YYG Delay & Competition Pushback

Sandy has kindly informed us on the YYG Glog that due to the unforeseen delays in the server move, the second of the company’s competitions will have have it’s deadline pushed back (new deadline is not yet set).

This has come as a relief to many concerned participants of the competition who were finding it difficult to make sure the game was submitted before the deadline was reached. Other users were having trouble communicating with their own team members since they relied on the YoYo Games’ (now non-functional) personal messaging system.

If all goes well, the server will be back in full operation later today/early tomorrow (Friday GMT).

UPDATE: Server still not up and running normally (Since it’s the end of Friday, the last business day of the week in the UK, the server may not be fully restored until Monday). Also, the competition deadline has now been extended to Wednesday (April 30th) at midnight  GMT.

YYG Server Upgrade

It’s good to see that YoYo Games (YYG) is upgrading their servers to provide a better quality service to users, however they picked a very inconvenient time for some.

User’s participating in YYG’s own Competition 02 are meant to be submitting their programming masterpieces for judging in just 3-4 days. According to YYG’s official ‘Glog,’ the server upgrade shouldn’t take more than about 48 hours (and that was said to be an estimate on the safe side). However YoYoJim, an Administrator of the GMC notes that the transition between servers is taking longer than expected and there is no word at this point how long it will take before everything is in operation.

YoYoJim did make a statement:

If this ends up being a problem for the competition then of course the deadline will be moved back a bit. I’m not going to change it just yet as there are still four days left to submit games and we still don’t know how long the server upgrade is going to take.

It basically says the competition will not be pushed back unless the downtime interferes with user’s ability to submit their games. For some, the downtime has already interfered with the submission, and Chronic (anotherGMC administrator) said, “I also agree very much that there should be an extension to the submit time due to maintenance” and encouraged users to “email YYG and let them know [about their submission].”

Meanwhile, the ‘Share’ feature on the YYG website (where game creators go to submit and upload their games) is not available until the server upgrade is complete.