YYG Gets Update – Still in testing

According to the YoYo Game’s glog, the YYG website has been updated and tweaked to include a new homepage, new improved play pages, and a shorter, easier way to upload games.

The new site however, is still in beta testing. Sandy Duncan does not yet know for sure when the new site changes will be made public, but is optimistic that the new features will be available before the weekend.

Two users commented to suggest that the new YYG game upload service should be set to ‘standard’ mode by default whereby users can still download the game and are not forced to use Instant Play. Timoi points out that originally the idea may have been to keep the games secure, but now that the decompiler has been updated to handle Instant Play games, this is no longer the case and it makes no sense to force Instant Play as the only option.

9 Responses

  1. rewritten from the glog….

  2. I hate the glog, I can’t comment anymore 😦 my account broke for some reason. I have tried recover passsword a lot, but thta doesn’t work either. oh well, ‘leaset there is still GMNews 🙂 yea, it makes no sense to force it, but it still might be nice.

    so is This what they have been doing, instead of GM Mac port?

  3. http://glog.yoyogames.com/?p=207
    That might be why you can’t login anymore…

  4. “so is This what they have been doing, instead of GM Mac port?”
    So you think that instead of working on GM for Mac, Sandy is spending his time working on the site?

    YYG doesn’t do the majority of the work on the site. A different company does that. This is also the case with GM for Mac and the C++ runner.

  5. Actually, Mark said in a comment on one of his posts that the Mac Port is going pretty well after they fixed the problems that they had encountered. I love that they haven’t really announced that to anyone who doesn’t care to read the comments in an unrelated post, though.

  6. Cool! so they fixed the mac port problems? SWEET!
    I hope that they finish it soon 🙂

  7. Nice, I’ve been waiting for an update. Maybe they will roll out the updated rating as well. (You know, the five stars unstead of six) I’ve always felt there was no good way for your game to get noticed.

    As for the being set to instant play by default. That was so untrue, they just wanted people to be forced to use instant play. I mean come on! “More Secure”? If you want things more Secure, fix it in Game Maker. (I’m not complaining about the security it’s never bothered me) That was just a cheap excuss to set it to instant play only by default. I will be shocked (Pleasently) if they change that.


  8. OH, Yoyo updated the glog,

    sandy says:
    “don’t quote me on this, but I hope to get a mac port beta up by november”
    or somthing like that.
    see the comments.

  9. The update is really bad, I just wish they would go back to the old website (GM6) again. YYG really sucks

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