Russell’s Quarterly & Wiki-GM-Pedia

Tom Russel released the 4th issue of his well known GM Magazine today. Compared to previous editions, this release is visually friendly, but don’t be fooled – it is still heavy on the text. With an almost unbelieveable 90 pages of a content, the magazine is almost like a book.. so you will likely need to schedule some time off if you want to read through the whole thing.

Nevertheless, the magazine is still interesting and even includes an interview with former GMNews writer, Mark Carroll. The PDF of the magazine can be downloaded here. In my opinion, it is quite amazing how just one person is able to put together something of this magnitude and quality and I think Russell deserves a pat on the back for that.

Also in the news (although slightly dated news); YoYo Games has announced that it will merge its Wiki with the more content full GMPedia operated by the GMKing team. This will no doubt improve the exising Wiki which is almost hanging on by a thread and until now hasn’t had many updates since its first appearance.


6 Responses

  1. I reckon the page count could be decreased to 70 pages, if Tom used a smaller size for the text.

  2. “hasn’t had many updates since its first appearance.” – In the past 4 days there’s been over 500 edits.

  3. “I reckon the page count could be decreased to 70 pages, if Tom used a smaller size for the text.”

    That would be a horrible change. His writing flows quickly because of the relatively large size of the font. If that was lowered, most people (I’m sure some already are) would be daunted by the massive wall of text and just look at the pictures.

  4. I like lots of pages of slightly bigger text, than lots less cause of small text personally. as for yoyo, I kinda suspected they would pull somthing cheap like that… but yeah, 90 pages is a litle bit too long for me…

  5. @Broxter: I used a smaller font in the first two issues and it was difficult for many people to read. I decided on Trebuchet size 12 because its characters are easily recognizable from a distance. That is, the reader can can look at the entire page at once and be able to read all the text without zooming in. This also helps, I think, maintain the integrity of each page’s visual composition– thus, I hope, increasing the flow.

    I am, however, still producing more content per issue with the new format than I was with its predecessor. The increased margin size allows for more words per page.

    More importantly, I think the content has become more practical and more useful as the magazine has moved towards its current identity. While it’s always had a more design-oriented focus, the first couple of issues didn’t emphasize that as much as the latest one.

    @Caniac: I’m sorry if you’re put off by the page count, as I’m sure many others are. But you don’t _need_ to read the whole thing in one go. You can save it and read a little here, a little there– just go after what you’re interested in.

    I don’t want to toot my own horn much more than I did over at the GMC, but I’d like to think that many game designers– both great and small– can benefit from my magazine. Whether you agree with my assertions or not, at the very least I think the magazine will have you thinking about them, and thus about game design, more deeply. And that can’t be a bad thing, right?

  6. I need to try reading it. maybe it will be worth it. I’m someone who likes a little eyecandy with my magazines though. Guess I need to set aside a far amount of time.

    I’m so-so on the wiki merge, doesn’t really bother me. I never used any of the wiki’s either. Doesn’t seem like it will be altogether that useful to me. Still it may be helpful to some people. I should lend it some of my time perhaps.

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