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The official YoYo Games Glog has changed quite a bit in the past month or so. What used to be an empty void of space has now become the latest hip area for everything Game Maker. Whether it’s official announcements, tips, suggestions, or just regular Game Maker news, YYG is starting to have it all. With updates almost every day it’s clear there is a lot of time and effort being spent into keeping users up to date with what’s happening.

Is this good or bad? It’s great to see that YoYo Games is keeping the public up to date with almost daily announcements and news-bits and it means the company is listening to its users. It does however create competition, and with their latest news post on the release of GM Tech’s Magazine, they’re starting to become a bit GMNews-y. Since they are the ‘official’ source of news, it makes it a little more difficult for independent sites like GMNews and Game Maker Blog to stay afloat as Phil Gamble points out with his latest post entitled “Bye-Bye Game Maker Blog?

At this point we’ll just have to wait it out and see where the Glog is heading, but there may also be some concern that YoYo Games has such a strong influence, that by recommending one magazine over another or community site A instead of community site B, the company could potentially ‘damage the ecosystem’ of the Game Maker community we have today.

Survey – Fill out this survey and win this month’s prize!

This is a bit outside the scope of ‘Game Maker’, but it is related to Scorptek. We are currently conducting a small bit of market research and we would greatly appreciate the GMNews community’s support. This will help us in improving our products and services in the future including GMNews.

Click Here to fill out the survey. Users who fill out the survey with their GMNews username or email address will receive an extra 10 POINTS for this month’s contribution prize! And may also receive discounts from paid Scorptek products or services in the future.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Reminder to Caniac: Please contact us about your prize, you haven’t claimed it yet.


12 Responses

  1. I took the survey…
    I was wondering,
    does it earn you money somehow? like, you take a survey and scorptek gets 25 cents or somthing…
    oh well, can’t complain…


  2. I don’t mind filling out surveys, but is this really just for ‘Scorptek’, because why do you care about my “opinion on self-managed Internet or Phone services”?

  3. This is very much a Scorptek survey. We are not being paid to advertise or get people to fill out the survey. All the questions were written by Scorptek staff themselves, and any optional personal information you provide (such as GMNews or GMC username or e-mail) is only for Scorptek to contact you and as per out privacy policy is not sold or otherwise made publicly available to third parties.

    Trust me in saying we have a very good reason for asking the survey questions we did and the question you pointed out Timoi is actually of quite high importance to us.

    Thank you for your co-operation and we really appreciate the time you take to fill out the survey.

  4. Okay I’ll take your word for it and complete it if it does help you, even if I’ve no idea why it would…

  5. Thanks Timoi,

    I wish I could explain why it is important that we obtain market research on the topics covered by the survey, but at this point all Scorptek employees are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which prevents us from giving the specifics.

    So it’s up to you to figure out why, but I can tell you this: It’s pretty straight forward why we are doing this research, and the simplest explanation is probably the correct one.

  6. Is it the same one I already took? If it is the same do I still get the bonus points?

    I don’t think it’s a bad think at all for them to start posting news as well. People visit blogs half for the new and the other half for the person posting the news. I think it’s a good thing, it will force you and others like you to not just pass news along, but to put more and more of your personal ideas and thoughts into. There is also news out there that they will never cover. (Enigma, GM-Jave, ect…)

  7. @Elmernite, you will still get bonus points. Although some of the questions are similar there are quite a few different ones to the survey I gave you earlier. So if you can fill this out, I’d appreciate that.

  8. I took the survey to help you out, not sure how though… oh well, its the least I can do for you guys… I did enjoy filling it out… though

    “some terms there were, I understood not”
    theres some yoda for ya… (hmm, trying to remember who said that)

  9. “With updates almost every day it’s clear there is a lot of time and effort being spent into keeping users up to date with what’s happening.”

    The moment they slip and leave a couple days between updates, the naysayers are going to pounce.

    A once-or-twice-a-week posting schedule would have been a better idea. Predictable, plenty of time to come up with content, and often enough to be able to save content for a future post if the current one is oversaturated.

  10. yes, their posts are a little too intense. I don’t want to hear hundreds of college-level posts on game design… oh well, I do try to read them…


  11. It is a blog, about GM. The idea of the blog is to post news about GM. So that is what they do. People complain when they only update you on their projects (which doesn’t happen very often), then when they mix posting projects with posts on GM etc – people still complain.

    No wonder many people see GM as a little tool, some of you can never make up your mind.

    Do you want them to post about GM or not?

  12. I agree with gamez93. We want more updates, then, as soon as people get them they start complaining. It makes me sick. I don’t care what YoYogames blogs about. So long as they show us they care and are paying attention to the community. By doing frequent updates they are keeping us in touch and giving helpful advice.
    I really hope they continue!

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