Looking For Writers

It has come to our attention that the GMNews team is quite under-staffed and unable to maintain this site to the expectation of many of our readers. Therefore we have decided it is in the best interest of the community to seek out some new writers to cover all the latest GMNews headlines and news stories as they happen. This will hopefully both improve and enhance the quality of the GMNews blog over time while keeping readers up to date with the latest GM News from across the net.

This is a volunteer job; however there are certain ’employee benefits’ you may enjoy as a worker of Scorptek. For more information, please contact us.

Recommendations for applicants (guideline only, many of the items listed are not absolutely required):

Game Maker
– Is an experienced Game Maker user with an understanding of the key concepts of GML and other programming languages (not necessary)
– Is a long time member of various Game Maker communities – at the very minimum, the GMC and YoYo Games
– Has contacts or a personal network of Game Maker friends that can provide reliable news and information

– Has a High school Diploma from an English speaking school and/or has obtained an average mark of B- or higher in all classes in the most recent semester/term)
– Obtained a B+ or higher average in either English or English Literature (in the most recent semester/term)
– Obtained a B+ or higher average in one or more of Journalism, Communication Technology, Creative Writing, Media or Multimedia studies (in the most recent semester/term)
– Is an Honour Roll (or equivalent) student and/or has won subject/merit award(s) and/or has received academic distinctions in one or more classes (not required)

– Enjoys writing and research
– Has enough free time to check for news updates across various websites on a regular basis
– Is opinionated, but able to write without bias if and when necessary or desired
– Enjoys a challenge

If you’re interested, please let us know by emailing jobs[at]scorptek[dot]net with a paragraph about yourself and any of the applicable information above. Thank you for your help in making GMNews the best source of Game Maker news.

Elmernite’s Prize & YYG Glog

Elmernite, last month’s GMNews contribution prize winner, has been kind enough to send as a video of the prize he won. The USB PC Controller has two analogue tumbsticks, a 4 way directional pad, 10 numbered buttons and force feedback/rumble support.

Also in the news, YoYo Games has announced the upcoming competition 04 theme on their Glog. The chosen theme, ‘Save The Planet’ has attacted quite a bit of interest and users are already coming up with ideas and plans for their game submissions.

The Glog has had no shortage of updates lately, yet another post revealed that the YoYo Games website receives over a quarter million posts a day. Despite this milestone, the YYG staff are encouraging people to market the site and recommend it to friends.

July 2008 Prize Winner(s)!

Wow! What a month, and thanks to all of you who contributed to the site 🙂

The first and second place winners were so close to both winning, that after checking and re-checking point scores, we have decided it would only be fair to award both users a prize. So the first place winner will be given a choice from our current prize selection, and the second place winner will be given a choice from a secondary prize selection (see prizes page).

Drum-roll please……….

The winner of the July 2008 GMNews competition with 55 points in comments and 10 points in news tips and a total of 65 points is….


And our second place winner (who will also receive a prize [see Update below]) with 50 points in comments and 14 points in news tips and with a total of 64 points is…..


Congratulations to both of you! You both have put in a lot of effort and deserve a prize. We never thought it could come down to this and it very much surprised all of us how close the numbers were.

For those of you who are wondering: Caniac had more posted comments than Elmernite, however most of them were short and quick. Elmernite wrote longer posts that showed more effort, quality, and contained more information.

We also want to thank the following runner-ups who also did a great job:

– Mattthew_H
– Legocrazy1
– Nikhil Sharma

For everyone else, please see the Prizes page for information on the competition and prize choices.
Remember, all you have to do is post a comment or submit a news tip and you’re in the running to win the monthly prizes.

UPDATE: Caniac has generously declined and donated his prize back to GMNews in exchange for the opportunity to win next month’s prize give-away.

GMC Extension 2.7 Release

Version 2.7 of the popular GMC Extension has been released today. Many of you associate the browser add-on with Karma, a system that allows users to add or remove ‘karma’ points for posts on the GMC forum.

Some of the new features we have included are:
– PM Archiving
– Forum Skins/Themes
– Firefox 3.0.1+ compatibility

Although archiving and skins were available previously, since the GMC had it’s major overhaul a lot of work had to be put in to restore these features. We are also planning on releasing some new features in the coming weeks.

The browser extension can be downloaded here!
It can also be updated using Firefox’s built-in ‘Find Updates’ feature.

If you have any problems, please refer to the support forum.

Special thanks to GMC Extension’s project manager and programmer, ari_aaron and the rest of the beta testing team.


Ok, this isn’t exactly “Game Maker” news, but every once in a while we’ll post something a bit off topic if it relates to a service we are releasing.

The service is called “LifeXplored”

It is a blog that I (Benjamin Poole) will maintain in addition to the GMNews service for the purpose of allowing me to express my ideas, thoughts, opinions regarding just about any subject or issue we deal with in life. The blog will be used to hold discussions on various in-depth topics relating to anything from the meaning of our existence to the idea that ‘global warming’ could be just a myth, and not the result of our pollution. I hope that many of you will contribute to the blog, and it should be an interesting learning experience for all of us.

I have already posted my first article relating to the way we perceive the concept of time, and how our brain allows us to perceive time differently based on the scenario we are faced with.

An rss feed of the LifeXplored blog has also been added to the bottom of the left sidebar on this blog.

Link to LifeXplored.

GMRumors Closing Down

Due to lack of interest and public opinion, GMRumors is closing down. A final post has been made, and the site will be left open for comments and historical purposes.

One final post has been made (although it really isn’t a rumor). You can view the grand finale here.

No ripples in the water

It has been a pretty slow month, once again here is another weekly update.

You may be asking yourself what the lowdown is with YoYo Games, usually there would be something to report, but lately there are no ripples in the water.

The YoYo Games blog hasn’t been updated in well over a month. Despite creating a new blog that ‘fits the style’ of the company, it hasn’t been used yet.  On the GMC, Nick_M, an administrator of the forum who joined in April (from YoYo Games) has not yet contributed to the forum. (Even though he made an announcement earlier indicating he would help moderate the forums).

Over at 64Digits, due to increased spamming and double, triple and quadruple user account sign-ups… the community site has decided to take action and require e-mail validation on sign-up. Additionally, users will no longer have the privilege of changing their user account e-mail address through the automated system.

Meanwhile, the once popular Games Showcase community seems to have completely fallen out of the picture now. Originally YoYo Games indicated they would work with the community to transfer games over to their central site, and try to keep the Games Showcase community alive/still available. Now, the community appears to have vanished completely, and without even so much as asking users, YoYo Games has taken rights to all games previously on Games Showcase and uploaded them to their own website without the game creator’s permission.

For GM newbies and gurus alike, a couple of good game making resource websites have become increasingly popular lately, such as:
GMbase (Great resource forGM7 compatible extensions)
Gamemakerresource (GMR, great resource for all Game Making needs)
And are worth a couple minutes of your time to check out.

Also, for those who are wondering… a change to Scorptek is coming soon. This will be a major change, and will completely redefine the organization, its operations, and the products and services we offer to the public. Hang tight and within the next couple of weeks, we’ll make an effort to reveal some more information.