GM for Mac – Soon…ish

In Sandy’s latest post on the official YoYo Games glog, there has been some discussion about the on-going Mac version of Game Maker that was first expected to be released as a beta way back in March.

According to Sandy, he has an alpha version of the software running on his mac right now and it’s ‘going very well.’ Apparrently there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out with the Lazerus team before its release, but Sandy hopes that it will be available soon (as a beta), possibly as early as next month. He does however say ‘don’t quote me on it’, so no guarantees at this point.

As we understand it, the Mac version will be identical to the Windows version of Game Maker in every way except that the former will lack support for third party extensions and DLLs as these run only on Windows. What this means is most games built to run on Macs will run fine with the Windows counterpart, but some games built for Windows that do use the extensions and DLL functionality won’t run on macs. There is no information at this point on whether an equivalent functionality will eventually be built-into the program for mac users.

It is also unclear whether each GM program will allow you to create binaries for both Windows and Mac or whether you will need to physically have a Mac and Game Maker for Mac to create a Mac version of the game (or vice versa). The licensing of the software also has not yet been revealed, there is still speculation as to whether the purchase of 1 license will grant use of both GM for Windows and Mac or whether users will have to purchase each software package separately.

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  1. Wow, good stuff! 🙂 I hope they make a counterpart to the dlls and stuff. May be they could have the game have a variable that would detect if you are on a mac or windows, and then the game makers would make work-a-rounds. (Something I noticed is that they took out the registered variable in GM7…)


  2. I couldn’t care less about the Mac version, I’m more interested in the C++ runner conversion they’re supposedly working on. Game Maker has not been updated for a few years now. That’s incredibly long, I really want to see updates that add new functionality.

  3. “I really want to see updates that add new functionality.”

    If you want new features, you’ve got a VERY long wait. GM Mac will have almost no new features, and the C++ rewrite won’t either (or at least nothing significant, YYG have said/

    I reckon it’ll be next year before the Mac version is out, and probably even longer until a full C++ rewrite of the runner and maker as YYG have said they might not actually be releasing a version of Game Maker with the C++ runner on it’s own.

    So for new features, I’d say you’re looking at late 2009 or perhaps even 2010. Don’t hold your breathe.

  4. I HOPE they come out with it sooon 🙂
    I read on the lazerous site, that lazerous can make stuff for lnux too, so maybe we can expect a linux version soon 🙂

    so, are they still going to support Libraries?
    and I hope that windows can make mac games and vice-versa.
    I also hope that I don’t need a seperate lic. key to make a mac version of my game.

  5. They should aim for portibilty – so, they could try and a compiler for the Mac system, and also the Windows System. Though, it might be hard.

    Honestly, I don’t care if the Mac version has no updates, only that it works. I don’t care about the C++ runner, only if it works.
    Because then it would add more flexibility and who ever it writing the runner, should try and make it as optimized as possible.

    Anyway, what ever happened to Sumo Digital?

  6. what’s sumo digital?

  7. Mostly I look forward to the new features. It’s a long wait before we get any of those. I’m happy about the Mac port, but I don’t think I will ever use it. I am happy to see Yoyogames supporting multiple OS’s

    If the Windows version cannot built for Mac and Vise Versa. What is the point of the port? To me, the port seems useless if you cannot do that.

  8. yes, me too. that would stink.

  9. Sumo Digital was supposed to be doing the C++ rewrite, or some port or something…Sandy said it on the Glog a little while ago.


  10. Yeah, I remember that. I have kindof given up on the C++ port. I see no purpose for it. what good will it even do?
    on the other hand, I can’t wait for the mac version to come out.

  11. I believe the C++ port will allow the games to perhaps make it to consoles one day. Not that we will be able to compile for consoles, but rather, they can compile the GM interpreter for those consoles, then run GM games. At least, that is what I have gathered is the point of the C++ port. Plus, I think at one time Dr. Overmar has mentioned that it is also easier to find C++ programmers. So once the port has been made, it is easier to upkeep.
    That’s all just what I think.

  12. @Caniac and Elmernite

    From my understanding the port to C++ was essential for getting Game Maker working on Macs. The added benefit as Elmernite pointed out is the fact that C++ is more portable to other platforms such as game consoles.

  13. yeah, no insult to any of you people here, but every n00b comes asking how to get their game on a console. to develope wii games, you need a special licence (it is very complicated to obtain) and a lot of money, and a dev. wii, etc. for wii ware, you need a touch less money, but you still need a 10 grand lic, and a very active company. (with proof)

    for 360, to use XNA, you need to pay (I believe that it is 99 per month) for a dev. lic, and I don’t know about PS3.

    I do know that G-Flash games do work on the wii 🙂 and that is why I like g-flash.

  14. Nice point, a few mistakes though.
    Most people don’t want to directly make games for the Wii, but rather make games that could work on the Wii. It would then be much easier to sell a completed game or obtain a licence if it would work on the Wii. At the moment we could only sell ideas, computer test versions, or invest the money to start our own big company.

    It’s a lot like the new Torque for Wii or the Unity3d for the Wii. You can make games for the Wii with them. But, you will need a Nintendo license to sell it or publish it for the Wii. If I could build an entire game in Game Maker, then show that to Nintendo. There is a much better chance of them excepting me than if a lowly nobody shows them a mere idea.

    As for the 360, you can develop your entire game in XNA and run it on the computer. (You can distribute or even sell your games on the computer without a license) However, yes, to publish for the 360 console. You will need a Dev. Lic. They only cost 99$ a year though. And since you can make most of the game on the computer before hand anyway, it works pretty well. They also now have Creators Club. So getting a half decent game onto the console and selling it should be that much easier now.

    Because, Microsoft has been so open in allowing Indie Developers on to their console though XNA, ten to one, if game maker ever makes it onto consoles. It will be the 360 that it gets on first. Plus, I imagine that this would be the easiest console to port to as it uses DirectX and a very windows like system.

    Nothing at the moment that I know of for the PS3.

    Meh, sorry for the run on. I looked heavily into developing for both of those consoles. I kind of gave up a while back, not willing to learn C# for XNA. However, now that I’m taking C# in college. I’ve begone to look back into XNA.

  15. thanks for correcting the errors, yeah, a few minutes after I posted, I found out that it was only 99 per year, not month.

    yup, one day I plan to make a large portfolio of GM games, using a wiimote, or GM-Games on G-Flash, and maybe get a dev lic. I do plan to make a professional company one day. wanna join me 🙂 ? (e-mail me if you are interested :))

  16. Very soon. The beta is out, it won’t be long until us average people get to use it. I just can’t wait!

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