Kongregate, YoYo Games’ big brother?

For many of the GM community, it has been a long-held belief that YoYo Games was pioneering something new, an opportunity for amateur game developers to get noticed and show case their games to a wide audience and community in true web 2.0 style.

It turns out in fact that a site called ‘Kongregate’ has been offering a very similar service since 2006. Although Kongregate does not allow submissions of Game Maker created games, the site itself is feature-packed and in many ways makes YYG look like the kid who hasn’t grown up yet.

Until one or the other starts running both types of games (flash and executables), I don’t forsee any major competitive battle-out between the two companies. But what I do see is an opportunity for the YoYo Games staff to take a look at what Kongregate is doing and ‘borrow’ some ideas to improve their current website.

Just to name a few of the features which I think are interesting
– The ability for users to embed/run their games from independent websites
– An integrated API to sync game high-scores with the website
– Ability for developers to make 50% on in-game ad revenue
– In game live chat between players



9 Responses

  1. YoYo Games is still carrying the ‘beta’ sticker on the logo. And weren’t they working on the website high-scores and in-game ad stuff?

  2. “In game live chat between players”

    Have you *read* the live chat between players? Absolutely worthless.

    I’ve been visiting Kongregate for a while. The ratio of bad Flash games to good ones is about the same as we find with GM. Yet the stigma still exists that someone who can’t create a decent game in GM should move on to Flash because it’s better.

    I really like the game achievements available on the site. It seems to require Kongregate approval before being able to integrate them with the site. This could be a good way to help with the YYG rating system, as well.

    Base a user’s rating weight by his overall gamer score (using the XBox term) which increases by collecting game awards. This means the people who actually play the games have the biggest affect on ratings, rather than those who create more accounts or spam reviews and comments.

  3. Live chat can be nice, but it can easilly become bad. first it is light conflict, then it is swearing and cursing etc.

    Maybe they can Merge? that would be cool.


  4. @GMNews, check your e-mail 🙂

  5. You should have really put a link to Kongregate in the post, by the way.

    I’ve personally been there once before, I think. But I’m not much into flash games. Some are good, and I play them, but not very many. GM games I prefer more.

    And, I like yoyogames site better than Kongregate’s. Like the look of it.

  6. You make some good points here. Kongregate have been running for almost a year more than us…and I would concede that they have some features like onsite high score tables which I’ve wanted to do for some time now. I have to agree with Nailog about the “chat” service…personally I hate it.

    BIG difference between YoYo and Kongregate is funding. They’ve raised almost $10M so far and have been spending liberally. YYG, on the other hand, has been funded entirely by the founders so far… but that will change in the next 6 months or so.

  7. COOL! How is it gonna change? ::lmao:: ?

  8. Nailog’s idea is interesting. I would like to see how it would work. I agree with the chatting issue. That would be crazy, I’ve spent a little bit of time at Kongregate. The chatting is always dumb.

    First off, nice to see you posting here Sandy. I like it when YoYo Games is more in touch and out there with the community. I look forward to any and all changes (for the better) that ya’ll can bring about. A suggestion if you bother to read this again. Add a way to remove resources that I’ve added to Yoyogames.

    I’m so-so on the game achievements part myself. That ties your game to one place and I don’t like to do that.


  9. yes, it is great to see you here sir 🙂
    I hope that all the staff becomes more active.

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