iPlay & GMC get updates

YoYo Games just announced the final release of the Firefox 3 Instant Play add-on that many users have being eagerly anticipating for the past few weeks. It is expected to be available for download tomorrow (July 15th) at around lunch time – GMT.

Although not indicated by the staff, this sudden news on the plug-in is likely the result of recent criticisms that started over an open letter to the Yo Yo Games staff that appeared on Connor Wilkins’ blog yesterday. One of the points brought up in the letter was a distinct lack of progress updates on the Firefox 3 compatible Instant Play plug-in. Until now, Firefox 3 users have been unable to play or download games from the YoYo Games website. This problem has also deterred new visitors from the site who are also unfortunate to be using the browser.

The GMC forum also got an update today. The forum now supports RSS feeds of the five most recent topics in the Announcements and Examples/Tutorials forums.

Also regarding the GMC – anyone who is using the GMC Extension (karma) plug-in, we are currently testing the skinning feature that enables users to choose their own theme/look for the forum. This feature should be available to the public sometime in the near future.


Forum & Glog Changes

According to YoYoJim (an administator on the GMC forums), a forum upgrade was put in place this morning upgrading it to version 2.3.5 from 2.3.4. This upgrade caused a short down time for the forums earlier today, but everything appears to be in working order now.

On a separate note, Mark Overmars has announced that his personal ‘glog’ at yoyogames.com will now be merged with the more official Yoyo Games glog used to provide important announcements to users. This does not seem necessary, although maintaining two seldom used blogs could also be seen as unecessary. At the moment the YYG team is working on merging both the posts and user database.

That’s all for now, remember to keep posting. Winner of the contribution prize will be announced on the 30th of June GMT-

Smarty Resigns

Yesterday Smarty, longtime staff at the GMC, resigned from his position as an Administrator. His reasons:

The sheer self-righteousness with which members of this community approach someone else’s intellectual property, the self-overestimating egos, the copy-cat mentality, the visciousness with which they dare to accuse the property owner of sabotage and their disability to value YYG’s merits simply for their own profit, as well as the herd behaviour to sway with opinions in blissful ignorance, has shocked me. It doesn’t help me that Mark generalises all comments upon YYG’s intentions as unknowing, without demistifying those intentions. Not only does this render the whole discussion as pointless, it also does not feel in support of the members who have made an effort to bring a more balanced view to the discussion.

All parties have disappointed me. I no longer wish to work for the members of this community and I will take due action.

I suppose April Fool’s day is not the best day to resign. But I am serious.

YYG Full Update & Earth Hour

Sandy Duncan has made another post on the YoYo Games official Glog detailing some of the recent and upcoming changes to the YoYo Games company, their website and also the GMC. For your convenience, we have summarized the changes here:

– Full upgrade complete and working smoothly
– Increased PM box storage size (2x previous storage space)

YoYo Games’ Website
– Expecting to install 3 new servers to run the website
– Site should be moved over to the new servers within 2 week

– Progressing smoothly
– Expected beta release in April (on schedule)

YoYo Games company
– Competition closes in a couple of weeks, new competition announced soon
– Looking into getting GM games on the iPhone


Reminder: Earth hour for is today between 8:00 and 9:00 PM. During this time you should turn off your lights and electronics (including computers) to help the environment by reducing energy consumption and waste pollution. Google is also participating in Earth Hour and you may notice their home page is now BLACK for the time being.

GMC: The logo chaos

Ever since the new GMC has come to light, many users have started complaining about the fact that the YoYo Games logo now dominates the forum, appearing very large and on the top-left of the page layout. It is essentially the first thing users see and it makes some users feel the board is becoming the ‘YYGC’ rather than the GMC.

Apart from the ‘YoYo Dominates & Own’s this place’ effect that this strategic image placement is causing, the image itself is linked to the YoYo Games website, and not the GMC. This has become quite the issue for many users as the GMC Logo which used to be positioned there was linked to the board index of the community. This means the majority of users are used to clicking the graphic to return to the board index, but instead are unexpectedly redirected to the YoYo Games homepage. Even staff members have complained about this.

After some community discussion, Chronic (an administrator of the forums) decided to make a formal poll to see just how many members want to switch back the logo placement. As of the time this article was written 87% of users want to have the logo placement switched back to the ‘norm.’

So the question is, who is it that decided to switch the logos in the first place? As far as we can see only about 1 in 10 users were willing to accept the new logo placement, and staff members have also pointed out the awkwardness of the new layout. After further investigation, it has come to our attention that correspondence between certain user(s) and the GMC staff shows that Sandy Duncan did not only insist that the YoYo Games logo be placed on the left,

I’ve had word back from the YYG Staff and Sandy likes your header but is insistent about having the YYG logo on the left, and the GMC logo on the right.

but also insisted that the logo be made much larger so it was clearly visible.

Sandy was wondering if its possible you could make a larger version of the YYG logo image.

Tutorial Contest

Game Maker tutorials host site GMTutorials.com is announcing a contest to create the best tutorials. The first place prize is $75 or a free year of webhosting, and the second prize is $25. The site staff will choose the winner, although public opinion will be taken into account.

The submissions deadline is February 1st. To enter, just publish a tutorial on the site as usual. The work must be your own, can be edited after submission, and must not contain offensive material. The contest deadline may be extended one month if more than 15 submissions are not received.

In other news, the GMC has an updated rule. The legal bumping time is now 2 days instead of three, but not much else has changed.

Also, 64Digits has re-opened the IRC channel on a third-party server. Details can be found in the official news post.