GM TV Startup Wars

Recently there has been a trend of users starting up or planning Game Maker based TV/video services.

aracnoX is looking for support for a ‘YYGTV’ network where viewers can play games, and “watch pivot animations or flash animations”. How exactly this is classified under ‘TV’, we’re not too sure.

Another user, Ariodas, wants to use the already popular ‘GMTV’ name for a Game Maker application that will essentially work like a TV set-top box allowing you to view other user’s Game Maker TV channels.

Users are going as far as to claim their own channels on these TV networks, one user reportedly saying, “GM Tutorials? Chanel 23 Please.”

But it’s not just Game Maker tv shows that are starting up, YouTube is also becoming flooded with Game Maker tutorial videos almost every hour of the day (see below).

It is uncertain whether this sudden increase in GM video services is the result of inspiration from the latest GMTV Episode 4 by Dan Eggers.

Game Maker Generations

I was on Youtube this morning looking for new Game Maker related videos, and something very interesting caught my eye almost immediately.

A father and son have decided to get together and make a series of Game Maker video tutorials online. Jackson was only 7 years of age when he began using Game Maker. Now, at age eleven, he is filming videos online with his dad to help others get started programming with the software.

Such video tutorials are not a new concept, but it is practically unheard of for generations of family members to be working together on Game Maker projects. I thought this was a very interesting perspective of how the world has changed, where father-son bonding activities have turned from fishing and camping to computer programming and online video making.

Be sure to check out their Youtube channel here:

So far there have been 11 videos made in just a few days, which is a lot more than I can say for other video tutorial makers (such as I recommend taking a look through and subscribing to their channel, and I believe the videos are good quality and have a great potential.

Related Discussion topics:
– Do you know of any other Game Maker users who share the hobby with their parents?
– Is this a glimpse of the future, where parents and children will socially interact and bond through the digital computer world, rather than ‘real life’?
If so, do you feel this is for the better?
– Do you think computers and technology will play such an active role in our lives in the future that children will have to be taught computer programming from a young age (e.g. as a compulsory subject in primary school) in order to get by and ensure success in the real world?