The Surprise Box

Normally GMNews would be able to tell you the low-down on what is happening over at YoYo Games. Unfortunately for us, they’ve specifically asked not to spill the beans. However, when there is important news out there for our readers, we aren’t about to leave them empty-handed. We suggest you visit the YoYo Games Glog:

At which you will most likely find a nice surprise… *cough* instant play *cough*.

9 Responses

  1. You know, I think it wouldn’t have mattered if you hadn’t post this. Everybody who reads GMNews, reads the blog 😛

  2. Oh break the rules for once, they aren’t going to kill you they just want more traffic themselves.

  3. It’s not like we don’t all have both RSS feeds…
    YYG does some weird things.

  4. Hay look. Mark has his own glog!

  5. Did you not see that before or something? he’s had it forever…

  6. Scorptek hasn’t updated in ONE MONTH. Must be a record 😛

  7. “Scorptek hasn’t updated in ONE MONTH. Must be a record”

    *yawns* where are they?

    I mean, for the sake of updating the blog, they could at least say Mark made an announcement on the GMC about his Glog…

  8. I did that…
    I forgot to make it public! I’m so sorry!

  9. Thank you a great deal regarding providing those that have a really amazing probability you just read important critiques with this site.

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