KC LC on Topic Closing

KC LC, a global moderator of the Game Maker Community forums has expressed her opinion on users who request that their topics be closed.

As she rightfully points out, closing a legitimate topic serves little to no purpose. There is every chance another user will come a long in the future and have a similar question or problem. It makes much more sense for such a user to refer to the original topic and post a follow-up question if necessary than to post an entirely new topic and have two separate discussions on the same subject.

What has become even more of a problem in recent months is the number of users who completely erase their topic post and replace it with something to the effect of ‘solved, please close’ when they feel the discussion has come to an end or a solution has been brought to the table. This is worst thing a topic poster can do because it makes it nearly impossible for anyone else to refer back to the topic to solve a similar problem or for users to contribute more ideas or better solutions to the problem at hand.

So why do people erase their topics and replace it with ‘please close’? Some may feel it is simply a need to have closure, a need to feel that your topic has reached its goal and accomplished something. Personally, I think it may also have to do with being self-conscious. This is only speculative, but perhaps some users feel embarrassed about asking questions with simple or obvious answers, or somehow feel responsible for the discussion in the topic if it suddenly goes awry.

In any case this is a request to all GMC users out there: please stop requesting that your topics be closed, and do not post in another topic to say it should be closed (especially if it is an old topic). The moderators can decide on their own if a topic has run its course or if there is room for more discussion. You should only need to report topics which clearly do not follow the forum rules.


10 Responses

  1. I think it’s often used because of spam. People bumping old topics just to give the same answer or adding nothing new to the discussion. Although you don’t see this much on the GMC (so I support this idea) I think this often applied on other forums.

  2. “goes awry.”

    yeah, I hate it when people delete their post, the title AND the sub title. I think it is cause they are embarrased. I also hate it when they don’t say thankyou, and just leave the topic, and never answer if the solutiopn worked or not…

  3. Yeah, I like to add a [SOLVED] to my question topics. That way when people are searching they can see that it was solved. If more people would do that, you would have a lot less questions. I always spend a good 30 minutes searching the forum for the answer to my problem before I ask. 7/10 times, I can find the answer faster than if I had asked the question again. 9/10 times I can find the answer even though it takes a while. Most of the time, your problem isn’t original.

    @ Caniac : I agree, I hate it when they don’t come back. You wonder if you helped them, they gave up, or what. I cannot stand that, but you cannot teach people that one, that’s basic manners to come back and say thanks.


  4. @Elmernite:
    yes, I add [solved] to my title, but I DO NOT BACKSPACE THE WHOLE POST, AND ALL TEH CONTENT, and replace it with “solved please close”

    yes, I hate that too…

  5. Yeah, the people who erase their post are slightly crazy or embarrassed as stated. There is no “good” reason for doing that.

    I admire that KC LC (Anyone have any idea if that stands for something or not?) made a general post about it in the GMC. Sort of open up the topic for discussion. Normally the staff wouldn’t open such a topic up for discussion. They would just sticky some new rule. I think it will have a bigger impact having a discussion about it rather than just create a new rule.

  6. I hate it when I find what seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, and yet that person has cleared his/her post. That has happened multiple times before on me.

    And as long as the topic was previously solved I am not so frustrated on if it was closed or not. But it’s just silly to close it if the topic hasn’t been solved.

  7. Not bad! I appreciate your effort in writing this

  8. I think there should be a button or something that will make the background turn blue, which will signify that the topic is solved. That way, people like me, can have closure. It would be simple and effective. Also they could add something to when you are typing new thread titles, it does a search in the background and on the side it shows some related questions. That will probably not happen because 1. They would need someone very skilled! 2.Esp. the search thing would spam the forum. Yeah, to me, closure is important, but I don’t close my topics, I just grit my teeth and let it be. 😛 Also, I think the [SOLVED] tag would be a good rule, you would have to put that in solved topics. Please, people don’t backspace your posts!!! Well, thats it for my rambling.


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