Recap and WINErs

It’s that time of year again… mid-terms. Those pesky tests that take away all your time from everything else important in your life. The good thing is, I’ve managed to find a few minutes to write this up while I take a break from studying. Of course if anyone wants to contribute articles on behalf of GMNews, feel free to e-mail them to

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the improvements to There are certainly some nice additions to the site like better organization of games and softer colours that don’t strain the eyes as much. On the other hand, as Mark Overmars pointed out on the official YoYo Games glog, the site has been running quite slow since the changes were made.

Yesterday some tweaking to the database and cache settings were carried out and the server does not seem to be responding as sluggish anymore, with any luck this has solved the problem completely.

Something else in the news is the stir of trouble Caniac instigated on the GMC this week with his comment “It’s a pity that all the staff is so delinquent,” followed later on by “yeah, I wash [sic] I was a staff member” and “I despise all staff members that do not visit the forums.” Normally we are not one to point fingers, but Caniac himself sent us a news tip regarding the post that brought attention from Moderators and Administrator’s across the board.

Of course many other members had their fair share of comments, including NakedPaulToast who added “I’m not laughing at you, I think your behaviour is numbingly imbecilic, but I’m not laughing at you.” A separate user ‘Carnivac’, who has a very similar name to Caniac, was concerned that some users may mistakenly think he was behind the negative criticism toward the staff.

Lastly, Brian LaClair (also known as noobfarm) from Vermont, USA has sent in some tips for getting your games to run smoothly on linux boxes using WINE:

In the past few weeks I have been experimenting with the program known as WINE on Linux. WINE is an interpreter for Linux and Mac that allows the user to run .exe (Windows executable) files on a non-Windows operating system.
In the last few versions of WINE, game executables and Game Maker itself have become supported under WINE to some degree. Here is a short list of how to make your games work well with WINE:
1. Limit use of advanced draw functions
Basic GML draw functions (e.g. draw_text()) should be fine to use
2. Avoid using background images
Instead, try using sprites to display images behind other objects
3. Use the .WAV file format for sounds and select the “Use Multimedia player” option
*Note: This may slow down the game while the sound is playing on many computers, so sounds should be avoided in general if possible/practical. Consider an option for turning sounds on/off
4. Make your game full-screen (otherwise it may not be drawn correctly)
Following this guide should make your games run smoothly with WINE. You should experiment on your own with the game you are trying to make compatible with WINE to achieve the best results.
Hat-tip to Brian for his contribution, he will be awarded 5 pts toward this month’s prize.

9 Responses

  1. interesting. thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Heh, Nice. Im glad it got put on.

    Thanks for the points!

  3. The site update is nice. Glad they got the speed issue fixed. The site still needs some work, but it’s a lot more usable now that it was before hand.

    Nice set of tips for the Linux users. Hopefully, yoyogames can get a port out and all of this will be a moot point anyway.

    On to the “stir of trouble”. I am a bit disappointed that the complaint came up. None of the mods are paided, it is an entirely volunteer job. I mean, ever wonder why the mods rarely make games? Even the amount of games Fredfredrickson makes has drop since he became a mod. I mean, GM isn’t a lot of these peoples lives. Most of the Mods/Admins are pretty old and have jobs if not wives and kids. They do a good job getting all of the spam and handling crummy users, that’s their only job! There is nothing that says they have to do extra work. (Change titles, run cagematches, ect..) That’s why I don’t think a complaint was warranted unless they are doing there job poorly. Sure a few of them go away for a while, but who are we to question why. I mean come on, if you are I left for a long time, it’s no body’s business. They’ll be back when they get back. It’s best to be happy with what you have and cut them a lot of slack. They do a lot for the community that they wouldn’t have to do.


  4. Hopefully they will. Most likely the C++ port (if it ever comes) will run smoother using WINE. We will have to wait and C!

    (heh, get it… see? C++? )

  5. I originally said All, then I edited it to SOme, cause I had mystyped it, then a nasty mod edited it back. oh well.

    I mean people that havn’t been on scence 07. go thru the mods page yourself 😉

  6. Ummm… Caniac,

    You had no right to do that. I can understand being a little annoyed at them for rarely signing on, but posting a community topic about it? That’s out of line. If I posted a community topic about you saying “Caniac is always suggesting that he should be promoted to mod-hood. He is always unnecessarily rude to the mods.” how would you feel?


    PS: learn how to spell since.

    I made a slightly offtopic reply to a topic, as if to give a quiet, sort of simple nudging, and I had 10 people jumping all over me. then Chronic “Split the topic” so that it took all the stuff having to do with my comment, and made it into its own topic. he also edited my post, so it said All instead of Some, cause thats what I had put.

    Also, no offence to other people, but I am not going to go climb a mountain tol make people admire me. thats not to say I don’t care, but I do other projects for the community, and myself, and I consider that to be my ‘donation’ and that is how I make up for any trouble I may cause.

    besides, I am working out the problem privatly with them, via PM.

  8. Thank you so much!

  9. thankyou so much for what?

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