GMC: The logo chaos

Ever since the new GMC has come to light, many users have started complaining about the fact that the YoYo Games logo now dominates the forum, appearing very large and on the top-left of the page layout. It is essentially the first thing users see and it makes some users feel the board is becoming the ‘YYGC’ rather than the GMC.

Apart from the ‘YoYo Dominates & Own’s this place’ effect that this strategic image placement is causing, the image itself is linked to the YoYo Games website, and not the GMC. This has become quite the issue for many users as the GMC Logo which used to be positioned there was linked to the board index of the community. This means the majority of users are used to clicking the graphic to return to the board index, but instead are unexpectedly redirected to the YoYo Games homepage. Even staff members have complained about this.

After some community discussion, Chronic (an administrator of the forums) decided to make a formal poll to see just how many members want to switch back the logo placement. As of the time this article was written 87% of users want to have the logo placement switched back to the ‘norm.’

So the question is, who is it that decided to switch the logos in the first place? As far as we can see only about 1 in 10 users were willing to accept the new logo placement, and staff members have also pointed out the awkwardness of the new layout. After further investigation, it has come to our attention that correspondence between certain user(s) and the GMC staff shows that Sandy Duncan did not only insist that the YoYo Games logo be placed on the left,

I’ve had word back from the YYG Staff and Sandy likes your header but is insistent about having the YYG logo on the left, and the GMC logo on the right.

but also insisted that the logo be made much larger so it was clearly visible.

Sandy was wondering if its possible you could make a larger version of the YYG logo image.