Yet Another InstantPlay Plugin

James Rhodes from has released a Firefox-only “InstantPlay” plugin much like‘s InstantPlay. This one has the capability to run any Windows application (not just Game Maker games) and allows you to embed a play button on any web page.

Installation is quick and smooth, and the progress indicator on ‘buffering’ games far less obnoxious than YYG’s, but one still has to wonder about the security implications of a plugin that allows arbitrary binaries to run with a single click.

A previous InstantPlay alternative is the Java-based GMBed (v2.0 beta released July ’08). Covac Software also published GmX, an ActiveX-based system, which has had no apparent activity since ’07.


8 Responses

  1. What about JrNet’s Games Plugin

    It uses a iframe, I’ve used it before, I find it really good if you want to host games on the web with out using any of the other alternatives.

    I’ll have a look at James Rhodes’ Plugin tomorrow, as I am an avid user of Firefox – It’s my Web Browser of chose 🙂 .


  2. Just out of curiosity – and I know that this is a little off topic, but, when will the Scorptek main website be done?


  3. The instant play plugin still requires you to upload your games RoketGames, and I’m looking into online virus scanning software so that viruses cannot be uploaded to RoketGames. Possible other security measures include ensuring that only executables that are of a Game Maker, Enigma or Roket3D type will run.

    The advantage this plugin has over the previous solutions (including YYGs) is that you can post the instant play plugin in your GMC game topic. User’s don’t even have to navigate away from the GMC to play your game.

    I’m currently working on an Internet Explorer addon, but after a bit of experimenting today, it might be a long way off. If anyone knows how to create Internet Explorer addons that modify page content, please add my MSN

    Glad to see it’s getting noticed though 😉 .

  4. On another note relating to the site:

    I’ve recently got blogging operational. Along with the IE addon, the next feature to be implemented will be reviews and in-development games (like YYG’s Beta marking, except with better management features such as development blogs and team chat).

    I’ll post an planned timeline for features over at Roket Games.

  5. yes, and the BEST part is,
    that sandy said, that after they finish the mac port, it is really similar to other languages, like “iPhone language” and “ds” language, and “linux” and “PSP” language.

    wouldn’t that be awesome?

  6. Caniac: Wrong article?

    YAIPP (Yet Another Instant Play Plugin) now offers Offline Play as well, allowing users to play your game while not connected to the internet.

  7. Too many. We need to rely on one or two ones, no more!

  8. Version 1.5 now includes a new security system. The security system now features a trust, allow once or deny setting on a per-site basis.

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