GMTech & Chrome

GMTech released the 13th issue of their magazine today.

With 33 pages worth of great content, it is definitely worth the read through.

This month’s issue is great for newbies and long time Game Maker users who are thinking of starting to make a new game. It contains articles to get you started and help make decisions on creating teams, choosing between 2D and 3D, targeting age groups and more.

The magazine also boasts a couple of exclusive interviews and quite a few quality game reviews and extras.

The magazine can be downloaded here.

In other news, Google just released their first ever web browser yesterday. Named “Chrome”, it has most of the features you like from other browsers with some additional functionality that might make it the future browser of choice. And independent benchmark study also rates it very highly in comparison with other browsers and shows that it executes Javascript faster than any other popular web browser.

Sandy Duncan made a post on the YoYo Games Glog yesterday to indicate how exciting the release of Chrome was. He also brought up the question of whether or not instant play would work with the browser. After testing ourselves here at Scorptek, we have confirmed InstantPlay does not work, but the YoYo Games website does allow you to download all the games manually if you should want to.

One feature that really sets back the browser for me is the distinct lack of support for ‘AdBlock’, but with time I am sure the browser will also support third party plugins.


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  1. Thanks for the post. As for Google Chrome, it is nice and fast. Ideal for quick use.

  2. Whats the big hype over Chrome? Isn’t it just another browser?

    The magazine is amazing, if a hair shorter than it’s previous ones; however, you don’t really notice it when you are reading. It still has a very large amount of content.


  3. “One feature that really sets back the browser for me is the distinct lack of support for ‘AdBlock’, but with time I am sure the browser will also support third party plugins.”

    Given the following …
    “AdSense serves ads to other web sites. When a user clicks on an ad the advertiser pays Google a CPC fee and Google splits the revenue with the site owner. Google’s partner sites generated revenues, through AdSense programs, of $1.35 billion, or 37% of total revenues. Here we need to make an assumption that AdSense revenues were evenly distributed across the US and international markets.”
    ( )

    … why would Google build in a feature that cuts into their total revenue each year, and why would they go out of their way to help people create extensions that do so?

    It would be in their shareholders’ best interests to do whatever they can to stop ad blocking.

  4. Ha Ha! great point nailog. I’ll be surprised if they do include an ad blocker.
    Maybe that’s why they created the browser! An open-source browser with no ad-block!

    I might try the browser, but why did Google do it? Why not lend their massive support to Firefox? I know that they have to some degree. (Google being Firefox’s default homepage) Why not lend their large programming team and resources to truly making Firefox an even better browser? Why create another choice in an already choice ridden field?

    It’s the same problem with Linux. So many different Distros it’s hard to choose. When will people learn that tons of choices aren’t what we want. We want one choice that does everything we want or can do everything we want through easily installed add-ons.
    Atleast, that’s how I feel.

  5. “Mark Overmars made a post on the YoYo Games Glog yesterday…”

    Look closer, it was acutally Sandy who made the post.


  6. Thanks DtD, Mark has been posting tons of updates lately and I guess that was just a small oversight by me.

    @Nailog, good point. However it still doesn’t change the fact that not having an add-blocker is a major setback for me 🙂

  7. Yes, i had downloaded the Google Chrome here, and i can say that this have a very good performance, very fast and clean, for sure have a lot of potencial, but i don’t think that Mark and YoYo Team
    need to work hard to make the instant play to be compatible with the Chrome. Today i was reading the news and i see that the Chrome have some bugs, like security vulnerability, and conflicts with WebKit and the Java. So problably the Google Team will release lots of versions in a small period of time and i think that YoYo team and Mark should wait the oficial release of Chrome.

    The Chrome version is Beta

    See you

  8. Wait… you actually think that Google’s browser is a GOOD thing? Seriously, if you think just 5 minutes about whatever Google already owns, you will say otherwise. Still, they probably won’t be responsible for the end of the world, but they are in a pretty good position (and still growing) to screw all of its users (and, after buying so many websites, they almost have anyone).

    Apart from that, this is a great issue, I like the part on designing games for casual gamers, and as good as every other part too 😛

  9. For sure it is a good thing, competition always is a good thing, it stimulate the rivals to be better and grow. To proof my point of view i can quote the news that i have read today. “The engineer Brendan Eich has posted on Mozilla blog that his group will react to the Chrome release. ‘We are live in this game and moving fast.’, said Eich”.
    Mozilla bets his coins in the new set of codes called TraceMonkey that can speed up JavaScript. By Mozilla Calculation compared to Chrome, Firefox will be 28% faster than Chrome in Windows Xp and 16% faster in Windows Vista.

    Mozilla will release this version in December of this year.

  10. They oughta make an extension of some sort to block all ads except Google’s. Then I could ignore it and stick to Firefox.

  11. Never thought of that in that way (=
    Parhaps it is a good thing indeed, and I don’t even need to think about Google’s intentions.

  12. sweet!
    I hope that google does well with their browser…
    but I think that I prefer to stick to ms. Internet explorer…

    as for GmTech, I never take the time to read their articles as it takes forever to read them… but I still wish them well…


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