Compeition 03 – The results are in!

YoYo Games announced the winners of the recent co-operation competition today.

Congratulations to Erik Leppen, who was awarded first place for his game ‘ByteAlity Tower Defense‘.
As a first place winner, Erik will receive a well deserved $1000 from YoYo Games.

Earning a genorous $500, Rotten_tater was awarded second place for the game ‘Visit 2‘.

Last but certainly not least, YoMamasMama took third place and earned himself a modest $250 for the game ‘Jumper Three’.

The YoYo Games team were also nice enough to include a list of runner-ups (in no particular order):

Techno-drone: Alliance – A unique challenge, an excellent update to the series.
Kuroshiro – A really interesting puzzle platformer, excellent use of the theme.
Eggs with Legs – Nice graphical style, great gameplay, but no sound.
Karoshi factory – Co-op theme expertly incorporated to spice up this epic series.
Lost snowmen – Probably the best looking game in the competition.
Red n Blue – Good looking, well planned platformer – too short!
Agalag – A great concept makes this one of the most original games on YYG.
The Eyeballs – Well rounded platformer, with a good story.
Wootman – Great game in 2-player, although furiously hard – awesome retro graphics.
A Square Shaped Adventure – Good polish, interesting co-op dynamic.
Timewave – An excellent little game, brilliant use of the theme.


8 Responses

  1. swell, thanks for posting 🙂 I will continue to submit news tips!


  2. Awesome! Congrats to the winners! They are all good games.

  3. oh yes, I forgot to say, COngrats to the winners 🙂

    allthough I must say that I would not have picked those games as the winners…

  4. Hmm, weird to include a tower defense game as winner (didn’t really notice anything related to the competition theme, then again, I only played the first few levels).

    Anyway, congratulations to the winners.

  5. Wow! I downloaded the first place game, Awesome stuff. It really deserved it. I’m keeping that one! It’s a blast.

    I Wish Jumper 3 had placed higher, but then, I’ve yet to play Visit 2 so I’ll save my judgment until then. It certainly looks cool. I’ll need to try that one.

    I think they did a much better job judging this comp than they did on the last one.
    Congrats to everyone!

  6. yes, I think the first place game was incredible, and I do agree with it, as for the others, they could have been a lot better…

  7. “Hmm, weird to include a tower defense game as winner (didn’t really notice anything related to the competition theme, then again, I only played the first few levels).”

    By their very nature, tower defense games are co-op themed. As are most multiplayer games.

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