible that by copying someone else’s game that you will be breaking copyright law…and where you have denied a revenue someone the opportunity to make money…you could end up being sued.

The next major topic brought up in the blog post was the status of the ongoing project of GM for Mac OSX. According to Sandy, there is a version of GM7 for Macs that is ‘up and running,’ although reportedly still has a few bugs to iron out. A BETA release is expected sometime in March although considering what has happened in the past, we don’t suggest getting your hopes up just yet.

3 videos of GM7 on OSX were also released in the blog post:

Video 2:
Video 3:

tidbit: Game Maker was misspelled in YoYo Games’ official blog post.