GMC Forum Cracking!?

There is still a lot of confusion as to what is happening with Smarty’s (A well known Global Moderator on the GMC) account on the Game Maker Community Forums. Apparently the account seems to be cracked and there is speculation about the cracker banning smarty’s account. Smarty has been removed from any Forum record including the member list, and moderator list. The question is do the crackers (we have reason to believe there are multiple) do any other damage? Do they actually have access to another account and are just using Smarty as a distraction for a larger cracking or possibly hacking? The other question is, are these crackers a part of the GMC? Or were they hired to crack/hack the GMC because of their cracking or hacking experience in PHP and other languages.

Edit: Sources explain Smarty made a request to have a temporary ban because of his account being cracked so further damage at the moment can not be done. Sources also say that a topic was posted within the last couple of days with password to people’s accounts.

Edit2: Sources say the cracking was carried out by getting Smarty to view a site which opens and records data stored in your cookies and saves it to a database for the cracker to see and potentially use to login to the forums. Apparently it may have been a user with the alias “cherry” who claimed to need help with an avatar issue.
Stay tuned for updates and post comments to this article if you have any.


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  1. I wonder if this haves something to do with the hacking. Smarty and Shawn was good friends I belive. Maybe it’s the same fucker hacker what have hacked the and the Shawn64 forums in the past. This person clearly haves something personal against Shawn and now when Shawn isn’t around anymore and the is uder control of the hacker, maybe he is now targeting Smarty.

    ps. Last time I cheked had more malicious code in it. What only proves that the hacker still haves the access to the site.

  2. It was not a “hack”. It was a crack. Even if they used a cookie login, it would be “crack”. Crackers are the ones that login under otehr ppls names and accounts, hacker run scripts on websites, and find exploits to get their access not login under a different name. Whoever did this was a “cracker” not a hacker. Please stop giving crackers hacker credit.

  3. Amazing. Why does it say Smarty is accidentily banned if he/she asked for a temp ban? Crackers are the dumb-ass ones. They just attack. Hackers are a little smarter then crackers.

    THey all suck anyways.

  4. Dare I ask who your sources are?
    From what I got from the topic(s), the basic run down is that Smarty clicked a link that was a renamed HTML file that sent his cookies to a public site. Or something like that.
    For all those who wonder, the Dark Knight still lurks in shadows. O_O

  5. I get my sources from my webiste(we fight spammers and crackers). I would post it, but that would be off topic and it’s invite only right now.
    anyway back on topic, I wonder is someone is planning an invasion on the GMC.

  6. I went to I got 6 viruses. I’m thinking this story is true.

  7. Haha, that’s hilarious.

    The GMC is toast, I mean, the server errors are enough… And now crackers?

  8. Ok, first off, ALL of it is cracking, not hacking.

    Read for further clarification:

    –begin quote–
    There is another group of people who loudly call themselves hackers, but aren’t. These are people (mainly adolescent males) who get a kick out of breaking into computers and phreaking the phone system. Real hackers call these people ‘crackers’ and want nothing to do with them. Real hackers mostly think crackers are lazy, irresponsible, and not very bright, and object that being able to break security doesn’t make you a hacker any more than being able to hotwire cars makes you an automotive engineer. Unfortunately, many journalists and writers have been fooled into using the word ‘hacker’ to describe crackers; this irritates real hackers no end.
    –end quote–

    Secondly, The sicko(s) who is/are doing this should be dealt with to the full extent of the law. And ridiculed into oblivion.

  9. Crackers….. That’s why I stay at 64d. But I still do go to the GMC. But I didn’t know was malicious. Thanks for the info.

  10. Flashback, I already said that. Through you did bring up a good point, crackers pose as hacker, and like to call themselves hackers. Through, I remember this one hacker said something that forever would bash the cracking community:
    “A cracker is only as good as his tools, yet a hacker is only as good as his mind. The cracker may use a password cracker, but I will always think of them as noobs with computer. A hacker’s greatest tool is the mind, in which can be deadly. The so called “tools” of a cracker are limited, once they get outdated, they need a newer version, thus risking more incrimination data stored on his computer. But the mind has unlimited possibility and will never run out dated. Remember this, For the limited tools, it is possible for something to be un-crack able, but nothing is un-hack able.”

    But back on subject, I really think something big is going to happed to the GMC, what are we going to do?

  11. Get rid of the crackerjacks.

    …Or abandon the GMC.

  12. Abandon the GMC? Who would abandon the GMC. Crackers are dumb. We could get ‘Cherry’ easily.

  13. I’d only leave if the server errors got worse.

  14. Cracker or hacker, noboby cares! They are the same shit anyway! It sounds like you guys have some serious ego problems.

    So hacking and GMC forum “cracking” isn’t related in anaway… I was way off there. 🙂

  15. I cant post the link to the picture cause it has
    in it. GMC has 2 spam topics in the Finished Game section.

    This seems to of let off alittle, but what if someone is planing an attack??

  16. i can’t believe this, something needs to be done

  17. I got more news

    I was initially told to tell no one and was sworn to secrecy about this…THE GMC IS GOING TO BE HACKED AND ALL MEMBERS’ IP’S WILL BE HARVESTED AND SOLD TO OTHER HACKERS. One of the guys doing it says he has the GMC staff on his side.

    Here is some of the stuff I know, 2 days after Shawn died, someone signed up to GMC and was under “newest member” for about 3-5 hours. His AIM was shawn6400(I don’t know if I’m allowed to give the rest do to legal issues). Soon afterwords, the account was deleted and no record was saved.
    We were able to talk with this person, and here are all the logs:

    IamMatt*****: the s/n threw me off
    Shawn6400: Yes. People say that sometimes
    Shawn6400: Well, did you know shawn64?
    IamMatt*****: I talked to him once I think
    IamMatt*****: back when I used to make games
    Shawn6400: His website was hacked wasn’t it? That’s sad, he dies so someone hacks his website
    IamMatt*****: yeah
    IamMatt*****: so your not him?
    IamMatt*****: ok
    Shawn6400: I am not shawn64
    IamMatt*****: ok
    Shawn6400: So what did you think about Shawn?
    IamMatt*****: he was talented, but he could have been a little nicer to me when i asked him one question
    Shawn6400: What was that question?
    IamMatt*****: something about ramps and gravity in game maker
    IamMatt*****: and he just repied like
    IamMatt*****: “i dont feel like aswering”
    Shawn6400: He is not like that
    Shawn6400: When was this?
    IamMatt*****: a long time ago, i’ve forgiven it now tho
    Shawn6400: He was just overworked, you can’t expect me to answer every noob question that comes my way
    IamMatt*****: shawn
    Shawn6400: by “me” I ment him
    IamMatt*****: i know its u
    IamMatt*****: just say it i wont tell the whole forum
    Shawn6400: I like talking in the first person
    IamMatt*****: sure…dude, u scared everyone
    Shawn6400: I didn’t do anything. I’m just talking in the first person
    IamMatt*****: sure
    Shawn6400: Too bad for shawn64 I wish I didn’t kill myself
    Shawn6400: See, first person
    Shawn6400: Now let
    Shawn6400: us forget about that
    IamMatt*****: yeah..anyway…shawn was a talented guy and should have never “died” because he seemed like a really cool guy
    Shawn6400: You need to understand, if he didn’t kill himself he would of ended even more screwed then he ended up. It was better this way
    IamMatt*****: what happened that made him kill himself
    IamMatt*****: ill play by ur rules now 😛
    Shawn6400: You can not tell anyone UNDERSTAND?
    IamMatt*****: ok
    Shawn6400: Someone was planning on hacking GMC and I knew about it. If he didn’t kill himself then other ppl would of payed worse. Everyone on Shawn’s website would of been traced and computers would of been bombed. After Shawn died, these man-bitches still hacked Shawn’s website and put viruses in the site.
    Shawn6400: That “I” was me speaking in the first person
    IamMatt*****: dude, Im not gunna tell anyone
    Shawn6400: Tell anyone what?
    IamMatt*****: that ur alive
    Shawn6400: Of course I’m alive
    IamMatt*****: u being shawn
    Shawn6400: I’m talking to you right?
    Shawn6400: I am not Shawn
    IamMatt*****: ok
    IamMatt*****: sure..but shawn killed himself in order to get himself out of the inetnet so he didnt get hacked
    IamMatt*****: and so the hackers would leave him alone
    Shawn6400: NO! Shawn killed himself so he couldn’t tell anyone that the hackers are going to hack GMC! If he didn’t kill himsef, the hackers were going to computer-bomb everyone on his website!
    IamMatt*****: oh. ok. now just tell me this. is shawn noel, the PERSON, not the alias, alive and well. no one will eb told
    Shawn6400: He is dead
    IamMatt*****: the person
    IamMatt*****: or the name
    Shawn6400: What if I told you the name?
    Shawn6400: Not the person
    IamMatt*****: i’d say “that’s what I expected” and then have some closure that a very talented, respected person did not actually commit suicde
    Shawn6400: Your not going to give up are you?
    IamMatt*****: i will eventually, and I know that eventually ur just going to tell me wut i wnat t hear so i’ll leave u alone
    IamMatt*****: am I right
    Shawn6400: Fine! I am Shawn Noel! OK!? YOU TELL ANYONE, AND EVERYONE IS DEAD!
    IamMatt*****: now was that just wat i wanted to hear?
    IamMatt*****: or r u being serious
    Shawn6400: yes
    IamMatt*****: because if ur lying about a dead person
    IamMatt*****: thats not cool
    Shawn6400: If you tell anyone who I am…
    IamMatt*****: im not going to
    IamMatt*****: and the other people who tracked u down will find out from me that your s/n is out of respect for well…you
    IamMatt*****: and that shawn noel
    IamMatt*****: the person
    IamMatt*****: is dead
    IamMatt*****: btw, street bike fury is probably the best game I’ve ever played
    Shawn6400: If anyone from GMC knows that I am still alive, hundreds will pay!
    IamMatt*****: i know i know
    Shawn6400: And word of advice, there is unjustes at GMC
    Shawn6400: Some of the staff of GMC is in on it.
    IamMatt*****: yea, I know. but u should see the comments on ur myspace
    Shawn6400: You did not hear that from me, because I am dead
    IamMatt*****: some girl said she cut herself up
    IamMatt*****: see wut u did
    Shawn6400: I don’t care, that is a small price to pay.
    IamMatt*****: w/e shes still alive
    IamMatt*****: and i see so r u. i now know and i am happy, talk to you some time in the future
    IamMatt*****: and yeah i forgot, where did that school letter come from
    IamMatt*****: and the phone call to the school
    Shawn6400: I wrote it, the phone calls(are still coming in) is a cell phone
    IamMatt*****: whs answering?
    Shawn6400: whs?
    IamMatt*****: who’s
    Shawn6400: Nobody now. Sometimes my friend still answers if he is in a good mood.
    IamMatt*****: very elaborate hoax, you must have thought of this for a long time. and when the bad shit happens to the GMC just let me know. i g2g but i guess i’ll talk to u later
    Shawn6400: It already has started
    IamMatt*****: and i’ll remeber if anyone askes ur dead
    IamMatt*****: shit wtf
    Shawn6400: I need to go now, so let me send you a demo of what they will do to everyone via AIM:
    IamMatt***** signed off at 10:13:09 PM.

    That was only the beginning of the weairdness I decided to talk to him:

    Admiral Refuge: hi
    Shawn6400: What is this now?
    Admiral Refuge: I still think Shawn Noel is still alive
    Admiral Refuge: Why did you get banned from the gmc and your account deleted after you signed up 2 days after shawn died?
    Shawn6400: What did that matt guy tell you?
    Shawn6400: Whatever he told you, I am not shawn!
    Admiral Refuge: I know. I think the real shawn is still alive
    Admiral Refuge: you will do it for me?
    Shawn6400: Shawn is dead ok?
    Shawn6400: Trying to find him is alive is just sick
    Admiral Refuge: your one to talk
    Admiral Refuge: “Shawn6400: I never heard of shawn64” Yet out of respect you have Shawn6400
    “He was just overworked, you can’t expect me to answer every noob question that comes my way” Comon’ who talks in the first person?
    Shawn6400: I talk in the first person, like every other person on earth! And I Lied about not known about shawn64! OK?
    Admiral Refuge: I know your shawn! I’m not going to tell anyone!
    Shawn6400: I told Matt and he told you! Then you are going to tell more people!
    Shawn6400: Then everyone will know I’m alive!
    Admiral Refuge: HA!!!!
    Admiral Refuge: “Shawn6400: Then everyone will know I’m alive!”
    Shawn6400: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    Shawn6400: You know what will happen if you tell anyone?
    Admiral Refuge: what?
    *he pasted the convo above*
    Admiral Refuge: You need to tell someone
    Shawn6400: Yes, you and matt
    Admiral Refuge: I mean someone on GMC
    Shawn6400: Are you crazy? I can’t tell them!
    Admiral Refuge: Why?
    Shawn6400: It’s too risky
    Admiral Refuge: Why???
    Shawn6400: The staff is in on it!
    Admiral Refuge: Then you tell them, or someone!
    Shawn6400: If I tell anyone, everyone on will be bombed!
    Admiral Refuge: dude, they already have been bombed
    Shawn6400: Well, I’m not going to say anything
    Shawn6400: And you can’t do anything about it!
    Admiral Refuge: I can go to the GMN with this log
    Shawn6400: You wouldn’t!
    Shawn6400: You want to get yourself internet dead?
    Admiral Refuge: internet dead?
    Shawn6400: YES! It is when the hackers get mad and they hack you, your website, and all your friends
    Admiral Refuge: oh lol
    Admiral Refuge: been there done that
    Shawn6400: Oh really?
    Admiral Refuge: Yea, I’m Admiral Refuge. Do a search “Admiral Refuge”
    Shawn6400: later
    Shawn6400: Well, if you want to go to the news, go ahead
    Shawn6400: I think we are done here
    Admiral Refuge: cya
    Shawn6400: c…y…a…

    After that, here is where it all falls apart:

    Shawn6400 (4:08:34 PM): Ok, your not blocked now. HAPPY?
    IamMatt***** (4:08:51 PM): I was blocked? thats real nice
    IamMatt***** (4:09:22 PM): BTW i didnt tell admiral refuge anything except ur dead. he took it upon himself to contact u
    Shawn6400 (4:09:39 PM): Oh really? Yes I found that out.
    IamMatt***** (4:09:44 PM): k
    IamMatt***** (4:10:09 PM): yea…
    Shawn6400 (4:10:37 PM): Well? That Admiral Refuge is going to the news with the log
    IamMatt***** (4:10:45 PM): no he’s not
    Shawn6400 (4:10:54 PM): How do you know?
    IamMatt***** (4:10:56 PM): he’s just threatening
    IamMatt***** (4:10:59 PM): well
    IamMatt***** (4:11:06 PM): eventually, if u piss him off enough he will
    IamMatt***** (4:11:17 PM): yo! did u know SBF was in game informer!?
    Shawn6400 (4:11:32 PM): no
    IamMatt***** (4:11:33 PM): it was
    IamMatt***** (4:11:38 PM): april ’06 issue
    IamMatt***** (4:11:45 PM): top ten games you’ve never heard of
    Shawn6400 (4:12:03 PM): oh that’s cute
    IamMatt***** (4:12:25 PM): oh. and since your the only computery person online, can u test something for me? my site, the banner doesnt seem to be working on my netscape, can u see if it loads with w/e ur using?
    IamMatt***** (4:12:59 PM):
    IamMatt***** (4:13:07 PM):
    Shawn6400 (4:13:14 PM): I’m looking now, one second
    IamMattDavis (4:13:16 PM): k
    Shawn6400 (4:14:26 PM): The banner works for me’
    IamMatt***** (4:14:33 PM): cool, wut r u using
    Shawn6400 (4:14:45 PM): Fx
    IamMatt***** (4:14:49 PM): k
    IamMatt***** (4:14:54 PM): thats firefox right
    Shawn6400 (4:14:59 PM): yes
    IamMatt***** (4:15:04 PM): k thanks
    Shawn6400 (4:15:12 PM): np
    IamMatt***** (4:16:28 PM): don’t kick me off AIM
    IamMatt***** (4:16:33 PM): what is going to happen to the gmc
    Shawn6400 (4:17:52 PM): It is going to be hacked, right though the server. The hackers have been working on it for some time now, that is why all the lag on GMC has been going on.
    IamMatt***** (4:18:09 PM): and when its hacked wut will happen
    IamMatt***** (4:18:15 PM): its just down and they get a new server?
    Shawn6400 (4:18:48 PM): No more GMC, every member that has ever registerd an account, their IP will be harvested and sold to other hackers
    IamMatt***** (4:19:04 PM): and how do u know this
    IamMatt***** (4:19:07 PM): r u the hacker
    IamMatt***** (4:19:16 PM): because we have some information
    Shawn6400 (4:19:25 PM): No
    IamMatt***** (4:19:29 PM): better not be
    Shawn6400 (4:19:32 PM): I already told you I am shawn
    IamMatt***** (4:19:40 PM): well how did u find out about all this
    Shawn6400 (4:20:46 PM): I was in a chat room that I shouldn’t of been in, it was sort of like a staff meeting
    IamMatt***** (4:20:51 PM): oh
    IamMatt***** (4:20:56 PM): ok
    IamMatt***** (4:21:07 PM): and, what about all that money for the scholarship
    IamMatt***** (4:21:13 PM): r u just keeping it
    Shawn6400 (4:21:22 PM): Yes
    IamMatt***** (4:21:25 PM): thats fraud
    IamMatt***** (4:21:30 PM): an actual crime
    IamMatt***** (4:21:49 PM): but w/e im not a bitch that i’ll tell that
    IamMatt***** (4:23:43 PM): anyway
    IamMatt***** (4:23:49 PM): off topic…how r u doin
    Shawn6400 (4:24:00 PM): good
    IamMatt***** (4:24:02 PM): yea
    Shawn6400 (4:24:30 PM): I’m trying to so something, so sorry I’m not that active
    IamMatt***** (4:24:49 PM): fine with me, im workin at something to
    IamMatt***** (4:26:01 PM): is it alright if I find an anonymus way to tell the gmc about wuts gunna happen
    Shawn6400 (4:26:40 PM): The hackers will be mad, they will computer-bomb everyone on
    IamMatt***** (4:27:23 PM): i’ll just say in the thing that the spammers takeout found them
    Shawn6400 (4:27:35 PM): NO
    IamMatt***** (4:27:41 PM): woah
    IamMatt***** (4:27:52 PM): well admiral refuge is a hacker/cracker
    Shawn6400 (4:28:54 PM): Your forum it active right?
    IamMatt***** (4:28:59 PM): yea
    Shawn6400 (4:29:02 PM): 290 posts so far
    Shawn6400 (4:29:11 PM): If the hackers get to it, OUCH!
    IamMatt***** (4:29:37 PM): well
    IamMatt***** (4:29:44 PM): i’ll just use a proxy
    IamMatt***** (4:30:51 PM): r u still on there/
    Shawn6400 (4:31:01 PM): “Spankyr***** (4:30:31 PM): shawn???
    Shawn6400 (4:30:45 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    IamMatt***** (4:31:06 PM): wut
    Shawn6400 (4:31:08 PM): Spankyr***** (4:30:51 PM): i though u were dead:-\
    IamMatt***** (4:31:14 PM): how the fuck does this guy know
    Shawn6400 (4:31:20 PM): WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?
    IamMatt***** (4:31:21 PM): say ur a dedication
    IamMatt***** (4:31:34 PM): its some guy who IMs everyone telling them to join his forumn
    Shawn6400 (4:31:57 PM): oh ok
    IamMatt***** (4:32:31 PM): i asked admiral refuge
    IamMatt***** (4:32:41 PM): where spankyr***** got it
    IamMatt***** (4:32:50 PM): and he said spankyr***** was in a chat with u
    IamMatt***** (4:32:55 PM): shit wut did u tell him
    Shawn6400 (4:32:59 PM): nothing
    Shawn6400 (4:33:11 PM): I was never in a chat with him
    IamMatt***** (4:33:21 PM): oh
    IamMatt***** (4:33:30 PM): weird
    IamMatt***** (4:33:58 PM): dont say anything
    Shawn6400 (4:34:07 PM): Spankyr***** (4:30:31 PM): shawn???
    Shawn6400 (4:30:45 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Spankyr***** (4:30:51 PM): i though u were dead:-\
    Shawn6400 (4:31:58 PM): I’m not shawn ok?
    Spankyr***** (4:32:12 PM): huh?
    Spankyr***** (4:32:17 PM): is this shawn noel?
    Shawn6400 (4:32:30 PM): NO IT IS NOT!
    Spankyr***** (4:32:36 PM): :-\
    Shawn6400 (4:32:42 PM): Sorry
    Spankyr***** (4:32:56 PM): this has to b shawn noel
    Shawn6400 (4:33:13 PM): It’s not, the screen name was out of respect ok?
    Spankyr***** (4:33:32 PM): uh?
    Shawn6400 (4:33:48 PM): Sorry about that, everyone keeps asking me if I am shawn, and I’m not
    IamMatt***** (4:34:30 PM): good job
    IamMatt***** (4:35:07 PM): i never actually thought u died
    IamMatt***** (4:35:23 PM): from the first day i was like “its fake”
    Shawn6400 (4:41:11 PM): Well, you are the only one
    IamMatt***** (4:41:21 PM): no theres a w hole forum dedicated to finding u
    Shawn6400 (4:41:27 PM): WHAT!?
    IamMatt***** (4:41:33 PM): i forgot were it was
    Shawn6400 (4:41:49 PM): Your lying!
    IamMatt***** (4:41:53 PM): no
    IamMatt***** (4:42:03 PM): if i recall correctly there was a forum about it
    IamMatt***** (4:42:06 PM): or site or something
    Shawn6400 (4:42:06 PM): There can’t be
    IamMatt***** (4:42:20 PM): i saw it for like a second a while ago
    IamMatt***** (4:42:52 PM): trust me theres a lot of people who have theories
    IamMatt***** (4:43:56 PM): but no one came close to actualy contacting u
    IamMatt***** (4:45:43 PM): shit this was on the radiop
    IamMatt***** (4:46:03 PM): Investigations are continuing into the deaths of Sean Noel
    Shawn6400 (4:47:10 PM): Shawn6400 (4:33:48 PM): Sorry about that, everyone keeps asking me if I am shawn, and I’m not
    Spankyr***** (4:36:31 PM): hm
    Spankyr***** (4:36:45 PM): okokok
    Spankyr***** (4:36:55 PM): i jsut ahve a question
    Spankyr***** (4:36:58 PM): have*
    Shawn6400 (4:37:02 PM): What?
    Spankyr***** (4:37:13 PM): nvm
    Shawn6400 (4:37:31 PM): So you think shawn is still alive?

    IamMatt***** (4:47:10 PM): oh its a different one
    Shawn6400 (4:47:22 PM): Spankyr***** (4:37:38 PM): ya
    Spankyr***** (4:37:40 PM): dude
    Spankyr***** (4:37:52 PM): can u tell me the truth if ur really shawn noel
    Spankyr***** (4:37:57 PM): i wont tell ne1 if u r
    Shawn6400 (4:38:21 PM): I am not shawn. And shawn is dead, I was at his viewing!
    Spankyr***** (4:38:36 PM): huh?
    Spankyr***** (4:38:50 PM): u know him in real life
    Spankyr***** (4:38:54 PM): u used to
    Shawn6400 (4:39:18 PM): Yes, I was one of his friends
    Spankyr***** (4:39:42 PM): im not trying to bug u but…
    Spankyr***** (4:39:47 PM): where do u live?
    Spankyr***** (4:42:44 PM): hello?
    Shawn6400 (4:42:57 PM): Where do I live?
    Spankyr***** (4:43:04 PM): ya
    Shawn6400 (4:43:22 PM): Nebraska, US
    Spankyr***** (4:43:30 PM): :-\
    Shawn6400 (4:43:39 PM): What?
    Spankyr***** (4:43:49 PM): shawn lived there to
    Spankyryan92 (4:43:59 PM): when was ur birthday?
    Shawn6400 (4:44:37 PM): 8/18/85
    Spankyr***** (4:44:54 PM): hm
    Spankyr***** (4:45:21 PM): do u like making games like shawn did?
    Shawn6400 (4:45:31 PM): not really
    Spankyr***** (4:45:58 PM): i do

    IamMatt***** (4:47:57 PM): /heh
    IamMatt***** (4:48:00 PM): ur a good liar
    IamMatt***** (4:48:14 PM): i’m guesssing you’ve seen this little thing
    Shawn6400 (4:48:36 PM): yes
    Shawn6400 (4:49:01 PM): It’s blowing money on a domain, that’s what it’s doing
    IamMatt***** (4:49:14 PM): well he thinks ur dead
    Shawn6400 (4:50:32 PM): everyoe does, that was the plan
    IamMatt***** (4:50:40 PM): lol, I guess so
    IamMatt***** (4:50:58 PM): “a tribute to a legened”
    IamMatt***** (4:51:26 PM): theyre using ur quote “i never meant to fade away” like ur Jesus or something
    Shawn6400 (4:52:37 PM): If someone kills themself, then they mean to fade away.
    IamMatt***** (4:52:51 PM): i guess so
    IamMatt***** (4:53:13 PM): oo they made a church for u n graal
    Shawn6400 (4:53:39 PM): no
    IamMatt***** (4:53:44 PM): a monument
    Shawn6400 (4:54:12 PM): I can’t belive everything everyone is doing though
    IamMatt***** (4:54:31 PM): i guess u dont realize how much people care about u untill u fake ur own death
    IamMatt***** (4:56:37 PM): heh I listened to ur tribute song called “I never meant to fade away”
    IamMatt***** (4:58:55 PM): u need to find a better way to do this thing
    IamMatt*****s (5:02:18 PM): are you by anychance in Germany right now
    Shawn6400 (5:02:35 PM): No
    IamMatt***** (5:02:43 PM): ok
    IamMatt***** (5:17:48 PM): so, where were these hackers from?
    IamMatt***** (5:17:56 PM): sorry if im bothering u
    Shawn6400 (5:18:06 PM): I don’t know where they are from
    IamMatt***** (5:18:16 PM): oh…
    IamMatt***** (5:20:10 PM): so, did u give up game making?
    Shawn6400 (5:20:20 PM): yes
    Shawn6400 (5:20:23 PM): Who can see it?
    IamMatt***** (5:20:33 PM): i used to make games that no one saw
    IamMatt***** (5:20:38 PM): but then i found the forum
    IamMatt***** (5:20:46 PM): u can make a new alias
    Shawn6400 (5:21:00 PM): that’s true
    IamMatt***** (5:22:11 PM): Im not as much of a noob anymore so i undrstand more gml terms, for SBF was the player in the middle of the screen the whole time while random objects moved in back of him?
    Shawn6400 (5:22:43 PM): One second, I think something is wrong with my firewall
    IamMatt***** (5:22:57 PM): o
    Shawn6400 (5:23:15 PM): “Spankyr***** (5:22:32 PM): dude
    Spankyr***** (5:22:54 PM): me him and matt were on a search
    Spankyr***** (5:23:00 PM): then we found the truth ”
    Shawn6400 (5:23:19 PM): ticking me off too
    IamMatt***** (5:23:32 PM): ugh
    IamMatt***** (5:23:36 PM): he is
    Shawn6400 (5:23:50 PM): And now someone is trying to hack my computer
    IamMatt***** (5:24:00 PM): God damn
    Shawn6400 (5:24:06 PM): I’ll just bomb him, clean erase
    IamMatt***** (5:24:16 PM): ur a hacker
    Shawn6400 (5:24:20 PM): no
    IamMatt***** (5:24:25 PM): then how do u know how to do all this
    Shawn6400 (5:24:44 PM): I can get around
    IamMatt***** (5:24:48 PM): just tell me if ur the hacker ill negotiate
    Shawn6400 (5:25:10 PM): “Spankyryan92 (5:22:54 PM): me him and matt were on a search
    Spankyr***** (5:23:00 PM): then we found the truth
    Spankyr***** (5:23:04 PM): and we cant tell
    Spankyr***** (5:24:42 PM): im good with secrets”
    IamMatt***** (5:25:26 PM): ugh i havent even talked to him in a long time
    IamMatt***** (5:25:30 PM): should i tell him to go away
    IamMatt***** (5:29:41 PM): oh u told him?
    Shawn6400 (5:29:56 PM): he thinks I’m shawn
    IamMatt***** (5:30:03 PM): and ur not?
    Shawn6400 (5:30:14 PM): I think you found that out
    IamMatt***** (5:30:20 PM): so u R the hacke
    Shawn6400 (5:30:37 PM): Give the man a prize
    IamMatt***** (5:30:42 PM): shut up
    IamMatt***** (5:30:55 PM): so what really happend to shawn
    Shawn6400 (5:31:06 PM): Please, I’m not the one hacking into Admiral Refuge’s computer
    IamMatt***** (5:31:17 PM): ok?
    Shawn6400 (5:31:22 PM): He killed himself, or atleast I hope he did
    IamMatt***** (5:31:43 PM): where r u right now wut country
    IamMatt***** (5:31:45 PM): germany?
    Shawn6400 (5:32:01 PM): Yes, I am in Germany.
    IamMatt***** (5:32:06 PM): ok
    IamMatt***** (5:32:08 PM): dont hack the gmc
    IamMatt***** (5:32:14 PM): theres no point
    Shawn6400 (5:32:38 PM): Money is the point
    IamMatt***** (5:32:46 PM): at eats dont sell mine
    IamMatt***** (5:32:51 PM): this is my dads work computer
    IamMatt***** (5:33:02 PM): **least
    Shawn6400 (5:33:27 PM): Aller IPs wird geld hereinbringen!
    Shawn6400 (5:33:50 PM): viel geld
    IamMatt***** (5:35:24 PM): Angegangen, seien Sie nicht so
    Shawn6400 (5:36:26 PM): Deshalb sprechen sie Deutsch?
    IamMatt***** (5:36:54 PM): i speak many languages
    Shawn6400 (5:37:05 PM): Or you use a tanslator?
    Shawn6400 (5:37:12 PM): I use one for English
    IamMatt***** (5:37:26 PM): well, i speak a little german and i speak fluent spanish
    IamMatt***** (5:37:37 PM): and a little japanese
    Shawn6400 (5:37:52 PM): I do not know japanese
    Shawn6400 (5:38:03 PM): I do know English well thoug
    IamMatt***** (5:38:10 PM): well good
    IamMatt***** (5:38:24 PM): now, i’ll keep this a secret
    IamMatt***** (5:38:38 PM): r u the hacker or r u shawn trying to make me think ur the hacker
    Shawn6400 (5:39:07 PM): I guess you will need to wait and find out
    IamMatt***** (5:39:17 PM): no, because it will be too late
    IamMatt***** (5:39:30 PM): i suppose the gmn will enjoy this log
    Shawn6400 (5:39:43 PM): Oh sure

    Now what? We have someone saying he is not shawn, they saying he is shawn, they saying he is not shawn again, then saying he is going to hack GMC!

    It does make sense if I think about it.
    2 days after shawn died, a strange member signed up for the GMC, then was banned and his account deleted. His aim was “Shawn6400″….Then his site was hacked, and GMC cracked. LinkeD? Mabye.

    I need to go now, sry if there is some language in the convo, but that’s everything right there.

    So what now?

  18. I Personally think that wasn’t shawn noel
    EX: “Spankyr***** (4:39:47 PM): where do u live?
    Spankyr***** (4:42:44 PM): hello?
    Shawn6400 (4:42:57 PM): Where do I live?
    Spankyr***** (4:43:04 PM): ya
    Shawn6400 (4:43:22 PM): Nebraska, US
    Spankyr***** (4:43:30 PM): :-\
    Shawn6400 (4:43:39 PM): What?
    Spankyr***** (4:43:49 PM): shawn lived there to”

    i think he just looked up where shawn was living and INFACT shawn noel is dead!, i think Shawn6400

  19. If you actually fall for this, you fail. =)

  20. yea because theres no way someone can leave the “internet”. Just isnt possible.

  21. I was their at the time, and it really happend.

  22. Hey Admiral Refuge, nice story. You should be a Playwriter. Come on, man, do you expect us to believe that? GMC Staff being involved in computer-bombing along with a GMC member who faked his death in order to get attention to the site and get everyone killed. Nice Try. Anyway, I didn’t know ever had viruses. It was fine, last time I visited.

    And Spankyr*****’s actually name appears at one point in it. You should change that.

  23. That has got to be the most retarded thing ever. We have (I think it was Dex who put it up) scanned newspaper articles and links to newspaper articles discussing Shawn’s suicide. I’d typically have been more tact about insulting you, but in my mind, dishonoring the dead is pathetically low. So let me just be bluntly honest. You’re completely stupid.

  24. “You’re completely stupid.”
    I got to enforce that.
    So someone would fake his death for the GMC? WTF??? Who would believe that?

  25. I do belive that, because i was their at the time.

    lots of people dont belive it unless the got invulved.

  26. So you’d believe I’m a two-headed, half-legged, green-skinned martian, if I’d tell you it’s true?

  27. Not really…

  28. hey well I read this and I think that well think of it in 2 ways:
    1)it is a joke that someone has made about a dead person and no one do anything about it.
    2)if this did happen(the part were he kiled him self because of gmc is a bit hard to believe)but if this is going to happen well I think that it sounds a bit far fetch but it is possible for someone to havest IP’s and it would be worth a lot of money.I have a theorie this is a bit far feteched but what if smarty was forced to resign because of this like they made him resign because he knew to much or they threatened to hack his computer ,because maybe staff from gmc are involved (maybe this is my opintion).

    people be careful.

  29. I just want to remind you that this article is over 2 years old.

    This seems to be a common occurrence. People dig up ancient topics on our news service and because they were posted in the same month (different year) users assume they must be recent, the article link gets posted around several sites and everyone visits the link and assumes the discussion is about headline/breaking news.

    Just to show you, this article has just been ranked the #1 most popular for the day (based on page hits), despite it being 2 years old.

  30. It is very possible for a person to “just leave the internet”, I’ve seen it done many times before. In fact the majority of the people I know who have done this were pretty notorious hackers, some leaving the web to avoid legal troubles (and yes, they really stayed offline), and some to leave so they could spend time with their family, etc. I’ve seen this done by other kinds of people as well, so don’t make such a statement like that. The web IS an addiction, but it is definitely possible to leave the internet.

    – Natso

  31. “Cody, on April 3rd, 2008 at 08:04 8AprUTC Said:
    it is a joke that someone has made about a dead person and no one do anything about it.”

    It was not a joke, this really happend.

  32. Shawn Noel was able to spell properly, did not overuse the caps lock function, and was very secretive.

    Please do not dishonour the dead. He is resting in peace, let him rest in peace please.

    May god be with him

  33. After almost 3 years, i still believe he is still alive. Nothing will change that.

  34. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any way you can take away me from that service? Thanks!

  35. Well, its now 2013, and i still believe hes still alive.

  36. I think refuge is right,but I can’t just believe,It needs to piece up with my other Intel.


  37. 2014 almost 2015, and i still believe this

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