YYG Help Desk

On the 20th of June this year, I sent a support ticket into the YoYo Games help desk. I labelled it URGENT priority. The ‘support’ ticket was actually concerning the Firefox Instant Play plug-in and its incompatibility with version 3 of the browser. Included in the support tick I attached a modified version of the plug-in that was compatible with the browser.

Until today I have not heard a word from the support staff, and figured my support to them was falling on deaf ears. But surprisingly I got an e-mail today from the support desk, almost two months later to say this:

Hi Benjamin

Apologies for not contacting you sooner – there i now an official fix as you are already probably aware of.

YoYo Admin

So while I am disappointed with the service I received and the ridiculous response time (especially for something marked URGENT); I will give them credit for eventually reading and responding to my support ticket. At least this is a step in the right direction, until now I had no hope for ever getting a response from the desk, no matter how large or important the problem was.

In other news, the GMC staff have announced that the Tutorials & Examples forum will be closed down for an undetermined period of time for reorganization purposes. It is expected to be back up ‘soon’, users are being told to hold their submissions until the forum re-opens.