Hat-tips – Enigma & GMToolbox

We would like to give a welcome hat-tip to Caniac and Elmernite who have both contributed many news tips in the past weeks. For the rest of you, be warned there is some serious competition for this month’s GMNews prize, but there is still time to catch up.

Here are a couple of the interesting news tips we received:

Elmernite wrote to tell us about an exclusive interview he organized with Enigma’s project leader, Josh Ventura. The interview, found here, hints toward the near release of Enigma R3, a more stable and useable version of the compiler. Enigma could potentially be used to convert GM Games to native compiled executables (non-interpreted), significantly increasing speed, performance and opportunities for multiplatform development.

Caniac also wrote to tell us about a very useful site called GMToolbox. As the name suggests, it is your dream toolbox with resources and tools for just about anything you need to accomplish with Game Maker. As of now, it is more geared toward extending Game Maker’s capabilities through Dlls and Extensions, nevertheless it is one of the better and more comprehensive databases around.

Domain change & GM-online

If you haven’t noticed already, we have now officially switched over from gmnews.wordpress.com to gmnews.scorptek.net
Old links to gmnews.wordpress.com will still remain active (indefinitely), however we recommend that all new links and rss feeds (gmnews.scorptek.net/feed) be set to use the new URL address. Also ‘scorptek.net/gmnews’ (as well as .org and .ca) will also continue to function as per normal, although we are now considering this url deprecated. If you have any further questions about the url change, email GMNews@scorptek.net.

In other news, an interesting piece of software called Web Game Builder has popped up on the GMC. It allows any Windows executable to run embedded in a browser window. It looks quite promising, although it appears some GM games take a while to load (as expected) but if the player decides to navigate away from the page while the game is still loading, it appears to still open and then embed itself in whatever window/tab the user is viewing.

There is also one more major problem with the software. It is only compatible with Internet Explorer right now. According to them ‘don’t worry’ because that means only 3 out of 4 users will be able to play the game (hardly something to ignore). The company who built the software did say however that the next version will have FireFox support, making it a superior alternative to the YoYoGame’s Instant Play feature.

It also has the added benefit of being able to embed the game on your own website, however it is important to note that the cost of the program is about 2.5 times that of Game Maker (compared to YoYo Games’ free Instant Play feature). It is still something to keep an eye on, and hopefully YoYo Games will be able to implement a similar ’embedding’ feature in their browser plug-in in the near future.

The plugin also poses a security threat though; web pages can be coded to automatically download and run a virus executable on the client computer without the user even knowing until it is too late (assuming the client has the plugin installed).

Tutorial Contest

Game Maker tutorials host site GMTutorials.com is announcing a contest to create the best tutorials. The first place prize is $75 or a free year of webhosting, and the second prize is $25. The site staff will choose the winner, although public opinion will be taken into account.

The submissions deadline is February 1st. To enter, just publish a tutorial on the site as usual. The work must be your own, can be edited after submission, and must not contain offensive material. The contest deadline may be extended one month if more than 15 submissions are not received.

In other news, the GMC has an updated rule. The legal bumping time is now 2 days instead of three, but not much else has changed.

Also, 64Digits has re-opened the IRC channel on a third-party server. Details can be found in the official news post.

GM7 “Crack” Virus on YYG

Today Game Maker Blog had a post concerning a “crack” for GM7 Pro, hosted on YoyoGames’ own web site. This file, called “gm70_drxj.exe”, contains another file called “DrXJ.exe” and is a trojan horse program disguised as a Game Maker crack.

Note that the same file was uploaded twice with identical descriptions. Do not download or run this file.

The virus was uploaded by a member named lukass who joined Oct 11th, 07. YoyoGames was apparently notified of this quite a while ago, but no action has yet been taken.

Hazmat Team Blackmails

Scorptek received a rather unusual and noteworthy e-mail this morning from “Kyle Richardson” who signed the letter as Hazmat’s Army.

The note read:

I have a request to make to you. In a weeks time I plan on devastating the GMC. But it won’t be me doing it. You see, my plan involves framing you in this attack. This can stop, of course, if you do something. We know you have power on the GMC, and we want you to get the original ‘Hazmat’ account unbanned and unwarned. Now, we will give you one week to do this. If you fail, we strike.

Hazmat’s Army

It looks as though Hazmat is back once again, and this time resorting to blackmailing. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section.