23k Games, 200+ Staff’s Choice

The YYG team announced earlier today that they recently had their 23,000th game posted on the website:

As of today there are 23,000 completed games on the YoYo Games website (not counting the beta games and work in progress).  On average it takes about 3 weeks for 1,000 new games to appear, meaning that we get on average about 50 new completed games per day.

The quality of those games notwithstanding, I want to turn attention to the amount of staff’s choice games listed on the YYG website.

I had lamented earlier about the flood of “staff’s choice” games populating YYG:

The staff’s pick on YYG is a joke – almost 200 games, and the YYG site has been around for a little over a year? That’s what, one staff’s pick every two days?

Compared to the now-defunct staff’s choice section at the GMC, there were about 20 times as many games on YYG, all selected within a quarter of the time.  Obviously, the games at the GMC were selected with a great amount of care, and each was accompanied by a few paragraphs of review.  The staff’s choice on YYG, on the other hand, does not have a staff review for each game (or at least one that is readily viewable).

Currently, there are 224 staff’s choice games listed on the YYG website, an increase of only about 30 more games since I posted my complaint earlier, nearly 5 months ago.  This is an average of one staff’s choice every 5 days, a number that is a bit more reasonable.  Might that thread have influenced YYG’s staff selections?

Probably not, but perhaps in the future a system that shows a little more care and discernment in game selection would be put in place.

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  1. Pretty much every single game in the Staffs Choice is very good. I don’t think more care and attention needs to be taken as that would simply discourages moderators to pick them.

    “The staff’s pick on YYG is a joke – almost 200 games, and the YYG site has been around for a little over a year? That’s what, one staff’s pick every two days?” You have to remember when they first started they took A LOT of games from existing sites. People uploaded their previous good games when they started too, many which got staff picks straight away.

  2. Though you talk favourably about the GMC’s Staff Choices, it should be noted that it was the target of a lot of member criticism.

    “not updated enough”
    “why should just staff get to pick favorites”
    “game xxx is crap”
    “game yyy should be on it”
    “how do I get on the Staff choice”
    “why are their opinions more important, than ours”

    I don’t disagree with the YYGs Staff Picks, but do think some of the earlier Picks are a bit suspect. As the games library increases in number, games should be scrutinised heavier.

    Perhaps the occasional re-evaluation.

  3. The YYG staff picks are decided in exactly the same way as they used to be at GMC. Each game is selected at the whim of a single moderator. If a moderator likes it then it gets a picked. I think it’s probably just easier to pick games from the YYG site, because the games are in your face, and your main reason for being there is to play them. It was probably more of a hassle to do at the GMC forum because playing games is not the primary reason for visiting the forum, and as you note, the picks there were accompanied by reviews. As a moderator, there is too much other stuff to do at GMC than research new games and write reviews about them. Note: Although most of the moderators at YYG and GMC are the same, I’m one of the few who do not moderated at YYG, so I can’t really comment with authority about the YYG selection mechanics.

  4. I prefer the nice review that they got at the GMC however, it gave you a reason to see why they had picked that game.

    I wish there was a better staff pick method, it is kind of on the whim of the staff, and it has to be played by the staff. Which is easier said than done.

  5. You guys bring up a lot of interesting points – for instance, I don’t know if the GMC ever had the volume of games available at the YYG site. Therefore, it would only be natural for the number of staff’s choice picks to increase.

    However, I still think it would be nice if a staff review accompanied the picks (one that was at the forefront of the review listings, perhaps accessible by clicking the “Staff’s Choice” banner in the upper left-hand corner of the game description).

    I realize that the moderators probably are overwhelmed with work, but like xot mentioned, the primary reason to go to the YYG site is to play games. Even if the care and scrutiny in selecting staff’s choice is there, it isn’t as noticeable as it was on the GMC. A personal review by one of the moderators definitely eliminates any speculation that the staff simply said, “This game was pretty fun, let’s make it a staff’s choice.” Taking time to do a review means the game is that much more worthwhile.

  6. sorry for not responding sooner, I hope they keep it a six star rating, cause if they switch, it will mess the whole site up…


  7. did you get my e-mail?

  8. I don’t think a 5 star rating would “mess the whole site up.”

    All they have to do is convert it from 6 stars to 5. If a game has a 5.7 rating, it could be converted to 4.75, or, once it has been rounded, 4.8. It would require a little effort on the members side to make sure that they switch too, but all in all, it would make the system easier for me to use. I find it a lot easier to rate a game out of 5 stars than out of 6.


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