ENIGMA First Release

A build of ENIGMA was released to the public for the first time today. It is a project by JoshDreamland and others designed to be open-source, cross-platform competition to Game Maker.

ENIGMA uses LateralGM (by IsmAvatar and others) as its IDE, but it is currently only an alpha release that doesn’t do much of anything. LGM opens and edits Game Maker files, and they can then be compiled with ENIGMA. ENIGMA parses GML into C++, which will supposedly allow it to be a drop-in replacement for GM.

Currently only scripts, objects and rooms have any functionality, but even this seems to have caused considerable buzz among the project’s rabid fans over at 64Digits. Note that we’ve talked about both ENIGMA and LGM in the past.

GMTV Issue 3

In keeping with the current trend of late publications, Game Maker TV Issue 3 has been released, at long last. This comes along with a new site, which is a relief to many Cute-News haters.

The issue centers around reviews of 10 games from the YoyoGames Winter Contest that the GMTV staff rated the best. With almost 30 minutes total running time, Eggers does a thorough job of critiquing each game, and the gameplay footage is actually fun to watch, although the sound levels could be better. The rest of the show features Yours Truly mumbling his way through GMTV’s first interview.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth your while to watch the show. The quality of the issues has been improving drastically with every release, and this one is no exception. The music is far better, the on-screen dialogs are good, and the flow is an improvement, although there is room for a lot more.

(But personally, I enjoyed the credits more than the whole show.)

New GMC Screenshot and GM Writeup

In case you hadn’t noticed, Chronic released a screenshot of the new prototype GMC skin. It has been received enthusiastically at the GMC, which is probably quite a relief to the much-bashed YoYo Games staff. At the moment, Chronic is focusing his efforts on re-working the header banner image of the new design and is considering a couple of user created designs, one of which is Scorptek’s own (see screenshot here).

Also, xot posted an interesting topic linking to Jason Rohrer’s Game Design Sketchbook blog, where he speaks very highly of Game Maker’s RAD abilities.

“Perfectionism was supposed to be a 1-week prototype. To implement the game, I used Game Maker, and this was my first experience with the tool (I programmed all of my previous games in C++ and used OpenGL or SDL for graphical displays). I was shocked at how much I accomplished in a mere 16-hours of logged development time, and I’ll just state it flat out: Game Maker is an astounding piece of software.”

Game Maker Magazine Issue 2

Another Game Maker publication has been released; this time it’s Game Maker Magazine Issue 2.

While still not comparable to MarkUp or GMTech, GMM Issue 2 has improved massively over Issue 1. With a style very reminiscent of GMTech, it promotes interviews with Edge and FredFredrickson, the Making of Bloopie “so far”, and an enormous logo of Adobe Reader 8.

My suggestions for Game Maker Magazine:

  • Get a proofreader. The spelling and grammar mistakes are rampant.
  • Pick deeper topics. This obviously requires more work, but it would be better to have a shorter magazine with stronger content than your current 27 pages of stretched material.
  • Unify your style. It’s not bad – certainly an improvement – but certain aspects seem out of place, such as the red labels in the top-right.
  • Although this isn’t much of a magazine, it is making progress. One can only hope the next issue will be better.

    GMTech Issue 10

    Game Maker Technology Magazine Issue 10 has been released and has been very well received in the GMC Topic, being called the best issue to date. You can download issues here.

    GMNews apologizes for the lateness of this notification.

    December ’07

    December 2007 was a slow month for the Game Maker Community, but here are some of the more noteworthy events:

    YYG and the Open Web Awards

    After some initial arguing, YoyoGames was nominated to participate in Mashables.com’s Open Web Awards contest, but lost out to CafeMom in the Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks catergory.


    GMTech Magazine Issue 9

    Another packed issue

    MarkUp Magazine Issue 10

    The biggest issue to date, Issue 10 is heavy on development articles, with some especially interesting highlights like

    GMTV Episode 2

    GMTV seems to be getting better an better, and though there is still much room for improvement, this Episode (consisting mostly of game reviews) is worth watching. GMTV also has a new website.

    MarkUP Magazine Issue 11

    A so-called mini-issue, centered around the GMRace results. Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t seem to have been proofread. (I counted 10 grammar errors in the description of The Meltdown alone.) This issue also includes some game reviews and an interview about the development of Ark 22.

    GMRace Results

    The GMRace results are in! The winner is The Meltdown, with 61% of the vote. Second was Triton with 24%, and after that was Mount Contradiction (9%), Orbiter (4%), and Freeze, Melt, Vaporize (2%).

    YoyoGames Winter Competition

    The Winter Competition is now closed, and it’s up to the community and judges to decide among the entries. Contest information and the top four entries can be found here.

    2007 has been a very rocky year for Game Maker, but with YYG stabilizing and contests galore, 2008 is looking good. Look forward to Game Maker on Macs as well as some new competition to Game Maker.

    HelpDesk Down

    The YoyoGames Mojo Helpdesk account has been suspended; no further information is available at this time. UPDATE: According to some, the helpdesk has been suspended because the YYG staff was on holiday break.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us at Scorptek!