64Digits Wars

After being online for several weeks, 64Digits was offline for several minutes yesterday. The site has a history of frequent downtime, but after the most recent server move it has been comparatively stable.

However, the recent short downtime has an interesting story behind it. Well-known member GearGOD was banned after misusing Javascript to post hardcore porn visible only to another member, sk8m8trix. GearGOD then unbanned himself once, and site admin ludamad banned him again.

He attempted again to unban himself, but 64Digit’s staff had apparently locked him out successfully. The site then experienced a flood of MySQL errors for unknown reasons and went offline for a few minutes. The site was quickly restored, but today GearGOD took over ludamad’s account and made a 64Digits news post under ludamad’s name. All of ludamad’s blogs were also deleted and his preferences wiped.

The news post asked user what they thought should be done about GearGOD, and “made me [ludamad] sound stupid”. The comments on the post were quite entertaining with almost every opinion imaginable heatedly expressed. The post has since been deleted.

When asked for comment, GearGOD said “if you [expletive] with me, there are consequences”.