Caveman Craig Goes Commercial

Award winning Game Maker Game ‘Caveman Craig’ by Rhys and Tim Andrews is now going commericial with a ‘Special Edition’ update.

The new edition features:
– An entirely rewritten game engine with greatly improved performance
– Tons of new bonuses like a mini game, pet dinosaurs and meteor strikes
– Prioritization of tasks (for fruits and meats)
– Twice the ground length to work with
– New dinosaur threats & hunting strategies
– New remastered sounds and graphics
– And a lot more 🙂

The ‘Special Edition’ is being sold for $4.99 USD and you can get a CD copy for an extra $10
Note that no sales tax has been added and depending on your federal, state or provincial laws you may be legally obliged to contact your government and remit sales tax when you purchase this game (same rules apply for all other online sales).

Check out the official site here!

11 Responses

  1. Nice, I like to see stuff like this happening.
    I wasn’t a big fan of the first one, so I won’t be buying the second one. However, at a 4.99$ price. That’s hard to beat. I’ll bet they’ll get a good number of sales. I wish them the absolute best of luck!

    Althought you stated “remastered graphics”. The screens on the site don’t look any different than the old version. Maybe that’s just me or maybe they are screen shots from the old version. I do think the graphics could stand a facelift. Not that they were bad, but some of the walking animations looked a little funny. (Mostly the cave mans)

    I wonder if they will release a demo? Or if they will consider the “Claissic version” a demo.

  2. ahhhhh.
    I am not too big on Caveman Craig.
    I played the original, after about 45 minutes of play, you get a huge colony, where you have so many people that if a T-Rex comes, it is dead in 10 seconds.


  3. I see a few games like this, that would be great for the DS, this would be one of them. In fact, there is a LOT of GM games I’ve seen that would be just as good or even better on the Ds.

    Good luck, even though I wasn’t much of a fan either – controls really put me off.


  4. Thanks for posting the news, guys – i really appreciate it.
    Just in response to some of these comments…
    The sprites themselves haven’t changed much, but the animations are smoother and have a better feel to them. We’re working on a little gameplay video to put on youtube, hopefully that’ll give you a better idea of the graphics retouching.

    We fixed the controls for the special edition, just to make it a little less frustrating. You simply tap up to pickup a rock now, instead of holding down – so you cant get it mixed up with gathering bushes, etc. Users can also use WSAD instead of arrow keys to make it easier using the mouse.

    Thanks for your support though!

  5. yes, this game would ROCK on the DS…
    I wish you best of luck Rys.


  6. oops, forgot to mention,

    if you’d like, you can also sell your game on GM-MS. it is really simple to ad, and it costs nothing to put the game on the site. it is very easy to intergrade into the game, and it uses an online (secure) key system. keys can: only work a certain number of times (PPP),
    can only work a few days (rent) OR perminantly (buy)

    please e-mail me at for more information 🙂

  7. I was never really into CMC ( :O ) but this is great that someone finally made a good enough GM game for people to want to pay for it.

  8. cool. wanna sell it on GM-MS?

  9. you’ve already asked me, Caniac.
    As of the moment, we’re happy selling via BMT Micro. Thanks.

  10. ok. let me know if you change your mind 😉

  11. I really like Caveman Craig, but not enough to buy it. Its a great game, though.

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