Prize Winner [Sept-Oct]

This is our thanks to everyone who contributes to this site. The following is a point tally for each user’s contributions (September through October):

gpetersz    x
noobfarm    xxxxxxxx
Caniac        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (1st – 69)
conman124    xxxx
Elmernite    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (2nd – 34)
RhysAndrews    xxxx
Lethal255    x
PHL        x
Matthew_H    xxxxx
PickleMan    x
msr        xx
Timoi        xxxxxx
Joerdgs        xxxxxx
Jax        xxxxxxxx
Revel        x
Nailog        xxxxxxxxx (3rd – 9)
CE Gamer    x
IsmAvatar    xx
Tom Russell    xxx
NotTellingRi..    xxx
darkshado    x
Monkeyman    x
Rusky        xx
KKG        x
legocrazy1    xxx
Sandy        xx
Supercarson7    x
Ex-GM Addict    xxxx
Rock        x
Sharedxs    x
Zbox        x
Cab        x
Luis Reis    x
xot        xx
NakedPaulToast    xxxx
Matt        x
Chronic        x
MME        xx
Blijbol        xxx
GearGod        x
Somelauw    x
Tepi        xx
Qwertyuiop23    xx
mrsmes        x
Snail        xx
Chaz        x
gamez93        xxx
Lapixx        x
NAL        x
M&M’s        xxx
DtD Software    x
gmjab        xx
Fede-lasse    x

Congratulations to Caniac who will have his choice of about 30 prizes on the Prizes page!
Note: Although Caniac won the last prize (August), due to the combined September-October prize, there was no prize awarded last month and hence he was given the opportunity to win this month’s prize. Plus we feel he deserves it, he earned 2x more contribution points than any other user! That’s great work 🙂

Special Mention to Elmernite who got second place and everyone else who contributed!
*Point tally includes both comment and news tip submissions

If you would like to donate toward the prizes, please see the about page.


17 Responses

  1. Yay 🙂
    thanks Scorptek 🙂 ya’ll rock 🙂

    ohhhhhh. tough decision… its really hard to decide, not that there arn’t enogh prizes, but it is so hard to decide which one I like (XD)
    I will e-mail you.

  2. Congrats! I knew you would win it!

    Glad to see you got the spam under control. That was a little crazy!

  3. Yes, me too.

    thanks again Scorptek..


  4. Congrats, you deserve it!

  5. Thanks, I do try to help out, and when I see somthing interesting, it really isn’t *that* hard to send an email to GMNews.

  6. Congrad’s Caniac! I think that you deserve it, as well.

    Looking at how many posts I did, I think that I might try and make a few more, maybe send an e-mail, if I find anything worth while that is. 😀

  7. lol, Good luck everyone 🙂

  8. Yes, it was obvious that Caniac was going to get the reward. Hey, I’m sure I posted a few comments, so how come I ain’t up there?

  9. @Broxter, it’s the same reason Bendodge & myself aren’t up there. We can not go around handing out prizes to our own staff (or at least anyone who is supposed to be part of our staff).

  10. Oh right. Okay. 😦

  11. (Are you implying that I’m not being what a staff should be :))

  12. Yeah just where would this blog be without the following riveting comments from Caniac:

    “interesting. thanks for posting”

    “thankyou so much for what?”

    “cool. wanna sell it on GM-MS?”

    “yes, me too. that would stink.”


    I think it’s terrific that you have incentives for contributors, but this guy really is nothing but a parrot. He posts a lot but contributes nothing.

    I have yet to see him post anything thoughtful or remarkable. Rewarding quantity with no substance, over quality should be discouraged.

    Takes credibility away from what is otherwise a useful site.

  13. @NPT,

    you are very rude.
    I try to do my best to honestly, and shortly express myself, so I don’t spend all day making comments. I think I won mostly because of my news tips, not my comments.
    Also, GMNews stated that comments with 7 words and under do not count, so thoose short comments won’t count.

  14. oh, I forgot,
    your comment isn’t exactly what you call “thoughtful” either.

    thanks, I was actually expecting you to critisize my site.

  15. Good point NTP, but I must point out that posts like
    “interesting. thanks for posting”
    don’t count towards contributions. I generally ignore posts under 7 or 8 words. Posts are then graded by content and quality.. as a rule of thumb this works out to about 1 point per paragraph but this varies depending on what was written.

    So yes, Caniac won the prize despite all the small meaningless posts that weren’t counted. The point of this contribution competition is to encourage quality posts that add opinions, depth, and meaning to the comments.

    Also much of his points are awarded because of news tips. He is one of the only users on this site that submits news tips when the glog is updated for example, or a GMC spam war has broken out. He sends almost as many news tips as he submits comments, so that’s how it adds up. I feel news tips are still contributing to the site and they require some effort so I think he is deserving of that.

  16. “rude”? How is he being ‘rude’?
    He is being honest is what he’s being! I completely agree with what NPT is saying.

    And quite honestly, why can’t GMNews go on the Glog for updates. I think that the only reason they are having these monthly ‘prizes’ is to get more people to post and to get more content – not that its a bad thing, but I am sure that you could visit the Glog or the GMC once and a while.

    I wonder if mine and NPT’s posts will be counted now that I think of it. hahah

    But I should mention, you do know that me [Mattthew_H] is Matt Haigh, right? It signs me in as that every time that I log into my blog.


  17. Lots of controversy. You should look at each post induvidually, and check that so that it is fair for everyone!

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