Enigma r3 Released

The much anticipated revision three release of Enigma has just been made publicly available.

The Enigma project is an effort to make Game Maker project files compilable into native executables which can run on the end user’s operating system without the need of a runner to interpret higher level coding.

Native executables also bring many other advantages/benefits to the table that would otherwise not be possible with Game Maker. To name a few:
– Reduced file sizes
– Significantly increased speed
– Easier to port to other platforms
– Much less processor/resource use
– High protection from decompilation

Enigma is an open source project and can be downloaded directly from SourceForge or the official Enigma forum (with release notes) here.

For a full list of Game Maker functions Enigma can work with, please see this page on the official Enigma development website.

64Digits Shut Down?

Earlier today, 64Digits user TwistyWristy used an exploit in 64Digits to take over DesertFox’s account. He then made a news post to demonstrate his exploit. The site was taken offline temporarily, but is now partially back up.

The site is expected to fully re-open when the long-anticipated v3 is completed. For the present most site features can be used, but HTML and BB64Code are completely disabled.