YYG Gets Update – Still in testing

According to the YoYo Game’s glog, the YYG website has been updated and tweaked to include a new homepage, new improved play pages, and a shorter, easier way to upload games.

The new site however, is still in beta testing. Sandy Duncan does not yet know for sure when the new site changes will be made public, but is optimistic that the new features will be available before the weekend.

Two users commented to suggest that the new YYG game upload service should be set to ‘standard’ mode by default whereby users can still download the game and are not forced to use Instant Play. Timoi points out that originally the idea may have been to keep the games secure, but now that the decompiler has been updated to handle Instant Play games, this is no longer the case and it makes no sense to force Instant Play as the only option.

GMC Extension 2.7 Release

Version 2.7 of the popular GMC Extension has been released today. Many of you associate the browser add-on with Karma, a system that allows users to add or remove ‘karma’ points for posts on the GMC forum.

Some of the new features we have included are:
– PM Archiving
– Forum Skins/Themes
– Firefox 3.0.1+ compatibility

Although archiving and skins were available previously, since the GMC had it’s major overhaul a lot of work had to be put in to restore these features. We are also planning on releasing some new features in the coming weeks.

The browser extension can be downloaded here!
It can also be updated using Firefox’s built-in ‘Find Updates’ feature.

If you have any problems, please refer to the support forum.

Special thanks to GMC Extension’s project manager and programmer, ari_aaron and the rest of the beta testing team.

GMTech Update

GMTech sent out an e-mail update to its subscribers today to give updates on Issue 13 of the popular Game Maker magazine. The next issue is due to be released shortly and will include articles on a variety of topics such as casual game development, website design, comics and interviews.

The team has also announced that they will be doing a special on YoYo Games in issue 14 which will include an exclusive interview with a YYG spokesperson. GMTech is encouraging users to submit questions that they would like answered on their forum.

Lastly, the GMTech website has had some recent updates and now features a blue design.

C++ Runner, GMac, & iPlay update

Almost certainly the result of recent criticisms toward the company, the official glog has been updated twice for the first time in about a month to give progress updates on the current Game Maker related projects.

The glog’s latest post announces that a (limited) private beta of the C++ runner should be available sometime next week. The post also hints to indicate that there are no definite plans to release the C++ runner in the near future even if it works well now and throughout beta testing. Also, for those of you debating whether GM versions will in fact be available for other devices and operating systems, The post refers to Game Maker running on “other platforms” as a plural, almost certainly guaranteeing at least plans for other systems.

Lastly (and somewhat unfortunately), the Mac port of Game Maker has pretty much come to a dead stop for now. Sandy says they’ve “hit a barrier with teh Lazarus toolset” and that very little progress (if any) has been made on the Mac beta. So in other words, don’t expect a beta anytime soon (even though it is already a few months late).

In other news, YoYo Games managed to keep their word this time :). The Firefox 3 compatible Instant Play plug-in (being referred to as iPlay on this site) is now available for download on the YoYo Games website.

May News Day

To make up for time lost in our venture to improve our other Scorptek services, we have compiled a list of news items to cover the past couple of weeks.

GM Tech Magazine Issue 12

Issue 12 of this popular magazine was released earlier this month. It includes 50 pages of content covering all aspects of Game Maker, including quality articles, exclusive interviews, game reviews and more. It’s a great read, and is visually appealing. We highly recommend the magazine to any Game Maker user.

For those who don’t know, Wyatt (bendodge), one of the principle writers for GMNews also contributes to some of the magazine’s content.

You can visit GM Tech site and download the issue from here.

GMHC – The GM Hacker Challenge

uuf6429, a well known user of the GMC forums has posted a new challenge for all Game Maker developers to take part in. It is an effort to help improve the security of Game Maker games so that hacking games (for example with the use of a decompiler) becomes very difficult.

While this is potentially a good idea, it also means further security exploits could be exposed in the software, and until YoYo Games fixes them in the next release of Game Maker, it could result in exactly what the project hopes to avoid, easily hackable games.

Unfortunately the challenge was not as successful as previously anticipated. Uuf6429 was taken by surprise when Smarty (former GMC Administrator) was able to recover a script from the game yesterday without “even [starting to decompile] either the game or the DLL.”

Game Maker Games – This Game is Art Competition

Game Maker Games has come out with a new competition just a few days ago called ‘This Game is Art’.

Unlike many other competitions, this one has no pre-defined theme or picky requirements. In fact, it is just the opposite. The competition encourages expressing yourself in an artistic form through your game either as an individual or a team.

For more details and entry requirements for the competition, see this page.

C++ Runner Almost Ready

According to an interview conducted by GM Fetch earlier this month, the C++ runner for Game Maker is nearing completion. This will help to enable Game Maker to run on different computer platforms (e.g. Mac) and should improve the overall performance of Game Maker game executables.

See their website for more information, and for the full interview.