InstantPlay Clones Come to the GMC’s Forefront

The growing popularity of InstantPlay clones, and the heated discussions surrounding them, has finally forced the GMC staff to take action. In the past few weeks a slew of InstantPlay-type plugins of wildly differing qualities have been promoted at the Game Maker Community. After several days of public fighting among rival developers and critics, longtime GMC mod KC LC hid all of the plugin topics and created a single topic with a notice explaining why they were removed and that the staff was discussing the issue internally. She said the reasons were “a general concern about security issues, errors, and the growing flame war among supporters.”

The worst offender in security issues, Revel Quick Play, had several proposed and working exploits demonstrated. The creator, Revel, seemed to largely ignore concerns and kept posting buggy new versions. Several members besides the Author (including Smarty and NakedPaulToast) called him out in this issue. Revel did not address the issues. This, along with other problems, prompted another member, Caniac, to declare that he would create his own rival plugin following the same flawed protocol handler model (despite much better existing alternatives). His solution never materialized, despite large amounts of promotion pre hoc.

After KC LC hid the topics and announced that a policy was being decided upon, an extremely vocal debate ensued in the topic between various plugin developers, critics, and members of the community at large. While there was near-universal agreement that a competitor to YYG’s InstantPlay was needed, many members expressed strong concerns about security. The general consensus among consumers was that they did not want a ‘collect-them-all’ approach with dozens of plugins. They wanted a simple plugin that would work outside of YoyoGame’s own website. As the topic degenerated into a large-scale flamewar, KC LC hid that topic as well and created another notification post today, this time in a pre-closed topic.

The staff have not yet published their official decision.


23 Responses

  1. Yes, RQP was very concerning to me also, it could execute anything on your computer, relitively fast.
    it offered a regular game download, and it offered a multiple files download, where you made a .rqp file, that contains several files, so you could download 10 files if you wanted, with one click.

    I think this is very dangerous, because you could very easilly “include” and execute a virus. Even in the background.

    here is a small list I have of features I think that All instantplay plugins should have:

    [list][*]the ability to detect if a program was made in gamemaker

    [*]detect if a game was allready downloaded, and run it if it was

    [*]run the downliaded game with arguments, so the game knows it was run by whatever. eg:

    [*]offline playing,
    where it goes into the folder and retrieves a list of all the downloaded games, and you can play or delete them, or delete all the games.

    [*]a fast installation[/list]

    only Revels quick play could detect if it was made in GM,
    (mine has plans to do so, I am working on that now)
    and the yoyo player only accepted gm games,
    and it could not work on other sitesa, it had to be on 😦

    it will also be a problem with the new Mac port coming out, because of a large rush of GM users will be coming in when it is out, and they will want instantplay plugins too.

    the problem is, most developers could care less if their plugins were safe or not.
    I care very much about security, and I am working on new ways to make it safer, but sadly, Revel doesn’t care.

    he simply releases “NEW FULLY WORKING”
    versions of his plugin that do not work.

    I will finish this comment later 😉


  2. any idea when the above comment will be un-mod previewed?

  3. Comments will be moderated whenever GMNews staff have time. Yours took less than 24 hours; please have some patience.

  4. @Caniac:

    “the problem is, most developers could care less if their plugins were safe or not.”

    Yeah, whatever.

    “[*]run the downliaded game with arguments, so the game knows it was run by whatever. eg:

    And why exactly should the game know how it’s run? That’s just stupid.

  5. Why?

    I don’t know, but some developers might want to know, maybe they want to take a poll, maybe RQP or whatever messes up their game’s save file, and so they want to to not run from that, or somthing ridiculous like that.

    but hey, why not?

    sorry, I do get tired of waiting somtimes 😉

  6. @Caniac, just an FYI, the user ‘bendodge’ is not in fact me (Ben), but another staff member (who’s name is not Ben).

  7. Yeah, I thought so.
    wasn’t he the one that was interviewed in GMTV episode #3?
    the one that is homeschooled?

  8. Bob encourages you to vote for Game Maker 7.0 on in that it may be better supported.

    – Bob

  9. Brian has already done.

  10. Caniac can not figure out how to vote.

  11. Caniac, you are correct. 🙂

  12. hey, did you guys ever recieve any of those news tips I sent in?

  13. I don’t think Ben has been active as far as posts go…

  14. Yeah, it seems like the news is going quite slow around here, there hasn’t been any new posts in, well, over a week.
    You’d think with 3+ members, they could write SOMETHING.

    Oh well.

    More on topic now though….
    I think that some of the ‘InstantPlay Clones’ are a good idea, some. I think that the JrNet one, by AfroThunder, is really quite well made, I’ve used it myself, it works without a problem.
    But when there comes a large amount of these poorly made ones, there can be a problem, and people abandon them because no one is using them anymore, why? To many out there.

    Personally, I thought that InstantPlay was a good idea at first, but, I’m sort of over it now. To see that people could have made it a long, long time ago with Flash, Java and such, making GameMaker games run online is a… step forwards I guess. And yes, I know that Flash and Java have different library’s to GameMaker .exe’s and run differently.

    I wonder if YoYo will make the Mac version of the Games created with GM7’s Mac version work with InstantPlay?
    I bet they’d be a delay, or a problem somewhere.


  15. Yes, I do agree.
    I think there will be a lot of p[roblems when the mac port goes public, as a lot of games will be being uploaded, I am wondering what they are gonna do ’bout the Windows Only Instantplay.

  16. Yeah, I think that YoYo need to be more organized with things, they seem to have a lot of things delayed and are running into a lot of problems.

    I really do think they need more staff, they need more programmers if you ask me. More, if they even have any, PHP Programmers, C++ Programmers, with experience in game development on a platform more then just PC, they also need to make up there mind with what they will be programming GM8 with. They could have already started a Multi-Platform version that will work with which ever version, or when the Mac runner is done they could port it to Mac.

    My idea is, that you can make a game, yes, it would use the same principles as a Program, in a way, and each function will link to the runner. For example, you could have the left key, link to a .cpp (C++) that has the code to make it go left on that platform that it is compiled in. You can do the same thing with GameMaker – it would allow some, rather rapid development, and yeah, I know that it would take a little bit more then that, but does anyone understand what I mean?

    YoYo really need to pull there finger out and get into gear!
    See, for Mark, it was a hobbie, he had a job to cater for at the time, which was understandable, now YoYo Games, there job IS GameMaker. They need to stop messing around with silly sites that others had already made similar in the past! Honestly, if Mark had of known PHP, he could have made the site, in what? 3 months? Or he could have hired someone else to do it! All of these community where around before YYG!

    [Sorry about getting off track 😛 ]

    But YoYo have done somethings good, look at the forum, they fixed the MySQL errors and also upgraded the software – which should have been done by the Admins anyway!

    I think that YoYo have lost touch in someway….. this is why people are making these ‘InstantPlay Clones’ because YoYo didn’t make them to the way that people wanted them to. They should allow faster streaming times and have a higher-level of browser support. I personally am a FireFox user, but they should let others experience InstantPlay without having to switch there browser of choice.

    I think I got very off track, but I got it all out there. 😛


  17. umm, is this site stilll alive?
    not to hurry anybody, but I come here everyday, send in the occasional news tip, but never get replys, or see any activity here.

  18. Nah, I kinda accidentally spilled the poisonous gas in their bedrooms while they were asleep.

  19. Now why would you do that Bobserge?…. Now we can’t get another source of information then GameMaker Blog …. Ah well, they seem to be posting more still.

    I’d recommend one of the other contributes to hurry up and post SOMETHING, else, we can officially call this blog ‘dead’.


  20. I’d recommend one of the other contributes to hurry up and post SOMETHING, else, we can officially call this blog ‘dead’.

  21. And yeah: I do relise that it is the holiday season/period, but you could have at least given us some sort of notice.

    Oh, and thanks for copying my comment Brian. hahah.

  22. well, Python Poole is on right now, as of 9:48 eastern.
    he is “away” maybe he will post this afternoon 🙂

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