Game Maker 7 Pro Price to Increase

Sandy Duncan announced on the YoYoGames glog today that the price for Game Maker 7 Pro will increase in February due to the ever changing value of currencies.

No specific prices were mentioned in the post, but Duncan did however say that customers in the UK will be the most affected by the price change. Duncan noted that the value of the euro had dropped by almost 50% since the last time YoYo Games had evaluated it, which means that the price of Game Maker could potentially jump to double of what it is right now.

On a side note, Sandy Duncan  noted in the comments of the article that work on Game Maker 8 has not yet started.

13 Responses

  1. By the time GM8 comes out I’m old and crippled.

  2. The new price of Game Maker, in USD, will be $25. Sandy will also be posting a ‘coupon’ on the GMC to bring that price down to $22.

    *Please note that I assume Sandy means USD.

  3. I hope they don’t make you pay for a new key.

  4. “I hope they don’t make you pay for a new key.”
    Yeah, and I’m sure that there’d be a rather large out-rage about it.

    Because, there really is no need to get a new key – from what I remember, you can use the same key for every future version.
    Or maybe you’ll have to pay an extra $5(USD example).


  5. Sandy recommended to buy keys right now before the price increment, so it would’t make sense if existing key owners will have to pay again.

  6. What I mean is, that if you where to get GM8, for example, you’d have to pay the remaining amount – but hopefully not.

  7. Isn’t it the pound that has dropped by almost 50%, not the euro… ?

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  9. So, planing on updating the blog anytime soon?!?!
    Gosh, just get someone to contribute, and they write like, 3 or 4 articles and stop?
    I understand some people have social life’s, but theirs a lot of news ‘going down’, 😛 .


  10. Sorry dude.

    My computer died last week and I forgot to check on the YYG glog about comp 4.

    I’ll post when I get home tonight.

  11. “Sorry dude.

    My computer died last week and I forgot to check on the YYG glog about comp 4.

    I’ll post when I get home tonight.”

    So, homes, when you ganna make that post, Dude?
    Just teasing 🙂

  12. Scare X 3, I would relish the chance to attack you with a rusty spoon.

  13. I have got a game maker 7 pro on my pc i have created games with it successfully but when I wanted to save a game in the format EXE Iwas also able to do this successfully but when I create this EXE game I can’t run it directly by double-clicking the left mouse button or open it so plz help me out and you’ll be appreciated.

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