Competition 4 (Save the Planet) Underway

As per the announcement by YoYoJim on the GMC, The Yoyo Games 4th game making competition has officially begun.  The theme this time around is green – and not just because of the $1000 US prize still being offered. The “Save the Planet” theme capitalizes on the controversy regarding global climate change, acid rain, overcrowding or any other problem that has the capacity to wipe out global civilization as we know it.

Tree-haters are welcome, as any viewpoint regarding this controversy is encouraged.  “Feel free to make a game where the world must be saved from a bunch of crack-pot environmentalists,” explains the YYG team.

The same old competition rules apply. So get cracking, creators!  The competition ends January 4, 2009.


3 Responses

  1. Finally, I’ve been waiting for the final announcement to start production. They say that you can “make a game where the world must be saved from a bunch of crack-pot environmentalists”. I tend to think that they might lean more towards the save the environment rather than stop ” crack-pot environmentalists”. I know that’s not what they said, but they will have to try hard not to let that influence them. I hope they do manage to though.
    Best of luck to everyone else entering!

  2. cool! thanks for updating 🙂


  3. cool! I got a new avatar, cause I swiched to my new e-mail adress 😆

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