Important Announcement from Scorptek

Hello readers,

We appreciate your continued support of GMNews and we want to assure everyone that we have NOT abandoned this website. We understand that some users are concerned about the apparent lack of articles over the holidays and we want to put your concerns at rest. However I feel that in order for you to fully understand what is making it difficult for us to maintain this news blog, I must inform you of the major ‘behind the scenes’ projects that we have been working on over the past year(s) and what Scorptek has planned in store for the near future.

We realize “we’ve been busy” just doesn’t cut it anymore, but to be honest we have been; and here is why:

Over the past year or so, Scorptek has devoted significant time and effort into researching, planning and building business relationships with other companies so that we can begin to venture out into the world outside of Game Maker News and develop a profitable business model. Some of you may remember some time ago when we conducted a survey of your knowledge, experience and use of Internet and phone services. At the time, many of you were puzzled and were unable to see how the results would be beneficial to us. If you recall, I responded by saying that the simplest explanation is probably the best one.

That’s exactly right, the simplest explanation is the best explanation. Drum roll please….. Scorptek will be offering DSL Broadband Internet and Phone services across North America and possibly in other countries in the future. This is exciting for us, and hopefully for you too. We couldn’t have done this without the Game Maker and GMNews community and we appreciate your support.

As we get closer to offering our beta program, we of course will be looking closely here and at other Game Maker communities for users who are eager and willing to test our services at largely discounted rates. After the beta program has ended and our service is fully open to the public, registered members of the GMC, YoYo Games or GMNews will in most cases be eligible for discounts or rebates on the services we offer.

We are also in contact with a UL listed alarm monitoring company, and we may (if we can negotiate a contract/agreement) also be providing self-install home security systems and 24/7 monitoring services with dispatch. The monitoring services also work with your existing security system (if you have one) and are fully compatible with VoIP and broadband phone lines such as Vonage or our Scorptek service.

Finally we may also form a partnership and affiliation with Dish Network Satellite TV resellers to provide you with affordable TV services to accompany your Scorptek Internet, Phone and possibly alarm monitoring services.

So as you can see, this is really taking a large chunk of our time and we definitely hope it will be worth while. Please leave feedback on what you think of our business project and any questions you have. If you are interested in becoming a (volunteer) writer for GMNews, feel free to email me personally at pythonpoole /at/ gmail /com/ and include a paragraph about yourself and what Writing/English/English Lit. qualifications you have or a sample of your work.

Thanks for being patient, and we hope to serve you in the near future.
Please remember to leave comments.

– Benjamin Poole
Managing Director of Scorptek

15 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update

  2. *jawdrop*
    wow! I never knew how similar you guys ideas were to mine. I actually (about a year ago) started work on a alarm system program myself, but due to lack of time am postponing it.

    I also am making a GMC vista sidebar gadget, which is very much like your GMC Toolbar, but it goes in the windows sidebar.

    I am very interested in theese new services, and when they become avalible in my area, I will definantly consider trying them.

  3. Pretty cool.

  4. If you setup services in Australia, I might consider getting hocked up with you’s. Considering that it will probably take you over a year to get set up, and to get setup here.

    Just wondering, are you ready for something like this? I mean, you could have 10,000 customers, would you be prepared for something like that? Just remember, and you probably already know, but, it’s a BIG job handling something like all of these things you want to accomplish.
    Out of curiosity, are you running your own server? Or a WebServer?

    Oh, and what your doing sounds something like that a Telecom already has over here, It’s called Telstra. There the biggest in Australia, not the cheapest either.

    Just don’t forget us or make your prices over expensive, like, $70 a month for 20GB of monthly transfer, or something ridiculous like that!


  5. Oh, and just one more thing, isn’t there going to be anymore monthly competitions?

  6. @Matthew, it is unlikely we will be able to provide broadband Internet in Australia (at least for some time). However, it is somewhat likely we will be able to provide Broadband Phone services to Australia sometime in the near future (no guarantees as of yet).

    Our DSL prices will be comparable to most other providers. Not overly expensive, but not the cheapest either. Slightly cheaper with the GM discounts. Our services will come with extra frills however, for example you won’t be locked into long 1, 2 and 3 year contracts so everything is worry-free.

    Phone service will come with tons of extra features (Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, etc. etc. (about 15+ features)) at no extra cost for about the same price as your local phone company.. except that price also includes virtually unlimited long distance calling to anywhere in the USA or Canada.

    We are taking proactive steps to ensure that we will be able to handle large demand. We will prepare for mass numbers even if we expect a much slower start. We are outsourcing some things like phone support so we won’t have to spend all our time on the phone helping customers letting us focus on keeping the business and services running at optimal efficiency and quality.

    Monthly competitions have been suspended (at least temporarily). We are already tight on funds, and we can’t afford to give away free gifts. If someone would like to donate towards prizes or scorptek in general, please do so from the about page above.

    Edit: I neglected to mention the servers. As of now we are working with a hosting company to provide quality assured shared hosting. Their servers are set-up to handle very large loads and I believe they also work together to provide load balancing (don’t quote me on this, I’ll have to double check). Their bandwidth/data transfer limits are also capped at very high levels that we couldn’t try to exceed if we wanted to. If we find the servers cannot live up to their name, we may decide to set-up a co-location server in Toronto, Canada and run the website from there.

    As for the broadband phone servers, there are 5 ‘points of presence (unique servers) hosted across the United States all connected to eachother on a 10 GBPS backbone network. This in combination with our high quality carrier grade voice terminals with Quality of Service features allow us to provide superb land-line audio quality over your average internet connection. The network is also redundant and by the very nature of it’s design 3-4 of the servers could be knocked off the map and the service would continue to run at satisfactory levels.

    We may also introduce a broadband phone server in Toronto, Ontario that will handle various Scorptek phone service add-ons such as phone in portals, free Scorptek to Scorptek user chat lines, wake-up calls, etc. in addition to handling our Phone Support answering service.

  7. Wow, is this for real? *checks to see if it’s April 1st*
    Well, all I can say is that’s pretty sweet, and I hope you don’t put bandwidth caps on your DSL like some companies are starting to try, that would be quite annoying…
    I’m curious, you say it’s DSL broadband, does that mean I’ll have to have a landline phone to use it?

  8. most likley.

    no, it is not april first.
    wakeup calls? what are they? do you get called every morning?

    so also what is a user chat line?
    scorptek messenger?

  9. @Mynameisonic, yes this is for real.

    We will try to avoid caps, but this may still be out of our control. There will be parts of the network that will have to crossover through at&t, Verizon, Covad and Bell, those companies unfortunately have the ultimate decision on bandwidth limitations and throttling.

    Keep in mind though the caps (if any) that are enforced would be large enough that they would only affect a very small number of Internet users (<1 %) unlike Australia where the average user who downloads will reach their cap by the middle-end of the month.

    As for your landline… if you are currently with Verizon for your phone services or in the Verizon serviced area, you will have the option to activate DSL Broadband on your line with no landline phone service. You can alternatively choose to use Scorptek’s Broadband Phone service at much cheaper rates.
    Note 1: Activating DSL on a line with no phone service is a bit trickier and may cost a little extra per month
    Note 2: At this time we are still looking into whether we can offer the same in at&t, Covad and Bell service areas

    @Caniac, a wake-up call service is like the one you receive in a hotel. (If we decided to implement this feature) You could use it to request a wake-up call in the morning to make sure you get up on time.

    A chat line would be essentially an phone forum for you to discuss things with other Scorptek customers. For example, there may be GMC chatline where GMC users could discuss games, competitions, or collaborate with other team members over the phone at no charge.

    Note 1: We do not guarantee we will add this feature
    Note 2: The chat lines will be public and open to anyone, while you may be able to find an open/unused line for your friends or team members to discuss whatever you need to, it does not protect you against others listening in.

  10. very interesting.I would love to help you guys out, let me know if you would like my help 😉

  11. Woah! This is cool! 🙂 If you get the AT&T thing going, I am on them now. If this comes an option in NC then I’m switching! How much would the discount be? I don’t expect much but that would be cool.
    -Rock on!


  12. @Jax, we will be offering services virtually everywhere in the U.S. that has high-speed available in their area except for the following states: AK, HI, CT and DE

    Right now it looks like the following states might get slightly cheaper pricing:
    WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, MO, KS, OK, AR, TX, NV, and CA.
    (Basically the whole middle chunk and part of the west coast)

    The GM discount won’t be much, but it will be the best we can do while still making a tiny profit. For example it might be 5% if you have 1 of our services, and 10% if you have 2 or something.

  13. Cool. When do you expect this to be all set up?

    Oh, and you should try to come to Australia after your completely setup in the US and Canada.
    Because coming here is a more profit then loss situation at the moment, a lot of people are complaining about some of the bigger, and in someways, better Telecommunication company’s charge way to much per month. One of them are asking $140 per month for 70Gb of downloads – which is absolutely ridiculous!

  14. @Matthew, I’m very aware of the bad situation in Australia at the moment. I used to live in Australia up until last year.

    The problem is that practically the entire country’s traffic has to be routed to Sydney and then out overseas. This is extremely expensive, and there is limited bandwidth available.

    So basically until somebody does something to upgrade the backbone overseas network that all ISPs have to use… then it becomes extremely difficult to offer affordable prices with generous data caps.

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